We're welcoming back campers!

Treat your loved ones to finding Love in all the right places– in a spiritual sense of being– in an inspiring, fun, wholesome, transformative experience at CedarS Camps! Our Early Enrollment discount ends today, Valentine's Day, at midnight your time. Enroll in any of our programs through February 14th with a downpayment of $100/week and save $25/week.

We'd love to welcome you to our 2020 programs, from youth summer camp, to family programs, to our adult Bible Study in October.

Getting Enrolled:

  • New to CedarS: Click HERE to create an account and start your application.
  • Returning Campers, Families, and Bible Study Attendees: Click HERE to update your account. You'll need to enter the email address you used in previous years. We're happy to look it up!
  • To apply for staff positions (Parent Helpers, CITs, Counselors, Program Specialists), click HERE.
  • Enrollment Help is Available: If you have any questions, please call 636-394-6162. If you have any technical issues, you can also get a quick response from tech@cedarscamps.org.

You Can Afford Camp: Finances cannot stand in the way of a right idea, and we are ready to witness this together with you! We ask that families pay what they can and then contact The Campership Fund, a separate organization that assists campers from all fifty states with up to 75% of tuition. The Campership Fund can support attendance at multiple camper sessions, as well as adults attending Memorial Weekend, August Family Camp, and Fall Bible Study. Many branch churches also actively support their Sunday School students in attending camp. And CedarS is ready and willing to help close any remaining funding gaps for tuition, transportation, or supplies. For more information, click HERE.

Adult Helper Credits: CedarS offers work credits for parent and grandparent helpers to come serve in the kitchen, office, housekeeping, maintenance, CedarS Express transportation team, and more. Last year, over 100 parent and grandparent volunteers participated in this program. For a 3-minute video on the Adult Helper program, click HERE.

We Have a Program For You: One of our counselors has produced a quick feature video on most of our 20 programs. To learn more, see the list below.

Please Help Share the Message of Camp: Even if you think camp is not for you this year, it could certainly bless someone in your heart. Please think about that Sunday School student, grandchild, niece or nephew in your life for whom a CedarS experience could be simply transformative. We'd love to partner with you in sharing Christian Science with the next generation and welcome your referrals.

With love,

Holly, Warren, Gay, Kim, and the CedarS Team

Explore Your Options for Summer 2020

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Program Descriptions

Program Videos (~ 3 minutes each):

Parent and Camper Testimonials

CedarS Five Fundamentals: Who we are!

1-Minute Video of the 6-Tower Cable Ski System

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Come paddle, ride, wakeboard, play, and grow with us this summer!

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(Memorial Day Weekend - October)
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Welcome back, campers! Spaces are still available.

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