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[Attention Immortals: For your eyes only!]
Metaphysical Application Ideas for “Mortals and Immortals”
-the Christian Science Bible Lesson for study from November 8-14, 2010
by John Biggs, C.S. of Bend, OR
[with bracketed italics by Warren Huff]

[Editor's Note: The following application ideas for this week, and the Possible Sunday School Topics that will follow, are offered primarily to help CEDARS campers and staff (as well as friends) see and demonstrate the great value of daily study and application of the Christian Science Bible lessons year-round, not just at camp! You can sign up to have them emailed to you free — in English by Monday each week, or by each Wednesday you can get a FREE TRANSLATION in French thanks to Pascal, in German thanks to Helga or in Spanish thanks to a team of Ana, Erick, Claudia and Patricio. YOU CAN SIGN UP at]

This lesson is a beautiful, pure illustration of the joy and freedom we can experience and give to others when we're striving to fully demonstrate the purity of God's man. We'll see if mortals and immortals are both real…what do you think?! Actually, reading the Lesson through this morning ushered in a healing for me today. Out of the blue, I'd started to feel sad and tired and even a little short-tempered – all qualities that are not right! I was tempted to not read, and just sit and moan about some problems to God, just to make sure He knew I was feeling pretty mortal today, and what was He going to do about it? Well, when I did sit down and really start to read, I was immediately struck by the joy inherent in this Lesson – not only is sadness, sickness or mortality not true for me, it's not true for anyone! Instead of trying to find out what God was going to do about me feeling ill and out of sorts, I saw that what's really important is what God has already done! I felt so energized to be in the global community, rejoicing with everyone (whatever their idea of worship or prayer) as we discover what a great gift God gave today. Before I knew it, my thought was off myself and on to glorifying God – and of course, full healing had been realized as well. So let's dive in and live the joy of pure Love!
Golden Text: [Attention Immortals: For your eyes only! Blessed (happy, enviably fortunate, and spiritually prosperous–possessing the happiness produced by the experience of God's favor and especially conditioned by the revelation of His grace, regardless of their outward conditions) are the pure in heart, for they shall see God!” Matt. 5:8 Amplified Bible]
This familiar line from the Beatitudes is such a great kick-off for this lesson. When you see something, you accept it into your experience. For instance, when you see a friend, you probably go up to them, greet them – you include them in your day and you impact each other's day. Seeing God is such a great focus for your day because it means you will be seeing His gifts to you and your community and world. When we see God, we can't also see His unlikeness. This verse is reminding us that the pure in heart see God. Pure is defined in the 1828 Webster's Dictionary (the one Mary Baker Eddy would have used) as “free from mixture, genuine, clear,” among other things.,pure This lesson will help us see purely, without mixing in mortality, limits, fears, or anything ungodlike.
Responsive Reading: This is a wonderful promise and encouragement from Paul to an early Christian church. These words still speak to us today! Isn't it lovely how these truths don't belong to just one time or place? Since they bear witness to God's infinite love, they always apply! We can always “put off the old man” and “put on the new,” regardless of what circumstances or predictions seem to surround us. Verse 17 in the RR cautions us not to walk “in the vanity of [the Gentiles'] mind.” How can your mind be vain? One way might be if you think you have a separate mind from God, all of your own. This could actually be a very innocent mistake, such as the temptation to believe a suggestion such as, “I'm really tired today” or anything that suggests you're in a state other than being cherished and held by God. As Paul says, we've learned through Christ that we are always renewed and able to progress, safely and joyfully.
Section 1: Can you walk with God? Absolutely!
Citation 4 in the Bible tells us that Enoch walked with God, and “God took him.” Can we walk with God? Citation B5 describes this transformation as a “translation.” When you translate English to Spanish, although the words look different, sounds different, and are even arranged differently, the meaning and substance of the sentence is the same. The idea, the real truth behind the words, exists regardless of how it appears to the senses. Through his continual habit of walking with God, Enoch discovered that his true substance didn't have anything to do with flesh or age, and he discovered that he was not subject to death. The idea of Enoch didn't have anything to do with what the senses could report. Is this something we can strive for? Hymn 139 gives a beautiful illustration of what walking with God can look like – walking with Love. The ideas outlined in that hymn are definitely doable every day, such as “let[ting] childlike trust be yours today, uplift[ing] your thought, with courage go, giv[ing] of your heart's rich overflow…” 
Mrs. Eddy explains the Science behind Enoch's “translation” in citation S1: “The real man is spiritual and immortal…” We don't have to accept any exceptions or supposed additions to this law. Enoch is reported to have been 365 years old, and still walking strong. Since the law is that “the real man in spiritual and immortal,” we are not subject to the supposed law that once you've seen the earth go around the sun a certain number of times, you start getting penalized. Why should the earth spinning around the sun have anything to do with your capabilities, health and freedom? Citation S2 tells us that this lie of life being subject to mortal circumstance has nothing to do with your true identity – remember, we want to be seeing purely, unmixed with any mortal suggestions, and this citation actually promises us that “this mortal seeming … never merges into immortal being.” Mind never unites with matter! (S3) Can you think of some distinct ways to practice walking with Love along the way, this week?  [Your walking the talk of love will be enhanced and advanced by listening in to today's live (or recorded) chat: Harmony in marriage. Join this chat to hear Curt and Melanie Wahlberg, two Christian Science practitioners, explain how taking a spiritual approach to your marriage will lead to more happiness and satisfaction in your relationship. -Tuesday, November 9, at 2pm EST]
Section 2: Think outside the box!
