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Go with Air Support & Soaring Insights from “God the Preserver of Man”
Warren Huff’s lesson met, footnoted with Barry Huff’s Nature Poster met from CedarS

Picking up on the theme of “wings” and “eagles” woven throughout every section of the lesson this week, I’m sharing some soaring insights that have helped me from the lesson and from our son, Barry. (see footnote)
In both the Golden Text and Responsive Reading we are to both hide and rejoice under “the shadow of thy wings.” Of course we are jubulant and victorious,when we have an all-powerful “Air Force One God” cruising over us, protecting and guiding us and supplying for our every need, including healing!

Section 1: God’s delivery of manna and quail may be the first recorded air drop of supplies! Where are you looking for supply?
Section 2: God’s 24-7 guidance of the Israelites with pillars of cloud by day and fire by night was a pioneering use of God’s GPS with a night vision system! And, just think of the accuracy level of divine Mind’s navigating and positioning systems, since even Her earthly counterparts have flawless homing instincts and migration accuracy! Where are you looking for advice and for placement and guidance counseling? God says: “Ask me!” (Isa. 45:11)
Section 3: “Air Force One God” even directs the grouping of His troops, setting the solitary in families. (B10) Your family grouping (like Ruth with Boaz) is no happenstance! And remember, wherever you are planted, you’ll bloom, if you’re there to love, not just to be loved!

Section 4: (B16) Jesus’ parable shows that our Air Support system has provided for protected hangar space (nesting) under the branches of the mustard seed tree, which has gone from worst to first in size. So, have faith as a grain of mustard seed in God’s unseen allness that supports your growth, and you too can turn a worst into a first!
Section 5: God’s Air Support system, “the Sun of righteousness,” even includes “healing in its wings!” (Malachi 4:2) No separate Med-Evac unit is needed when we are surrounded with all the comforts of the 91st Psalm that includes the softness of covering feathers, protection against the plague of biological warfare and divine messages of angels to “keep thee in all thy ways!”
Section 6: God guarantees all take-offs and landings! B23: Ps 121:8 “The Lord shall preserve thy going out (not just on a date) and thy coming in (not just by curfew) from this time forth and even for evermore!” What a wonderful treatment for both teens and their parents!

Fun Footnotes from Barry Huff’s research on eagles
Barry’s research for this and other CedarS nature hikes is presented with illustrations on posters at CedarS new Nature Center as well as in earlier CedarS webmets. I found it especially helpful this week since the eagle (“nesher” in Hebrew) appears in both the 2nd and 6th sections (Ex. 19:3,4 & Deut. 32:9, 11-13).

“As the children of Israel journeyed many miles through the wilderness, the sight of vultures soaring effortlessly in the sky must have encouraged the weary travelers. (The Hebrew word “nesher,” translated in the King James Version of the Bible as “eagle, usually refers to the griffon vulture.) How can vultures fly for hours while only occasionally beating their wings? Rising currents of warm air, called thermals, and updrafts of air, caused when wind is deflected upward by objects like hills and buildings, uplift the vulture with its outstretched wings, enabling it to defy gravity. By flying slowly in tight circles, vultures stay within thermals and updrafts and therefore do not need to flap their wings. Interestingly, the Greek word for wind, pneuma, also means spirit and inspiration. Instead of frantically flapping our wings, we can wait on God’s uplifting inspiration (wind) to renew our strength.”

“Turkey vultures often roost on trees at night and in the early morning, waiting with outstretched wings until the morning sun has warmed the air and created thermals for them to soar upon. Maybe this is what Isaiah 40:31 is referring to: “they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength, they shall mount up with wings as eagles.” When we’re worn out by our own efforts, we too can stretch out our wings, extend our thought, and wait for the upward-soaring inspiration of Spirit to lift us to new heights. By yielding to a greater force, we soar!
“Similarly, some observers suggest that vultures know when a storm is approaching. They fly to a high spot and wait with outstretched wings for the winds to come. The winds lift the vulture above the storm. While the storm roars below, the vulture soars above. The vulture uses the storm for uplift, rising on the winds. As Hymn 148 declares, “The storm may roar without me.” Instead of getting dragged down by the storms (stresses) of life, we can rise above them. The storm (stress) may roar without me because the kingdom of God is within me, lifting me above confusion and discord!”

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