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Guardian Angels from “God the Preserver of Man”
by Corde Hanzlik, CS (Austin, TX)

“God the Preserver of Man” (that’s us) is our Lesson preparing us for our Christmas gift, God’s Son, Jesus Christ. How? It is this season when we see many angels pictured in various shapes, sizes, colors and activities. We know how important the angel Gabriel was. He told Mary of her expected son. This week we’ll see how powerful God’s angels are, not as beings with feathers and wings, but as divine messengers of God, His thoughts, as they appeared in the lives of other Bible characters. Look and listen for angel thoughts that are revealed to you this week.

The Golden Text tells of the job description for an angel – to take care of us! In the Responsive Reading we can see all of the trouble that a ‘poor man’ can get into – evil, broken heart, broken bones, desolation – but when we ‘taste and see’ the Lord’s goodness, trust, do good, seek peace, we are delivered and safe. He loves us! His angels come to the rescue – they’re there all the time.

Section 1: So trust. We all know the story of Daniel and the lions’ den. But how does it relate to us? Have you ever been the ‘target’ of jealousy because of talents you have, do, or use with ease? Or when you have been right and stood your ground making others feel like they are out of the loop? The others couldn’t stand Daniel’s righteousness. Daniel was steadfast to his God, Principle. There wasn’t a personal objection to the king nor his own pride. He never ‘put down’ Darius. Daniel knew that divine Law is supreme. Human laws are faulty. He merely honored his God through his innocence. Yea for the angel! One angel, many lions. What power that angel had! What would be some of your lions’ names – loneliness, fear, trouble in school, etc? (Check out the rest of the Daniel story and what happens to the ‘bad’ guys. It wasn’t that the lions weren’t real lions. Dan 7:23,24. Also, look in your Sunday School for a drawing of Daniel. There’s one at camp. Daniel has his back to the lions. That is how much he trusts!)
Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy. Mrs. Eddy gives us the definition of angels. No feathers! Note that there is no time mentioned. All angel activities are continuous, never ending. (Try to memorize the definition for Sunday School.) Marker 2 tells us that we are protected from any attacks. Note in this marker that there is no ‘and’ before the word ‘indestructible’. I like to think that Mrs. Eddy is telling us that this is a list of qualities that all creatures have and that we should continue to add to the list. You know, such as, kind, obedient, devoted, etc. Of course, aren’t we God’s creatures too? Marker 3 has a bad list, lions of a different sort. We won’t go there. We are innocent, wrapped in Love. Marker 5 defines the basis for Daniel’s peace and conviction. Love is the key player here. There is no room for hate.

Section 2 Wow, look at what God is! (B 3 read the rest of the verse, too) Daniel gets full care first from Gabriel, then Michael. As with Mary, Gabriel’s statement is “Fear not”. God’s ideas are cared for completely. We have angels caring for us all of the time, 24/7. Shouldn’t we be aware of the touch and feel of angels as the Bible heroes were?
In the S&H we have further description of angel qualities – wings (Truth and Love), exalted thoughts. No matter how ‘dead’ our thoughts might be, no sepulchre (grave) can hold us. (Check out the passage in S&H that isn’t in the Lesson to find the human concept of angels, bottom of page 298-299.) Michael and Gabriel (Mike and Gabe) are our forever friends. Mike fights for us. Gabe loves us. These are only two of the countless angels of God. Edyth Hoyt states in her book, “Study of the Psalms”, that angels in the Bible are defined as, “complete recognition of divine protection and understanding the invulnerable place of the Most High (God).” Why don’t you adopt a special angel with the qualities that you cherish. Give it a good name. It is yours, along with an infinitude of others.

Section 3 Jesus is our example. He was tempted by the devil for 3 things: bread (supply of all right ideas, not just food or matter); physical well being (injury, accident, disease); power (self-will, our own ego mind). All the things that the devil tempted Jesus with were things that he really didn’t have to give. Jesus knew that God gives all, has all power, and of course, cares for His dear children. As we know God, we are neither tempted nor experimental with evil (devil without the d). The angels will minister to us – serve and care for us.
S&H The continuing definition of angels! We should start a list of angel qualities. Where are angels? Everywhere. The divinity of the Christ takes care of what we humanly seem to be. (M12) Jesus proved it for us. We are indestructible and have dominion. (M13) M15 gives us instructions on how to care for ourselves. Do you know what an imperative is? Ask you language arts teacher. It is a command. Look at what Mrs. Eddy commands: cling, allow nothing, let neither, let CS. The CS angel will support, supplant, replace, silence.

Section 4 What? Angels in prison? Great story about Peter. Peter didn’t even believe his eyes at first. Then he knew. His followers didn’t believe either. But then Peter explained. It makes you wonder what they were expecting as they prayed without ceasing. Centuries after Daniel was persecuted, Peter was too. Peter was freed by his innocence, like Daniel. Note that there was no rush to get out of the prison. The angel told Peter to get dressed, clothed in his right mind, put his shoes on, a firm foundation.
S&H We all have guardian angels. (Television tales don’t really have a clue as to the greatness of angels.) M 18 indicates that we need to recognize and take our stand for what we know is the truth. Argue from the standpoint of right, not from the point to get out of evil. The devil can’t tempt us as there is no devil anyway. It often seems that we are prisoners of mortal mind, but God is supreme. No surprise. We can’t be fooled by what we think we see. M19 says that we are unlimited.

Section 5 Now where will the angels be? Rather, in this section, what form will they take? As arms, everlasting arms of Love. Sleepy Eutychus was innocent. His sleep was natural as Paul was “long in preaching”. He could not be punished for right doing. There was no panic or urgency. Paul let Eutychus sleep on. What hymn would you suggest to your Sunday School Superintendent for this week? Hmmmm.
S&H Man is (I am) indestructible! M20. Mrs. Eddy’s explanation of ‘accident’ totally wipes out the so-called belief of accident. God never knew Eutychus or anyone else to have fallen. “Man is (I am) and forever have been, God’s reflection.”M23. Fact! Therefore, my harmony and immortality is intact! M24 Angels have pens?

Section 6 Where do we dwell? Where is your secret place? It is wherever you are which is always “under the shadow of the Almighty”. We won’t fear anything because we have chosen God as our all. His angels care for us in all needs, whether it be lions, snakes, other physical dangers and injury, real or imagined (dragon), terror, terrorism. Because we love God – God cares for us.
S&H Angels are all around us and we don’t even know it. Love makes the angel’s presence known! M28 tells us the final law – divine Mind maintains. Wow. Our duty is to see and acknowledge, yield and follow Piece of cake. M29 is the total summation of our relation with God (with Him, not to Him- never a separation or lapse) We are held in His arms never to fall. There is no option! Check out all of the hymns with angels in them. There are bunches!

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