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BONUS: An Answered Prayer (A.P.) account of Divine Abundance Quickly Demonstrated!

The problem or circumstances presented:
(Warren: While the particulars of every fable always vary, the lie of lack is always negated by the law of divine abundance which remains unchangeable and provable by all!)
The situation at CedarS Camps in early May of 1993 was that we made a critical and costly discovery just as a major project looked to be right on budget and on time to complete right before camp. This wonderful “home improvement” was adding-on a new Basketball Pavilion beyond our dining room along with several new rooms above the first floor in a shed-dormer loft east of our Dawn Lodge. Just as it was being created literally “raising the roof” a 20ft by 200ft section just east of a beamline, the workmen made the costly discovery that the original, cedar-shake roof over the rest of building had started to deteriorate. In order to make it roof leak-proof in the immediate short term before camp as well as sounder and more sustainable in the long term, it all should be replaced with a new, insulated metal roof. We were told that would cost an additional $100,000—and that these unbudgeted funds were needed right away in order to be able to finish the job before the Opening Day of camp.

The Christian Science Prayer or Treatment given to this case of lack:
Instead of panicking, I again felt the radiant joy, inspired by many demonstrations of God’s abundant love as well as by my mom, Ruth E. Huff’s wonderful typical response at such times. I can always hear (in my thought) her classic, smiling reply to almost any issue—"It will be fun to see how God works this one out!"

With this joyous confidence and love, I was led to re-open the opening chapter of Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures called "Prayer." I needed go no farther than its opening line to re-open in the depths of my being its awesome, healing power: "The prayer that reforms the sinner (like a project manager who had majorly “missed the mark”) and heals the sick (like the sick feeling of any lie of lack) is an absolute faith that all things are possible to God, — a spiritual understanding of Him, an unselfed love.” (SH 1:1, bolding and underlining added) I’ll NEVER forget that simple, radiant, confident feeling of effective prayer and divine care as I simply cherished each of those three elements – along with some of Jesus’ awesome examples of it.

In that week’s Christian Science Bible Lesson, were two of Jesus’ demonstrations of divine, ever-present abundance—in feeding the multitudes with five loves and two fish (as in citation B11 this week) AND in sending Peter to get the money to pay the taxes from the mouth of the first fish he caught. It’s not a mere coincidence, but a “coincidence of the divine and the human” that God brought those examples to thought then – and brings these examples to our attention this week in the face of historic declines in worldwide financial markets from fear of a global pandemic.

Right now, we too can “love into view” a growing, glowing faith in the divine Love and abundance that never fail.

The Answered Prayer (A.P.) History: a phone call from the West coast minutes later.
A voice I’d never heard before—from an "as-in-heaven,-so-on-earth" angel of a friend who I’d never met before— said: “As I was praying this morning, I sensed that CedarS Camps had a need. Would $100,000 help?” God sent a speedy answer—in the exact amount! A literal example of what we should spiritually understand 365/24/7 from Isaiah (3)65:24 (/7): “Before they call I will answer, and while they are yet speaking I will hear.”

A fun, recent bonus P.S.
I had the inspiring joy of going on a January 2020 Principia Lifelong Learning "Journey through the Holy Land" led in by professor, Dr. Barry Huff—the dear son God sent to bless us all. On the trip, I purposely invested in items to share and help inspire CedarS outreach and inspiring work in its Bible Lands Park. At a gift shop I bought a spoon holder to serve as a daily Biblical reminder of how God meets every human need. You can see in the picture in the upper right “Download” part of the webpage, I placed it on top of a T-shirt with this classic message:


As we give, give, give with a sense of divine Love and Her abundant supply, we find that we can never “out-give” God who constantly gives, Gives GIVES! Jesus illustrated this law of divine abundance—even super-abundance –by quickly feeding the hungry multitudes with only five loaves and two fish and then symbolically taking up twelve, left-overs-for-all baskets (one basket full for each disciple in three Gospel accounts, Mark 6:38, Luke 9:13, John 6:8)

(A rough draft of what is being sent to the CSPS periodicals.)

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