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Be Filled With God’s Soul-filled Goodness! Nothing Satisfies More!
Metaphysical Application Ideas for the Weekly Bible Lesson on “Soul”
August 11-17, 2008 prepared by Kathy Fitzer, C.S. of St. Louis, MO

Editor’s Note: The following application ideas for this week and Possible Sunday School Topics that follow are offered primarily to help CEDARS campers and staff (as well as friends) see and demonstrate the great value of daily study and application of the Christian Science Bible lessons year-round, not just at camp! You can sign up to have them emailed to you free — in English by Monday or Tuesday each week, or by each Wednesday you can get a FREE TRANSLATION in French from Pascal or in Spanish from Ana. (We no longer have a translator available for German.) JUST SIGN UP at

Where are you looking for satisfaction – in the abundance of Soul or limitations of sense? There’s really only one place to find it! Keep your eyes and your heart fastened on God’s lasting good, and you will be satisfied (paid in full, convinced, certain, content.) Temporarily losing sight of God’s presence – becoming absorbed in the testimony of the senses -ultimately leads to feeling dissatisfied (unhappy, discontent, annoyed, disappointed, let-down or uncomfortable.) Soul – “the central Life and intelligence around which circle harmoniously all things in the systems of Mind” (S&H 310: 14) – restores lasting and indestructible good!

Golden Text: God is perpetually providing good. Satisfaction comes in accepting the goodness of Soul.

Responsive Reading: Does it seem hard to remain separate from the material influences surrounding us today – influences that would make disease appear incurable, or have you believe that matter is a more dependable medicine than Mind; influences that would suck you into the realm of sensuality?
Moses had taught the Children of Israel about God’s Covenant – their enduring relationship to God, and their responsibilities to Him. But, when they were captured and exiled to Babylon, it was difficult for Israel to maintain their worship of the God that is ONE God! They were so completely surrounded by opposing beliefs. It can seem difficult for us to maintain our worship of Spirit ALONE when we are so surrounded by the images of matter. But, the belief that matter satisfies always backfires.
Jeremiah foresaw the time when the Hebrews would be able to return to Jerusalem and rebuild the temple. But, even after they were freed, many stayed in Babylon. They had become comfortable. Christian Science frees man from the enslaving laws of matter. But, how many are willing to leave the temporary and familiar comforts of matter for the lasting satisfaction of Spirit, Soul? Are you?

Section 1: Be satisfied with your role as Soul’s likeness!
God – the Soul of man – is so thrilled with His creation – thrilled with US! (B-3 & S-1) We should be equally thrilled as we wake up to the fact that we are the likeness of Soul – unchangeable and eternal, abiding forever under the shadow of His wings, under the protection of God’s presence. (B-1-2 & S-2) Awareness of our relationship to Soul precludes concern over apparent ups and downs in our experience. How do we change the appearance of inconsistency? By viewing things correctly. (S-4) Recently, looking out the window of a plane, it looked like the ground was dotted with dark areas – lakes maybe? But, we were flying over the desert! What was I looking at? Only the shadows of the clouds. Looking at the landscape from the ground, there would be no areas that would be actually darker. When our lives appear to be dotted with darkness, we need to realize that all we’re dealing with is shadow. Gaining a more correct view of our relationship to God we discover that our lives are really the continual unfolding of the goodness of Soul – no darkness. As we lose a false sense of Soul (as we stop believing that we are independent mortals) we gain a correct view of our limitless immortal nature. How can we not be satisfied with that status?

Section 2: You are God’s representative and He takes care of every detail!
Did you know that YOU are one of the children of Israel? According to Christian Science, the Children of Israel are “the representatives of Soul, not corporeal sense.” (S-7) So, all who reject existence as material and physical (the report of corporeal sense) and recognize identity as the reflection – expression – of Soul, Spirit, may receive God’s blessings. (S-10) God took care of every detail for the children of Israel as they came out of Egypt. He led them, fed them, strengthened and protected them, and satisfied them with health and wealth. God takes care of every detail for us, too! All that is required is to remember that it is God that meets every need, and obey His laws. (B-6-8) Part of the problem in the Middle East is that people think God made promises to a certain “nation” of people. But, the children of Israel represent the innocence and purity of all of God’s man. God led the Hebrews (through Moses) out of the bondage of the Pharaoh. God leads us, through Christ and Christian Science, out of the bondage of matter. Human thought sometimes strays (as the Hebrews strayed) and wanders around in the wilderness of mortal belief, absorbed in self-interest and believing that man can have intelligence separate from God. (S-9) But, don’t worry … God is always leading. Accept the fact that you REFLECT the fullness of Soul. God covers the details! Be satisfied with letting God lead. Obey Him, and you will be led to freedom!

