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Where’s the 10 in 9 11? Redeem the day to safely rebuild with 10 laws of Love.

We all know where we were a year ago on September 11, 2001. What’s more important is where we are now (mentally) and where we are heading in our thinking and actions to rebuild safely on sure foundations and to avoid repeating Nine Eleven. Learn how to chase away the clouds of that day with the light of 10 laws of “Love whose finger traced aloud a bow of promise on the cloud.” (Mrs. Eddy’s Message for ’02 & CS Hymn #30) This line is from a poem by Mrs. Eddy entitled “Love” that is a terrific treatment and applies line by line to heal the after-effects of 9 11.

Don’t let yourself be made to forget, nor to neglect, nor to skip over the TEN, that is the Ten Commandments that were written by the finger of God for our salvation. (Ex 31:10) As one of “God’s Commandment Commandos,” please join in finding specific, modern-day, spiritual-sense applications of God’s Ten Commandments. “With the finger of God” that wrote these laws, Jesus decisively cast out devils, and we should follow his sure-fire method of healing. (Luke 11:20)

Only Spirit, the Great Architect, and His Ten Specifications can give us “hearts made whole, . . . lips redeemed from woe,” (CS Hymnal #66) and “a sure release” (CS Hymnal #263) from the grief and the haunting (graven) images of nine eleven, from the anger and hatred, and from the terror and darkness evoked by this unreal day. Let’s redeem the day from these woes and replace fear and grief with a strong, 1st Commandment conviction that only God is powerful, present and in control.

1st Commandment – Mrs. Eddy’s favorite text has been paraphrased by Barry Huff as “Don’t put something in God’s place that’s not up to the job.” Not our Department of Homeland Security, our FBI, our CIA, our mighty Military or our intelligent Technology is up to the job of taking the place of our God and of angel messages from Her. In the Old Testament, way before listening devices, God and Her angels let Elisha know the words and plans spoken in the enemy’s bedchamber. (I Kings 6:12) In the New Testament, before stealth technology, God’s protecting power enabled Jesus to just walk right through an angry mob intent on throwing him over the brow of a hill. (Luke 4:29)

2nd Commandment – Do not magnify and commemorate the graven images of death and destruction. Let’s see (to it) that that the logistics of destruction and of vengeance are never more important or powerful than the larger mission of creating world justice and peace. Never should we make the means of eliminating individuals into the end, because it never will be. Let our approach be to terminate the root causes of all error, rather than just to eliminate or alleviate symptoms.

3rd Commandment – Strongly affirm that our prayers are never in vain, or “for unreality,” (another meaning of the Hebrew “in vain”). Instead, let’s prove that prayer invariably produces the reality of tangible results, “as in heaven, so on earth.” Mrs. Eddy asked her church members to specifically pray for peace between Russia and Japan (Misc 279 and My 279) and the results were impressively quick. Let’s expect more of our prayers and know they are never in vain.

4th Commandment – In a Family Camp Workshop on the Ten Commandments, Barry Huff reminded us that the SABBATH day was declared a day to celebrate deliverance from bondage as well as to rest. (Deut 5:15) Seek and cement your freedom by working out from perfection and from freedom, instead of up to them. Allow your Declaration of Independence to include not only Science & Health pages 106:6-11 and 224:4 to 228:32 from our textbook, but also the Scientific Statement of Being p. 468 (as opposed to an “Unscientific Statement of Becoming.”) The closure and freedom we celebrate daily can and should include freedom from fear and from grief.

5th Commandment – Don’t stop at just honoring your human Father and Mother, but give proper cooperation, respect and a feeling of precious partnership to every figure of authority that God has placed in your experience. Jesus knew that Pilate would have no authority over him unless it be given to him from God. Along these lines, let’s affirm and defend not only our current President’s office, but also God’s links to our Congressmen and Cabinet members, and to the Palestinian Authority, to the Israeli Parliment, and to the heads of all states and even “cells.” All combatants, even those classified heretofore as “moral idiots,” have a professed belief in God or Alla and wish to receive divine blessing and guidance. May every ear clearly hear angels at work, as did the assassin of President Garfield when Mrs. Eddy visited his cell. (See page 112:12 -113:27 in Miscellaneous Writings for how to treat moral idiocy and another CedarS met page called “Guidance: God U and I dance” for more on divine direction.)

