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“…Behold wondrous things out of thy law”  (Ps. 119:18)
Fun footnotes from Warren’s decade+ of “AHAs!” works in progress that came from portraying Moses and from offering meaningful ways to help internalize (and pledge to “make your own”) The Ten Commandments mindsets for speedy healing that are
guaranteed by “the great Physician” who specifies that we
“Take these Two (unmedicated) Tablets each day!”)

a timeless “offering pure of love” by Warren Huff, CedarS Executive Director Emeritus
(Thanks for emailing your “AHAs!” to or texting them to me at 314-378-2574)

  1. Moses and the Hebrews take as their 1st commandment “since I, God, have proved that I could and did you save from physical slavery in Egypt, I really “saved your bacon!” Given the many amazing miracles that took, you’d better listen up and obey these laws that will keep you mentally free from all worries, obsessions and more!
  2. Whatever you think about most is what you are worshipping. Make sure it’s up to the job of being a good God instead of an ever more cruel master and slave driver.
  3. CALL OUT to God in an OMG prayer with full expectation that God will answer it. An example witnessed by 300 at CedarS was a 30-minute downpour out of a clear blue sky exactly where and when it was needed to put out a soccer field and tractor engine fire.
  4. On remembering, Grace Wasson said in a Christian Science lecture, “wherever there is loving attention given, memory is inevitable.”
  5. Turn to and respect God-ordained laws and authorities
  6. Stop killing when it’s still little as “just” a toxic mindset of anger, put downs, bullying. (See Jesus stopping murder at its source in Matthew 5:21)
  7. Don’t get hooked by the bait on social media “Reels” that feature shapely “temple prostitutes of today” who society around you is worshipping and ever placing before you to preoccupy and enslave you to break your covenant & leave spiritual-minded worship of Spirit, the all-powerful & connected, true God.  (See Jesus stopping adultery at its source of lustful looking in Matthew 5:27)
    #7 P.S. Here are a few possible lyric changes to an old song that was sung B.C. (Before CedarS) at Sky Valley Ranch in the 50s.  For growing young men of age to be tempted by “graven images” of “heavenly bodies” on their cell phones, revised lyrics of “I’ve got six pence…”could function as an modern “Adultery Application Alert” reminder.  Such lyrics could serve as a wake-up call to what’s right to help us retain our mental freedoms in our Promised Land of today rather than be desolate from its self-imposed loss. A wake-up line might include: “No shapely “temple whores” to deceive me.” (as they deceived many Hebrew men to their demise) I’m as happy as a lark (with God) believe me, as we go rolling, rolling home. … Happy is the day when temptations flee away…”
  8. Also catching stealing while it’s “just” a little temptations to think that having or stealing anything is the opposite of fulfilling man’s “reason for existing”– “to impart truth, health, and happiness…” (My. 165)
  9. Like a witness in a court of law, Swear to “tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.”
  10. Reverse the temptation to be jealous of anyone’s possessions or accomplishments by acknowledging that to be a good attorney for yourself in your own mental courtroom of making your own what you admire in others and that you wish to demonstrate, you should think NOT that “I’m jealous because they they have it and I don’t” but rather only argue your “case” on the side of already possessing from God your own unique and fully satisfying qualities and their tangible expression. Sincerely say “Thank You God! That’s Mine Too! (TYG! T.M.T.)”
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