Section 3: Planted permanently in Soul, there are no limits!
Sometimes it looks as if God is a long ways away. When the Israelites were captured and taken to Babylon, they felt that way. Many turned away from the God that had taken such good care of them, breaking the covenant (or promise) they had made with God. But God didn’t turn his back on them. He renewed His agreement and made an “everlasting covenant” with them. (B-10-13) So, that covenant is still in place. God is ALWAYS with us. Why does good sometimes seem so far away? Why do we sometimes feel so limited? Because we let ourselves become enslaved by the material senses. We believe that we live in matter instead of Spirit – that we live in a mortal body (and are governed by it) rather than living in Soul (governed by limitless good!) (S-12) Sometimes we are pushed to lean on God when we find out that dependence on matter hasn’t worked out so well. (S-11&13) That’s when we need to remember that the covenant is two-sided. God is ALWAYS there for us – we are planted in Soul! But, in order to feel that freeing presence we have to LOVE the fact that Mind rules. We have to stop “warring over corporeality” – stop fighting according to how things SEEM, and “rejoice in the affluence of our God” – just be sooooo grateful and thrilled that Life is constantly pouring out blessings! (S-14) Then, you discover that nothing limits you except your false belief that it is possible to be separated from the full expression of Soul! Keep the faith. God is keeping you. Christ continually frees us.

Section 4: Be satisfied with God’s abundance
Jesus understood that what we have doesn’t constitute who we are! He tried to warn people to not get so wrapped up in gaining material riches – which often lead to wanting more – that we forget to be satisfied with God’s present blessings, which are always just what we need. We find the same message in the Old Testament. (B-16 &17) Jesus shared the parable of the man who had accumulated so much that he tore down his barns in order to build bigger ones. He was looking forward to just “enjoying” his riches for the rest of his life! But, all that “stuff” was worthless. It certainly didn’t enrich his life! (B-15) Is the message that “things” are bad? Or is it that “things” just really aren’t important, and they need to be an effect rather than a goal? Soul frees mankind. Personal sense limits. (S-15) Personal sense looks around at what others have and compares. Personal sense focuses on the possibility of good AND evil – focusing thought on what it may lose, as well as on what it may gain, and judging good and evil according to popular opinion. (S-17) Look at the pressures to always want more, bigger, newer things – thinking that we will then be happy. Matter is limited and fickle. The only way to be happy is to think more about blessing others than satisfying self. As we understand that we are the expression of selfless Soul, we find it natural to let our thought be aligned with infinite Mind and not be concerned with manipulating limited matter. (S-18) That’s the only way every need will be met, and we will be satisfied.

Section 5: Forever cared for by our Shepherd, safe in Soul!
We sometimes find ourselves dealing with tough circumstances. Maybe we’ve made a bad choice. Maybe we feel alone or we’ve been hurt or feel victimized. Maybe we need a sense of direction or are dealing with a health issue that isn’t yielding. Whatever it is, our Shepherd – Mind – seeks us out, comes to us, comforts us, and leads us back to the consciousness which dwells secure in Soul. The everlasting covenant (God’s everlasting kingdom) is always available as a refuge from whatever difficulty we face. What is required in order to feel God’s presence? Just that we “call upon Him.” (B-18) The central theme of Jesus’ teachings was the ever-present tender care of God and His Christ – our shepherd. (B-21) Peter spoke of being returned to the Bishop of our souls – that which oversees and guards our being. (B-22) Call upon your Bishop – run to rather than away from God when help is needed. Every difficulty we face stems from the belief that it is possible to be separated from God – that it is possible to have a separate soul (separate identity) that acts independently and is subject to good and bad, subject to sin, and so subject to self-destruction. But, there is one Soul – one identity – and it is Mind, and it never sins – never changes and can’t be destroyed. (S-20) We reflect Mind, are always embraced by it as idea. Mind is our Soul – the source of who we are. (S-22) Mind can’t be lost in oblivion because Mind, Soul, IS – eternally. Oblivion has been defined as “complete forgetfulness.” Mind doesn’t forget. Understanding the power of Mind over the body saves us from oblivion – saves us from the state of forgetfulness. (S-21) That includes being saved from the belief of memory loss as well as being saved from simply forgetting that we are the cherished and perfect idea of God, safe in Soul. Soul isn’t in us. We aren’t trapped in flesh – no matter how much the physical senses would try to convince us we are. We are in Soul – an idea in Mind. That’s what makes us spiritual and perfect. (S-24) When things seem to be going wrong and we don’t appear to be perfect, just remember to call out to your Shepherd (divine Love) and see what Mind, which is your Soul (your identity), knows. Mind gives you dominion and satisfies! (S-22)