6th Commandment – This commandment, to literally not commit murder, is one that Jesus preempts in his Sermon on the Mount by “killing” this sin when it is little, by eliminating it when it is just anger and put-downs. (See Matthew 5:21-22) Since world peace starts with me and you, let’s start by healing irritability and rage of all types and the tendency to put others down, even in jest. Often remind yourself and those around you that “There nothing in this world worth getting angry about.” Show by your actions and reactions that you are a living witness to this creed of resolving conflict peacefully whenever possible.

7th Commandment – In his Sermon on the Mount, Jesus also goes after the root of adultery when it is little, when it is just lust. (See Matthew 5:27-29) Paul tells the Romans “to be carnally (bodily) minded is death, but to be spiritually minded is life and peace.” (Rom. 8:6) Knowing therefore that sensuality is really just a clever terrorist that comes disguised as good and as pleasurable and as our own thought, makes it harder for this warring killer “to elude detection” (S&H 252:19). By being alert to this anarchist and murderer in our midst, we will not commit ADULT-ery by giving in to a belief that we need anything adult-rated or material to make us happy and peacefully satisfied. Repeat to yourself often that “In God I have everything I need and I know it.” If the mission of Terror or error (or Pharaoh or Herod) is to get rid of the childlikeness praised and practiced by Christ Jesus, let us give all our alertness and strength to protect and defend childlikeness in ourselves and others.

8th Commandment – This commandment relates to more than just NOT STEALING, or shoplifting or “stealing another’s thunder,” or her ideas, or his joy. Most conflicts today and historically find a root in the supposed ownership of scarce resources, in “the haves” versus “the have nots.” Mentally inoculate yourself hourly against “affluenza,” the worldwide epidemic that is spread by a bazillion dollar ad campaign and is based on the false premise that acquiring or possessing things brings happiness. Temptation to steal should be healed by the revelation that happiness can only be found in giving, not in getting. (See “Happiness is . . . . . unselfish.” Science and Health 57:18 and “I am able to impart truth, health and happiness and that is my rock of salvation and my reason for existing.” My 165:20) Rebuilding our enemies countries after WWII with the Marshall Plan is proof that giving works wonders in healing and bringing about lasting peace.

9th Commandment – This commandment relates to more than just NOT BEARING FALSE WITNESS in a courtroom setting, although courtroom terms and roles can offer useful insights in healing wrongs. The Comforter promised in the New Testament is “parakletos” in Greek, which also means “Defense Attorney.” (Satan is termed the Prosecuting Attorney.) Bearing only true witness means to see only as God sees, which is the way that Christ Jesus saw and healed. (See S&H 476:32) This high standard not only frees us from gossip, destructive criticism and “white lies” designed to impress others, but also alerts us to stop pre-judging others based on their race, religion and ethnic background.

10th Commandment – The Palestinians, al Qaeda and other terrorist organizations have launched a jihad against the West and Developed Countries in direct disobedience to several commandments, this one included. It appears that they are COVETING their neighbor’s (Israel’s) lands, prosperity and US-backing. Little do they realize that their jealousy and violent acts are campaigning against their demonstration of all the good they wish to have. To counteract this mortal tendency of jealousy, let’s demonstrate by example a civilized and most effective solution. When we see others possessing and demonstrating some good that we desire and have yet to fully express, let’s not follow the terrorists and be attorneys effectively arguing against ourselves in the false belief that good is limited and we don’t have it. Instead, let’s sincerely say “Thank You God, That’s Mine Too!” (or “TYG -TMT”) This type of “TMT” is much more explosive than the TNT of a car bomb or other such devise. “That’s Mine Too” is a grateful declaration that as a divine idea, good has an unlimited source and is universally and unconditionally available.

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