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[BONUS Thanksgiving GIFT to (& from) YOU: Give the gift of Love that keeps on giving & healing.]
Bonus Metaphysical Application Ideas for the Christian Science Bible Lesson on

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Prepared by Jared Eggers of St. Louis, MO  []

[Warren: Jared’s given at CedarS in almost every capacity almost every summer since 1990.]

As I read through this lesson, I had a song playing over and over again in my head.  It’s one of my favorite camp songs called Love Is Something If You Give It Away.  The chorus goes “Love is something if you give it away, you’ll end up having more,” and the single verse goes, “Love is something like a magic penny.  Hold it tight and you won’t have any.  Lend it, spend it, you’ll have so many, they’ll roll all over the floor.”  This song and the 2014 Thanksgiving lesson point out that the more generously you give, the more you are able to witness and receive good.

Golden Text and Responsive Reading of the Thanksgiving Bible Lesson

God is the provider of abundant good, and good comes directly from God to each individual idea, man.  There is no intermediary necessary.  Each of us was created as complete, and the abundant supply of right ideas passes directly from God to each of us.  "God gives you His spiritual ideas, and in turn, they give you daily supplies." (Mis. 307:1-2)  These ideas meet our daily needs, so that as we listen, we are led to find the right job or career, or to recognize and accept good in any form, whether it be an unexpected payment, a gift, or a new friend.

Section 1 of the Thanksgiving Bible Lesson

There can be no lack from giving and no wealth from miserly thoughts (S1).  If we resolve things into thoughts, then we are really giving qualities, and qualities come from unlimited reserves.  We may see those qualities expressed as the giving of money, food, time or love, but the human sense of giving cannot make the expression of good limited.  In citation B3, we see Boaz allowing Ruth to take food from his field.  Had Boaz looked simply to matter for his supply, he may not have been so generous.  Boaz trusted in God for his supply and success (B2), so he was not afraid to be generous. Had Ruth been unwilling to be humble enough to glean the leftovers in Boaz's fields, so that she could lovingly care for her mother-in-law, she may not have proved so quickly how God "under whose wings [she] had come to trust," meets every human need.

Section 2 of the Thanksgiving Bible Lesson

In citation B6 we have a short excerpt from the life of David.  He is on the run from Saul and running out of provisions.  After Nabal refuses to help, David is ready to take forcibly what he needs.  This is when Abigail intervenes.  By responding to anger with love, she defuses a tense situation.  Instead of anger, she shows humility.  Instead of hatred, she offers peace. Instead of selfishness, she volunteers kindness.

Citation S7 is one of my favorite passages.  It tells us that Love will give us the right idea, light up the way, show us the way and then lead us on our path.  When we act out of love, we are being properly led by Love to follow divine wisdom in all we do.

Section 3 of the Thanksgiving Bible Lesson

In citation B9, we have a very familiar story of a woman who comes to wash the feet of Jesus while he is dining with Simon the Pharisee.  Once again, we have a situation healed by love.  At first, Simon thought the woman should be rebuked for interrupting their meal.  She did not belong there, this was not the proper time, and she was not worthy of his social standing.  Jesus did not wait to give love.  He showed love from the start, because that is what would heal the baggage of a seemingly sinful past.  The love Jesus demonstrated that night was reflected in this woman.

The marginal heading at the start of citation S13 is “Genuine healing.”  This paragraph encourages “tender words,” “pitiful patience,” and healing the “broken-hearted.” These are all descriptions of acts of love.  Healing always results from Love reflecting love.

Section 4 of the Thanksgiving Bible Lesson

God is always giving and always loving.  It is through God’s love, which is always present, that Jesus was able to raise Lazarus from the dead (B13).  God is all-loving action and when we recognize a loving action, we are seeing the ever-presence of God. [See P.S. for a Cobbey Crisler insight on Jesus giving gratitude in advance for God’s ever-present Love.]

Citations S15 and S18 sum it all up.  Can we ask God to be more than Love?  It there anything greater than the love of God?  It is Divine Love that meets “every human need,” now, always, and in all ways, forever.

Today, healing is greatly needed across the country.  Mortal mind has no answer to bring about lasting healing, and the frustrations of many have turned them to violent actions.  [Click for background in  a TMCYouth call for a Prayer Watch now.]  The only answer is Love. Divine Love raises thought above limited, human sense to see that there can be no reaction, inaction or over-action.  There is only the action of infinite good, God.

I am reminded of the reminiscence from the We Knew Mary Baker Eddy series of Abigail Dyer Thompson.  She remembered Mrs. Eddy saying to the class of 1898, “Love is the healing power.  Love that is impartial.  Don’t try to love an object, love everything, and see only the reflection of divine Love; that is, see the reflection of God which is loveable.”  A love that strong can give a proper sense of peace and harmony to any situation.  In the name of healing our nation, let us all love our family, friends and neighbors more than we ever have this Thanksgiving season.  Be grateful [in advance] for the healing power of Love and give it away—today and every day!

[P.S. As noted fully in the attached PDF scan of page 60 in B. Cobbey Crisler’s Book of John… , Jesus spoke aloud his gratitude-in-advance, affirmation method of prayer that Cobbey suggests as our model to follow—even in the midst of a seemingly-hopeless situation.]

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