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A Care Package of Life lessons worth learning for January 13-19 – a work in progress

GT: To learn that “My times (every movement of all 3 clock hands as well as my for “fortunes” and “future”) are in thy (God’s) hand, not in my own, is Life’s biggest lesson.
RR: Understanding God’s control over all eliminates the E.G.O. of “Edging God Out.”
To learn to “delight myself in thy commandments” (Ps. 119:47) provides satisfying and healing answers to all of Life questions. Something you delight in you may think about all day and learn to love to use in “many splendored” applications. Are we thinking deeply enough about and applying broadly enough God’s laws as outlined in the Ten Commandments? (Some ideas on this are in CedarS mets for 9-11 and 11-20-03.)

Section 1: To learn to keep innocence and childlikeness safe from all worldly Pharaohs bent on destroying them, is vitally important. Just as we seek to protect endangered species and their pristine natural environments today, Moses’ family sought God’s help to protect him with the ark of bulrushes, and Noah followed God’s plan to protect his family and all the endangered species of his day with the ark of golpher wood. What systems of thought and their media presentations are endangering your purity and childlike innocence, and therefore your Christliness? Be on guard to quickly detect and protect all endangered species, especially the childlikeness that Jesus loved. As Mrs. Eddy says: “Beloved children, the world has need of you, — and more as children than as men and women: it needs your innocence, unselfishness, faithful affection, uncontaminated lives. You need also to watch, and pray that you preserve these virtues unstained, and lose them not through contact with the world. What grander ambition is there than to maintain in youirselves what Jesus loved, and to know that, your example more than words, makes morals for mankind!” Mis. 110:4 As I see it, baseball and softball must have been biblical sports, with Noah being the first male “pitcher” and Moses’ mother and sister, Miriam and Jochebed, the first female relief “pitchers” who were called in out of the bulrushes. (Remember, it is better to have smiled and groaned than to have never smiled at all.) What’s your best pitch (or known truth) to line the ark of your thought so that you don’t take in a flood of aggressive mental suggestions around you? Remember that the only effect the flood (or the Nile) had on the these arks was to elevate them!

Section 2: To learn to obey the 1st commandment and allow no other than divine Mind to guide me, enables me to be God’s likeness and have “that Mind which was also in Christ.”(Science & Health 467: 16) Keep listening for ways to make this lesson come alive in your life to be God’s already complete and “very good” work of Genesis 1.

Section 3: To demonstrate “the fulness of joy” (Ps. 16:11) and God’s presence, learn to refuse to be depressed and discouraged by threats and appearances and so to “Forget Everything About Reality.” Rather, let’s always remember that “God is at once the center and circumference of being.” (S&H 203:32) What presence other than Omnipresent God is claiming to be in your “circle of Life?”

Section 4: The key to spiritual healing through prayer is to learn to not judge others by their appearances or their challenges (vertical like Zacchaeus or horizontal, genetic, follical, . . . ), but rather to behold them correctly as God’s perfect reflection as Jesus did. Consider committing this verse to memory and mimicry: “Jesus beheld in Science the perfect man, who appeared to him where sinning mortal man appears to mortals. In this perfect man the Savior saw God’s own likeness, and this correct view of man healed the sick.” (S&H 476″32)

Section 5: To find lasting satisfaction and success, learn to seek a soulful “climax” instead of the fleshly one that promises everything but “profits nothing.” (See John 6:63 and the marginal heading called “Standpoints changed” on page 322 of S&H.) To change your standpoint for viewing life and intelligence, you must know where you are standing. On a material basis? or a spiritual basis? It’s been said: “If you’re not willing to take a stand for something, you’re liable to fall for almost anything.” What are your falling for? (or unconsciously buying into?0 What are you willing to take a stand for?

Section 6: To learn and “remember that Life is God, and that God is omnipotent” (S&H 394:28) enables us to never see death, but rather celebrate the life of each precious lifeform that God has brought into our experience. Changing your standpoint to a “God’s-eye view” of each dear one who has passed over the horizon, or imaginary line, called death, will bring them back to life for you with ongoing Life lessons that are wonderful and heart-warming.

Have a wonderful and heart-warming week!

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