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What is the point of this repetitious Lesson? Everything!

Application Ideas for the “Adam and Fallen Man” Bible lesson for 5/3-5/9/04
By Corde Hanzlik, CS (Austin, TX)

What is the point of this repetitious Lesson? Everything! It is the very basis establishing all right creation and exposing the illegitimate, false creation-dream of mortality. It is the basis for all healing, all right theology, the Science of the Christ. When we finally, clearly understand what this Lesson is telling us, we are “in the beginning”, as always, perfect and eternal. Moment by moment we are demonstrating our God-given dominion. This Lesson is most straight forward.

The Golden Text gives us the wonderful reminder of grace. No matter how any erroneous concept would try to be so huge an issue, grace abounds. Look up grace in a thick, unabridged dictionary. It has so many meanings. All of the items listed in the Responsive Reading are ingredients of grace that are part of “our calling and election sure”. We are ‘promise’ partakers.
(This is a good Lesson for making a list of what man is and what man isn’t. When you are through making the lists, throw out the what ever is not true and treasure what is true.)

Section 1 The Bible Ah, the first and only creation! God loves His creation, man especially. And man is perfect and upright. It is most amazing what God has done, is doing, in spite of us.

Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, by Mary Baker Eddy: It is no surprise that the 2 books of the Bible that Mrs. Eddy includes in Science and Health are the beginning, the only and the end, the destruction of evil in complete revelation as “in the beginning”. The complete recognition of God as All. Mrs. Eddy’s Genesis explains the mental nature of creation – All is infinite Mind and its infinite manifestation.(468)
You can read and ponder the basics for yourself. (Make a list, remember?)

Sect 2 Bible and Science an Health: Oh, the muddy mess of so-called life in matter! Adam slept. (He never woke up.) This order of creation, woman from man, is supposed to be the basis for male domination and woman’s abuse, slavery, weakness, second-class status by most religious and world standards. Thank heavens Mrs. Eddy sets it straight as “in the beginning”.

Sect 3 Bible and Science and Health: Snake talk! He seems so convincing. Let’s be alert to the malicious sense that has no legs to stand on. Let’s not give it ours. What a burlesque as Mrs. Eddy says. Note the arrogance of evil. It seems so true. We haven’t gotten to the Commandments in Bible-order and the serpent suggests – more gods, bow down, covet (more to be desired), disregard parentage, etc. So where do we turn for the answers? Spiritual sense only (481) No inversion – marginal note 282.

Sect 4 Bible What erroneous qualities are exhibited in this part of the dream story? Lord God not knowing where his creation is (opposite of all-knowing), location of Lord God (denying all-presence), fear of Lord God, shame, nakedness/exposure, guilt, blame, vengence/curse, enmity, generational curse, knowing evil, and doomed.

Science and Health – all markers Born into matter, live by material sense, suffer by material sense, die by material sense – that’s what material sense says. The whole picture is a lie. We know it. The woman woke up to call animal magnetism for what it is or actually, isn’t. We are spiritual.

Sect 5 Bible: We are children of obedience. Jesus was obedient to law, but it is God’s Law, not Mosaic law. He refused to acknowledge the dust man claim. One wonders what he wrote or drew on the ground. Perhaps, “This woman is yours, Father. She’ not a dust woman.” Her indiscretions were between her and God, no one else. There was no judgment by Jesus.

Science and Health The fleshly claims are destroyed by the purity of spiritual sense, the right understanding of God, not because God knows them, but for the very fact that He doesn’t know them, never made them. Error destroys itself. The key in this section is marker 21. The kingdom is within. We are beheld as the only man of God’s creating – indestructible, immortal, perfect.

Sect 6 Bible We thank Jesus for being the Wayshower, the transparency for the Christ-man. He proved that the Adam dream is total disinformation as well as misinformation.

Science and Health As we claim our Christliness, we are indestructible, saved, redeemed, through Christ. Paradise is ours! Actually, we have never been out of it! The Kingdom is at hand.

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