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Sin, disease and death have never been, are not, never will be real!
Application Ideas for the April 5-11, 2004 Lesson by Corde Hanzlik, CS (Austin, TX)

Of course the answer to the question presented as this week’s Lesson Sermon is? No! But the material, physical world so-called says, “But, but, but,” …..” In the face of Easter Week, when the true Christ is witnessed in the resurrection and the ascension of Jesus, we have the word of God in the Golden Text, “Comfort ye”.
The Responsive Reading
follows with the benediction and promise for us all. Jesus showed us the way, what our inheritance is, but we have an obligation to keep. “Gird up the mind, sobriety, hope, obedience, holiness, righteousness, sanctification.” We have nothing to fear.

Section 1 The Bible
Oh boy! We open with a camp song!
We know God by all of His names – He “is worthy to be praised”. Reassured by the 91st Ps. (marker 2) we are not afraid of terror, arrows of speech, disease, death, as we are in the secret place. No one, not even your best friend can find or be with you in your secret place. Only God knows that place. And He is there. We are assured again in marker 3 that there is nothing to be afraid of, as God is protecting us.

Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy.
Marker 1 and 2 lay it out – there is one Principle, Life, Truth, Love, God, Mind and His ideas, us. The is nothing else. There is no matter. The false beliefs of matter are the buts presented in marker 3. Fear, fear, fear seems so real, so strong. It is not of God and has no basis.

Section 2 The Bible
Repeating the comfort as a command – fear not!
Oh boy another camp song, “Whither.” Where can we possibly go that God isn’t there? (m5)

Science and Health
Here is a plank in our CS platform – inseparability!
(m6) In God’s likeness, we express all good. There is no other entity. So what objection can there be? (M8) In marker 10, we have the comparisons (there’s no contest really) to hold or to fear? See the repetition and the bottom line?

Section 3 The Bible
Here’s the sin section to answer the Lesson question – Again, fear not.
Stand still, don’t run! (M7) Simon really missed the point about who his dinner guest was, didn’t he? Of course, Simon was all about Simon. The woman recognized who Jesus was. She knew his love, power and authority. She loved much – not person – but the Christ. We do not need to feel condemnation for past sins as we are cleansed through Christly repentance.

Science and Health
The repentant woman saw herself as a poor thought-model. Jesus didn’t.
How would we have seen her? How do we see ourselves? Marker 15 Yea for Christian Science!!!! The power is ours through Love.

Section 4 The Bible
The ‘disease’ section is obviously more than healing,
but is the establishment of the basis for healing. Singleness of light, sight – master spiritual or master material. Righteousness wins out of course. THEN, the added things come.(M12) Our Daddy wants us to have everything. There was a Sentinel article by Sharon Jeffrey (Sent. Aug.30, 1999, pg. 14 “Fear not, little Flop”) that as a mother exclaimed that she was a ‘flop’ of a mother, her six year old told her, “Fear not, little Flop, for it is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom.” It is a good reminder that no matter what, God loves us.

Science and Health
Where did the Graham cracker come from? I don’t think that Mrs. Eddy had in mind how we would use our Graham crackers today – to make s’mores. Not only do we have a wonderful healing told in marker 17, but some history too. We do need to take thought for what we eat or what we drink, but it must be right thought. Obeying Jesus’ command is not license to be imprudent or excessive in our eating. We don’t live or die by ‘health’ laws so-called. Let’s allay the fear.(M20)

Section 5 The Bible
By example, Jesus proved death to be a lie.
If it was prophesied that he experience the crucifixion, resurrection, and ascension, and it was, what is the prophecy about us? We are deathless too! As the fear theme continues through the Lesson, the women had to be told by Jesus not to be afraid of what they saw as a contradiction to death-claims.

Science and Health
Markers 21 and 22 bring out the purpose and authority of Jesus’ mission. The resurrection and ascension is the whole lesson for us to follow. Christian Scientists never leave Jesus on the cross. Our ‘passion’ is for the living Christ. We’ll all go to see the sequel to Gibson’s “Passion.” It is a privilege to prove Jesus’ mandate. (M25) Are we going to become perfect, immortal?

Section 6 The Bible
Here we go, back to ‘no fear’.
What do we do? Love. Comforted and cared for by our Shepherd – green, lush grass; pure, safe water/vitality; no loss of identity or dignity; right direction even though it’s scary. I will not fear.

Science and Health
Love, Love, Love.
It is no surprise that the 23rd Ps. in the Science and Health comes at the end of The Apocalypse, where evil is destroyed completely? Love, Love, Love. How can something so sweet as Love annihilate?(M28) Error has nothing real to stand on. We live by divine authority! So,…. Sin, disease and death have never been, are not, never will be real!

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