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Barry Huff’s BONUS GEMs feature 1) Role-MODEL RESILENCE by “Heroic Hagar” in citation B7
2) your being tattooed on God’s hand as in our Golden Text, Isaiah 49:16)
3)  your safe holiday travels as guaranteed by Psalm 121:8/cit. B19
Let God Expressed Meekly/Mightily in you sparkle with insights from Barry Ray Huff & others
as related to The Christian Science Quarterly Bible Lesson on

God the Preserver of Man
for Sunday, December 12, 2021

by Warren Huff, CedarS Executive Director Emeritus,

EXPRESS TODAY THE RESILIENCE ROLE-MODELED FOR US BY “HEROIC HAGAR. (Gen. 21:9-20/cit. B7). To focus on her model of resilience as featured in this week’s Bible Lesson, fast forward to minutes 27:45 thru 39:20 in a YouTube Video by our son and Principia College Bible Professor, Barry Huff, PhD. It is his Good Friday 2021 Easter Talk for Third Church New York City entitled “RESILIENT FAITH & GOD’S EMBRACE DURING CRISIS” at
It opens and closes with inspiring music videos by Lily Oyer!  Christmas joy and insights can be found in the archive of outstanding past Talks and Lectures featured on their website, PLUS a NOT TO BE MISSED FUTURE TALK (in English and Spanish) on DECEMBER 21, 2021 BY Astrophysicist LAURANCE DOYLE, PhD, THAT HE CALLS “THE SCIENCE OF CHRISTMAS.”

FEEL CHERISHED EVERY MOMENT BY GOD AS IF YOU WERE TATTOOED OR INSCRIBED ON THE PALM OF GOD’S HAND! This image from this week’s Golden Text, Isaiah 49:16, is also featured by Barry in minute 26 of his aforementioned YouTube talk on Good Friday 2021.)

APPLY SAFE TRAVELS PROMISES in Ps. 121:8/cit. B19. DON’T LET GO OF ANGEL INSIGHTS till THEY BLESS YOU! (as when Jacob wrestled with the angel til it blessed him, Gen. 32:26
[Warren:] Here’s a spiritual insight into the word preserve that I enjoyed wrestling with this week until I gained its blessings: Subdivide the word preserves into pre-serves (Ps. 121:8/cit. B19) & Ps. 140:1) .  This hyphenated word PRE-SERVE encompasses the past (pre or prior, planned to provide); the present (the perfectly timed provisions of divine Love in the ever-present now); and the future of God’s stored-away preserves, “barrels of meal” and “cruises of oil” that did not fail and will not since “He who depends on Thee, ne’er is forspent” (Hymn 246).  I continue to enjoy highlighting in different colors, God’s past love (our heredity), present care and future provisions.

Another rich gem can be mined from the word “pre-serve” as it relates to our Master’s, foot-washing servant mindset. That is the mind of Christ that we all solemnly promise to watch and strive for in the Sixth Tenet. (SH 497:24) At CedarS we delight to pre-serve our staff, campers and their families all year long with CedarS Mets in five languages, GEMs and Sunday School teaching ideas to help prepare us all (and all of you dear supporters) to make strengthen our applications of spiritual sense to make each session at CedarS the “best one yet” of serving. 

Psalm 121:8 states the law that “The Lord will preserve (pre-serve) your going out and coming in from this day forward, even for evermore.” This is annually a key metaphysical citation for upcoming holiday travels as well as Camp Session starting and ending days.  We affirm it to assure divinely-safe arrivals and departures when hundreds are travelling to and from CedarS from all over the world.
Finally, a semi-humorous “Warren wordplay” offering:
“Psalm 121.8 also establishes a helpful divine basis for those seeking right relationships and consistent supply.  “You can rest easy that our God operates in match-making mode to bless your “going out” (your dating) and also in employer mode to provide for your “coming in” (or your in-come) forever!”

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