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There is only one reality!
Application Ideas for the “Reality” Bible Lesson for March 22-28, 2004

by Corde Hanzlik, C.S. (Austin, TX)

In our Lesson on Reality, the very first statement of the Golden Text
is attributed to David as he is seeking from God, protection and
comfort, as he is “out” of the sanctuary in the midst of enemies.
Although ‘early’ is translated by Dummelow as ‘earnestly’, it is
literally a reminder to seek God early, immediately. How often do we
wait until things get ‘serious’ enough before we ask Him for help? Do
it our way until we botch it up? God’s power an glory is present,
always. As the Responsive Reading tells us, God does it right. His work
is done. We only have to ‘let’ it be. We are always in His sanctuary.

Section 1 The Bible As usual we find the establishment of God’s
almighty works and wisdom proclaimed in all four markers. Not only the
establishment, but a finality to all that He’s done. Marker 2 that each
of us is able to understand that glory and establishment! We have
inspiration and understanding! (Job 32:8) We have a clear follow up to
last week’s Lesson in Corinthians and Romans. Matter is not the
substance or location of God’s work! Spirit is! Clearly seen and

Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures Mrs. Eddy’s humor is
expressed in the very first marker. “The Scriptures imply”????? If we
don’t get that God is All-in-all from the Scriptures, we are not
reading THE Scriptures. Let’s look for the implication every time that
we read the Bible and ‘how great’ His Allness is. As Mrs. Eddy states
“evidence … by evil, by matter, or by material sense”(471) won’t
support our search, but our spiritual sense will(209).

Section 2 The Bible Oh boy, a favorite story! Elisha does it again!
The bad guys, the Syrians, pose a threat against the Israelites, again.
Repeatedly their plans are foiled. God revealed to His man, Elisha, the
plans. These revelations were not physical were they? No. But Elisha
knew them. When Elisha was surrounded by the Syrians, what was it that
‘blinded’ the eyes of Elisha’s servant? Fear! Elisha asked the Lord to
open the servants eyes. Wasn’t the servant already looking? Where do we
look for answers? How do we look? Do you suppose that there really were
horses and chariots of fire or was the power of God so recognized that
all fear dissolved? We won’t know. We weren’t there. Hoe many times to
we miss the realization that we need because we are not looking?
Seeing? Understanding? What is so amazing about this story is that the
enemy is let go, peacefully. After Elisha showed them that God was
all-powerful to reveal secret plans, blind them, lead them to a
different place, feed them, and finally send them on their way with
provisions, they must have understood that they shouldn’t bother the
Children of the Most High God, as He is God of all.

Science and Health gives us the authority to be like Elisha. Isn’t the
definition of “Prophet” our description as well? We have the insight,
understanding, and strength to recognize and destroy evil in all of its
disguises, “at all times and under all circumstances”(571) There is
nothing that we can’t overcome, that God hasn’t already provided the
chariots for us.

Section 3 The Bible Elisha again still saving the day! Elisha cares
for the woman, again. In the first place, it was her recognition of
this man of God that entitled her to the benefits she received. She saw
his power and authority were from the one God. In our story this week,
when she went to plead for the return of her house and property, she
was able to give an amazing tribute of Elisha’s accomplishments to the
king. To acknowledge the ‘closeness’ of this woman and God’s blessings,
the king would have been foolish to have denied her what was rightfully

Science and Health Which artist in Marker 12 would have gone to the
king to ask for what was rightfully his – with courage? With
conviction? With Principle? With right motive? How do we ask? Do we
ask? How do we see?

Section 4 The Bible The tares and the wheat parable gives us warning
for alertness and awareness. Alertness to watch, not sleep. In case we
do sleep, be aware that we are not victimized by bad seed that could
ruin everything. We have the discernment to destroy the evil and
harvest the good.

Science and Health Our spiritual growth enables us to discern the tares
from the wheat thoughts. We are not fooled by the evils that may look
like the good presented subtly to us by friends, relatives or
aggressively by tv, magazines, radio, music, etc. One of my favorite
passages, 300, is a key. No matter how real, aggressive, historical, or
threatening an error seems to be, IT NEVER TOUCHES OUR TRUE SELFHOOD.
NEVER!!!!!! What is our ‘self’? Eternal, real, immutable, perfect,
harmonious, self-existent. Marker 18 tells us to look deep – into the
error? No! To realism.

Section 5 The Bible Another section of where are we looking? Up? The
blind man was healed by Jesus the first time Jesus touched him, but
what and how was he seeing? The second touch brought the real vision –
looking up.

Science and Health Let’s not forget that darkness is the absence of
light, but light is not the absence of dark. So how and what did Jesus
behold? What sight was/is he using? Looking into realism by spiritual
faculties. Count the number of times light is in this section. Wow!

Section 6 The Bible Of course we would have this citation, I Cor. We
don’t see darkly. As prophets, we see clearly. We are ‘known’ by God.
How does He see us?(Gen 1:31 not in the Lesson) We are looking up,
beyond what the material senses might proclaim. How are we understood
in our Christly manner?

Science and Health 242(M 24) says it all. We are all sculptors.(M26) We
go by what we know not by what we see. We are not longer fooled by the
armies of the enemy, material sense. What is our model? We already are
God’s perfect model and idea. We do know “all the glories of earth and
heaven and man”. (M28) There is only one reality!

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