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2004 Theme: “Fill us today with all thou art!” with Related Fruitage:

There’s no place like CEDARS to “Learn 7 Life Lessons from Mrs. Eddy’s hymns!”

Life Lesson #1.
Learn how to stay so filled with good that you live to give, not to get.

“Fill us today with all thou art!” (Mary Baker Eddy, Hymn 23)
CEDARS mets are great hourly fill-ups.

Related 2003 fruitage:
“Thank you so much for giving me the most loving God-like experience. It was the most favorite two weeks of my life! I had a blast at camp, not just because of skiing, the cave, the slide and camp activities. I learned to care more about others.”

Life Lesson #2.
Learn how to be unselfish, and therefore truly happy.

“Like brother birds that soar and sing, and on the same branch bend.” (Mary Baker Eddy, Hymn 30)
A fun flock of “brother birds” is eager to take you under their wings at CEDARS!

Related 2003 fruitage:
“The CIP program really taught me how to have fun with the people around me, to try new things, and just enjoy being me. We also learned how to work as a team to accomplish something. At the low ropes course the people I worked with are now people that I will love for the rest of my life! They are kids just like me facing the same problems every day that I face.”

Life Lesson #3.
Learn that “Blessed are the flexible who never get bent out of shape!”

When “Love doth guide,” you’re satisfied! (Mary Baker Eddy, Hymn 160)
“For storm of shine, pure peace is thine,” whatever!

Related 2003 fruitage:
“We’ll never forget the look of absolute contentment on their faces when we first saw them. It was the physical manifestation of healing the thought that our roots have kept us tied down and secluded. We still have roots, but they no longer prevent us from soaring. Any fear of change or of homesickness has been swept away.”

Life Lesson #4.
Learn how to wait productively and to overcome hate and fear with love.

“Wait and love more . . . and fear no ill!” (Mary Baker Eddy, Hymn 207)

Related 2003 Fruitage for Life Lesson #4:
“CEDARS really deepened Christian Science into my soul, just listening and talking to all those people and knowing I am not alone in my way of solving problems. It was wonderful because I wasn’t afraid of people making fun of me if I did something wrong. They simply supported me and encouraged me to do better.”

Life Lesson #5.
Learn how to lift burdens of burnout & grief
and to feel at home wherever you are.

“From tired joy and grief afar and nearer Thee, Father,
where Thine own children are I love to be.”
(Mary Baker Eddy, Hymn 253)

Related 2003 fruitage:
“Our daughter . . . really felt the qualities of home at camp. She appreciated your wonderful counselors’ cheerfulness, and their easy-going and non-forceful approach.”

Life Lesson #6.
Learn how to make lifelong friends and to
feel the power of Spirit that “will cure all thy sorrow & sickness & sin.”

“Heard ye the glad sound? Felt ye the power of the Word?
Friend of the friendless”
(Mary Baker Eddy, Hymn 298)

Related 2003 fruitage:
“Ever since CEDARS I have felt closer to God than ever. I felt like I didn’t have to put on a show to impress people at camp and that they loved me for who I was. I am eternally grateful.”

Life Lesson #7.
Learn how to gather an attitude of gratitude
BEFORE you sow and before you go, rejoicing “all the rugged way.”

“Shepherd, show me HOW to go.” (Mary Baker Eddy, Hymn 304)

Related 2003 fruitage:
“CEDARS is always about having fun while you practice Christian Science. We have metaphysicals before each activity, which help you to stay focused on the truth. I gained a much more solid understanding of the power of Christian Science, which was very helpful to me when I applied it to some serious situations back home. The practitioner and counselors were a huge comfort to me, helping me with the problems I deal with in life There is no limit to the amount of gratitude I give them.”

SUMMARY BLESSING: Our heavenly Shepherd and His staff who lead your “lambkins, to the fold,” and “feed the hungry, heal the heart” can surely provide to each precious child the priceless life lessons of a CEDARS experience. Whether or not you’ve come before, we’d love to welcome you home to CEDARS, to the home you have in our hearts!

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