Section 6: Believe in and take advantage of the healing power of Soul NOW!
Soul – the source of all identity – controls the body! Jesus demonstrated this over and over as he healed those that believed, and instructed those that believed on him to heal others. (S-1) The Jewish faith believed strongly that God had chosen the children of Israel as the instrument through which the world would be saved. Jesus apparently shared this belief and felt that his first responsibility was to the “house of Israel.” But, he did venture beyond the boundaries of this traditional audience. When a Canaanite woman first came to Jesus asking him to heal her daughter, he explained that he couldn’t give her what belonged to the “chosen people” – that it wasn’t right to “take the children’s bread and cast it to dogs.” MyBibleLesson sheds fresh light on Jesus’ reference to dogs. It suggests that the Greek word used didn’t refer to wild dogs, but pets that would be part of the household. So, the woman defended her daughter’s right to be healed and Jesus responded to her faith. (B-23) Why is this story important? Maybe it takes away our excuses for not being healed or for not healing. The Psalmist identified God as the “dwelling place for all generations” and asked that His work be seen by His servants. (B-24) We are God’s servants – as was Jesus. Jesus healed by understanding that Soul is always manifested in man. Soul’s attributes include health, beauty, grace, abundance, etc. Jesus demonstrated the unchanging healing effect that Mind has on human minds and bodies. (S-28) The facts don’t change. Mind controls man. Just like you resort to light when darkness starts creeping in, resort to Soul – health, abundance, grace – when sickness, lack, or friction appears to be creeping in. “Man is harmonious when governed by Soul.” (S-30) Accept that fact and practice yielding to it! Soul satisfies and pours out blessings!

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Possible Sunday School Topics for the Lesson on “Soul” for August 11-17, 2008
Submitted anonymously by former CS camp counselors who now teach Sunday School

Possible Sunday School Topic [P.S.S.T- Golden Text and Responsive Reading] – A central concept in this week’s Lesson is satisfaction: what it is; where it’s found; how it’s experienced, shared, and maintained. How does consumer culture depict satisfaction? (For evidence, critically analyze advertisements with which students are familiar.) What does Christian Science teach about satisfaction? In addition to tracking the “keys to satisfaction” featured in this week’s My Bible Lesson, check out hymn 160, which Mary Baker Eddy titled “Satisfied.”

Possible Sunday School Topic [P.S.S.T.-Section 1] – This section points to the protection (B1), fullness (B3), glory (B5), inexhaustability (S3), variety (S4), and boundlessness (S5) of Soul and Soul’s creation. How do you see Soul being expressed in the Olympics?

Possible Sunday School Topic [P.S.S.T.-Section 2] – Why do you think that Mary Baker Eddy defined the Children of Israel as “the representatives of Soul?”

Possible Sunday School Topic [P.S.S.T.-Section 3] -Have you felt the “unsatisfied human craving” described in S13? What does it mean to “transplant?” How have dissatisfying experiences served to transplant your affections from sense to Soul, as described in S11?

Possible Sunday School Topic [P.S.S.T.-Section 4] -Which commandment(s) does B15 illustrate? What does this Section teach about the relationship between selfishness and happiness? (See especially B16 and S18.)

Possible Sunday School Topic [P.S.S.T.-Section 5] – Here is a possible activity for teaching B21 to the younger classes: Have the teacher make a herd of 100 sheep from notecards. Show the Sunday School class all 100 sheep, and then have the students close their eyes as the teacher hides one of the sheep. Let the students search for the lost sheep and find it. Debrief the activity by asking the students what it felt like to find the lost sheep. Discuss how God is like the shepherd and how he cares for each and every one of us like the sheep.

Possible Sunday School Topic [P.S.S.T.-Section 6] – How does Christ Jesus’ understanding of Soul lead to the healing of the young woman in B23? (See especially S28.) How does an understanding of God as Soul propel your own healing practice?


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