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Wake up! Don’t fall for an ADAM and FALLEN MAN identity!

A Bible Lesson “met” for 5/5 – 5/11/03 by Corde Hanzlik, CS

How does a bank teller know the counterfeit money from the real? By studying thoroughly original, real money. So how do we know ourselves as God’s perfect idea? Study thoroughly God and His perfect idea. Simple. Then we won’t be put to sleep like Adam was, identifying falsely with the “fallen man”.

The Golden Text gives us the alert. It is high time, wake up! No snooze button! As the RR then tells us – we are blessed, chosen, without blame, accepted, wise, revealed, as we know God and Christ Jesus, light. We have a job to do – be the light, living proof of all of God’s glory! Watch for the light in each section. Count how many times light is mentioned.

Section I – the right identity section. Gen. I tells us who we are as God made us. Why is it “our” image, “our” likeness. Tricky. There is only one God, right? The “our” includes the Father, Mother, the 7 synonyms, etc. We are the compound idea of a compound God, the fullness of His Allness. Wow! We got it all! Remember too that this is the statement of God, Elohim, First chapter! BUT, Gen 2, the Lord God Jehovah (the vindictive man-created, man-like God) suggests “mystifying mist”. Are we going to be blinded and be the dust man? (Add the mist to dust and you’ve got muddy muck. Let’s not get stuck in the muck.) No, no, no! Shake of the dust! Romans 1 tells us to be aware only of the real and not be fooled by the vanity of imaginations. We have our spiritual sightedness. We clearly see the invisible (to sense) as we are the true image and likeness in all humility and honesty. We are invisible to the world, incorruptible by the worldly counterfeit. Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures confirms in marker 3, we are able to know the difference between the real and the counterfeit because we are enlightened in Christian Science. Especially helpful are definitions from the Glossary. (homework – read through the Glossary. It is in the Key to the Scriptures part of Science and Health. The Glossary opens many doors.) Check out the words that Mrs. Eddy uses instead of counterfeit – opposite, inversion, belief…What if we do get tricked by the mist? Maybe some of you have heard the story that Keith Wommack tells in his CS lecture about an old horse. The old horse was so foolish that he walked and fell into an old well. The farmer decided that the horse was not worth saving so he started to fill in the well. He threw in a shovel full of dirt. It landed on the horse, but the horse just shook it off and stomped down the dirt. Well, after doing that same routine, soon the well was filled in and the horse walked out. So the moral? Shake off the dirt(dust), stomp it down, walk out elevated. The dirt, dust never touches our true identity.

Sect 2 This section could be called, “Which came first? The chicken or the egg?” We started as we should, with the real and true, being truly awake. But, Adam doesn’t do as well. Sleep time. (There’s no indication in the Bible that he ever wakes up.) This part of the Adam dream suggests many subtle lies. One, man has physical sensation that had to be put to sleep for a surgical operation. Two, that the Lord God would have to take from matter man to make matter woman. Three, male and female are separate ideas (as if man wasn’t complete unless he had another 1/2). Notice too, that Eve wasn’t created by the Lord God, but of Adam, indicating man as a creator independent of the Lord God and woman as separate from the Lord God.
As the Science and Health tells us sleep is all darkness, non-thought. Another definition! What do we find in Eve? Not a chicken, but dust, rib, egg. Confusion. Fortunately, we are saved again by Christian Science – we peck open the false shells of suggested material creation. How could man possibly come from an egg instead of Mind?

Sect 3 Zoology 101 learn your animals. Stay away from fictitious beasts! Watch out for talking serpents. With this part of the Adam dream, many more lies are suggested – that woman works for man, that man needs food to sustain him, that man can die, that man can become a mini god, that man can know evil, that man has senses that kick in (sight, desire, taste), that man is naked and vulnerable, that man needs clothes, that man hides with shame from his creator. But wait. The serpent was right about one thing, that man would be as gods. For here the Lord God is walking around as if he were a man. So after Adam ate of the tree (false material knowledge), was he smart? NO, no, no! Watch out for the serpent! He doesn’t have any legs to stand on. Don’t give him yours!
Fortunately, we are saved by Proverbs. The true Lord cares for His true creation, man, made in His image and likeness. Real wisdom and understanding is only of Him, not a serpent,
Mrs. Eddy tells us about the suggestions of the serpent, evil – 2 minds. Impossible! There is only one Mind. We reflect, express that one. No counterfeit! Mind, Mind, Mind! All of the markers in the Science and Health are very clear about this fact! Mrs. Eddy’s statement of the “self-evident proposition: If God, or good, is real, then evil, the unlikeness of God, is unreal.” (470) (Not in the Lesson, but in the Glossary, look at the definition of Knowledge.)

Sect 4 – The fear section. The “Who told thee that thou wast naked?” is important for us to know and quote when we are challenged with a belief. Ask yourself when you’re not feeling well – “Who told me that?” When struggling with homework or exam – “Who told me I can’t do this?” When tempted with doing wrong – “Who told me to do that?” If God isn’t telling, it’s wrong direction and disinformation. Mortal belief.
Adam was afraid of the Lord God because of his nakedness – his stripped down mortal state, exposed. We know true fact from the messages of II Timothy, I John and Isaiah. Love from and of God casts out all fear. We dwell in God, not in a garden state of mind. We know where we are. Not in matter body. Mrs. Eddy summarizes, “Divine Love is infinite. Therefore all that really exists is in and of God, and manifests His love.”(340) rather than believing the manifestation of fear (error’s first and most effective trick). (532)

Sect 5 Curse time. Error is looking for someone to blame, lay on the guilt. The woman, Eve admits that the serpent beguiled her. Do we have to accept the curse laid on Eve? No. At no point in our lives, male or female, do we have to act out the curse of mortality. Be alert to the qualities expressed by man and woman, not the sexuality. (The whole curse scenario/red dragon is lifted in Revelation thanks to Michael and his angels. But, that is another Lesson.) We are reminded that we are blest by God. No sorrow. Woman is a complete virtuous idea as presented in Proverbs. (Mother’s Day is Sunday. Thank your Mother for being the woman of Proverbs 31.) Marker 22 of Science and Health explains the relations of the woman, the serpent, and God. Woman recognizes the error handling her in order to destroy it. Marker 25, S&H 63 is a good citation to memorize. It states the bottom line of origin, heritage and perfect relation with God – perfection now. No states and stages of mortality to go through. The real money is always the true.

Sect 6 As the Christ light shines, man is shown as undying. Motherhood is not tainted by loss either of a son or social dignity. In the times of Jesus, a woman had no political or social status of her own. It was based on a man, father, husband, son, etc. Jesus knew this when he raised the widow woman’s son thereby restoring her place and wellbeing in the community. The “light of life” blessed her. The people around her were quite amazed too. We too, are made alive in Christ! Wake up – perfect God, perfect man (259). So we are “unfallen, upright and free”. Look at what Mrs. Eddy guarantees: (218) “all disease, pain, weakness, weariness, sorrow, sin, death, unknown” gone. As God beloved children, we never have been in the dream state! Never born, never die! We are the children of light!
So, how many references to light???? Have fun shining!

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