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Treasure Map & Application Ideas provided for Lesson Met on SUBSTANCE!
Corde Hanzlik, CS of Austin, TX
Let’s cheat. Well, not really, but let’s go to the Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures marker 2. What is substance? Sort the paragraph out in list form: substance is: That which is eternal
That which is incapable of discord and decay
Truth, Life, and Love
Spirit, Mind, Soul, or God (which synonym is missing? Why?)
The universe
Compound idea – that is individual man
So with the definition in thought, let’s go to the Lesson Sermon. Find how the Lesson is mapped out.

Golden Text: Wow, continual goodness! The list above is all inclusive of all good without ever giving up or running out.

Responsive Reading: Sounds like God has already completed everything with the fullness and wholeness that we need and then some. But, if He has, who or what is it that would argue that we don’t have everything? Nobody and nothing!

Sect 1 – In the Psalms we are told the requirement for success- seek the Lord. When we do, we get everything.
So in 1st Kings Elijah’s prophesy is about a forth-coming drought. He helped the widow – the one who had nothing. She was in such a bad state that she was thinking that suicide would get her and her son out of difficulties. As Elijah was directed of God to go to her, he was obedient and went to her. She was then obedient to Elijah’s command. Bonus! She and her son more than survived. Her whole house benefited. Frequently in the Bible, house means thought. So everyone she thought about benefited. Do we listen for God’s commands? It seems like He whispers sometimes. The Isaiah citation, #4 tells of our blessing resulting from obedience to God.
Science and Health records the same message -God gives us absolutely everything that we need. Our needs are already met as all needs have always been met, in continuity. (Remember to check the definition list and compare) As we help others, we are blest.

Sect 2 We get a warning in this section! Be alert as to motive in asking God for “things”. If we are right in our desires then we reap the benefits. Matter isn’t going to give us help, but divine source is. Get a friend or in your Sunday School class act out the speech that error gives. Then do it for Spirit, too. (marker 8, pg 252) Go to the S&H and read it. There is more of error’s boasting that isn’t in the Lesson. What an arrogant liar error is. You just want to punch it in the nose. The real I AM always wins. As Mrs. Eddy says, “Higher enjoyments alone can satisfy the cravings of immortal man. (marker 10, pg 60)

Sect 3 When we are obedient to God’s commands, we reap the benefits as we see Caleb received his. His substance was in the form of strength and long life as was promised him. Our gifts from God are always “good gifts and perfect” with no variances or inconsistencies.
Isn’t it wonderful is that we are at noon! That’s not 12 o’clock, but it’s the time when the sun is up full. Everything is in total light, full development and exposure. We don’t have to learn from immature mistakes or trends, either the “terrible 2s” or the “wacko teens”. There are no states and stages to God’s man. Our abilities and capacities are never ending nor susceptible of decline. Pg 301, marker 12, shows more comparison of mortal, lying claims verses spiritual truth. Where so we see the “true likeness and reflection?” Everywhere! (m 15, pg 516)

Sect 4 This section states the claim that money, matter is everything! The widow gives from the heart with total unselfishness, with great humility and love. No fear of lack, but gratitude for good. Marker 15, II Cor. 9:7 is the key, “Every man according as he purposeth in his heart,…” As we think (know) our riches are known. World claims argue very loudly that there isn’t enough (money, intelligence, love, space, peace, etc.) for everyone or that the distribution is very uneven, but we must refute the lies for the freedom of the world as well as ourselves. There can never be a shortage of ideas in Mind! So what instruction do we have in The S&H 451, marker 19? “Man walks in the direction towards which he looks, and where his treasure is, there will his heart be also.” Where are we looking?

Sect 5 We have our orders from Jesus as to our duty – “Heal the sick (dis- eased thought), cleanse the lepers (wash away sinful or long standing claims; then we have leapers!), raise the dead (get busy thinking! We can sometimes seem brain-dead), cast out devils (devilish suggestions of separation from God), freely ye have received, freely give – it makes no difference who you are, where you are, or what you’ve got!” We take the orders literally and expand the meaning. We are not looking for people who have the various claims listed as much as we are directed to handle the mental images of limited mortality in our own thought. That, in turn, blesses others.
It is what Mrs. Eddy tells us on pg 162, marker 23, “The effect of this Science is to stir the human mind to a change of base, on which it may yield to the harmony of the divine Mind.” Our opening definition of substance is our base.

Sect 6 Sometimes we are bothered or jealous of another’s success. It can anger or discourage us. But Hebrews indicates that what provokes us should provokes to love more and be grateful so as to do good works. Acts is a Wow! Look at our wealth (of understanding) by and through the grace of God – an inheritance from Him (all sufficiency, enriched to bountifulness II Cor), never to covet, but to help others!
S&H of course repeats that. We are enriched, not impoverished, gain through sacrifice, heal sickness, destroy sin, give cold water to everyone who wants it! (All of the markers) The result? “Practice, not profession, understanding not belief, gain the ear and right hand of omnipotence and they assuredly call down infinite blessings.”(marker 30, pg 15) We are blessed AS we bless.
Check the definition of substance again. How can we possibly measure our wealth as we are “self-forgetful, pure, and have affection” for all!

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