Does God start something and then leave it halfway through? (B7) No! God is often described in shepherding terms. This is a beautiful image, because the shepherd is always with his sheep. He or she doesn't leave them to make their way across the pasture alone. He feeds his flocks – he even “gather[s] the lambs with his arm…” (B8). God doesn't leave anything out. Over and over again, we are reminded that God's creation is WHOLLY spiritual — His creation is holy, spiritual! Let's make sure we take the time to remember that these are not blanket promises just scattered haphazardly over the earth. God loves YOU, and YOU are entirely spiritual. Remember that Spirit and matter don't mix. In citation B9, Nicodemus can't seem to conceive of an entirely spiritual existence. Jesus is encouraging him to think outside the box. As a friend said on a recent CedarS video, “we're asked to be outside our comfort zone, but we're never outside the Comforter's zone!” The comfort zone (even though it's really not always comfortable!) can be seen as what the senses are reporting and what the world trains us to see as true — contagion at various seasons, orange level terror alerts, recession, or even a successful financial or athletic history which is (supposedly) entirely dependent on your personal efforts and could come crashing down if you or someone else makes a mistake. As we walk with God, we'll naturally step outside this material comfort zone and see our continual renewal, being born of the Spirit. Instead of being subject to contagion, terror, and fears, we see that the one Mind means that there are no separate minds which could spread disease or terror amongst themselves. We'll see that God is the sole creator and all success and glory is His – securely, not subject to mistakes. Citation S6 reiterates these truths very clearly. Mrs. Eddy even describes how the Science of pure Christianity, the law of God, applies to childbirth in citation S9. These truths also apply to ANY new idea – an original song composition, a new business strategy, or starting a new relationship. As citation B6 said in Section 1, let's go live these truths!
Section 3: Cherish everyone (including yourself!) as God's child!
In the Glossary in Science and Health, Mrs. Eddy defines children as “the spiritual thoughts and representatives of Life, Truth, and Love.” (582:28) This lesson has made it clear so far that age and mortal measurements are no part of God's loving ideas, so this section can absolutely be applied to everyone. We're all the “spiritual thoughts and representatives of Life, Truth, and Love” after all! So, for instance, when we look at citation B12 [about reviewing the commandments at every time of the day], let's not ignore this just because there aren't any children in the house. [It's also a great week to be more child-like and to”maintain in yourselves what Jesus loved” (Misc. 110:9) by eagerly applying each “Daily Lift” in this week's Kid's Series to yourself and by seeing how the new Kid's Sentinel has an interesting interview with a marine biologist about dolphins and whales along with lots of healing ideas just right for you.] 
When I was a Sunday School student, a common complaint was that “being good sounds boring!” On the surface of it, we could be tempted to see citation B12 as boring. What a lie! It is so refreshing, energizing, and healing to “talk of [these words – thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thine heart…] when thou sittest in thine house, and when thou walkest by the way, and when thou liest down, and when thou risest up.” If we only allow and invite good into our consciousness, can we be afraid of anything? If we only speak of loving God, will we be unkind or inattentive to our family and friends? If we wake up with the knowledge of God's love foremost in thought, will we despair over the lie of a persistent physical challenge? In citation S11, Mrs. Eddy says “Children should be allowed to remain children in knowledge…” and she is talking about you, too! Think of some of the qualities of children that you admire and appreciate – they are qualities that you have as well. Would you like to commit with me this week to practice those childlike qualities you love? Of course, we can and should take citations S12 and S13 literally, as well as expand them to our own lives. There seem to be many youth who don't know that they are God's loved, productive, capable ideas – any opportunity to cherish youth is a blessing. This video on TMCYouth is a remarkably inspiring call to only accept the truth of God's immediate love for everyone, of any generation.
Section 4: Stand firm in the pure truth of being!
Citation B16 is a great example of correct cause-to-effect reasoning. “Because [God] is at my right hand, I shall not be moved.” It's such a joy to be able to start our prayers from the basis of God ever-present, omnipotent. Sometimes when we're feeling sad or tired, the focus is very much on me, me, me, and (supposedly) justifiably so. But this is just a trick to try and get us to mix matter with Spirit, to see ourselves as separate from God. If we act upon the ideas in citation B18 and “give unto the Lord glory and strength,” we won't be mixing matter and Life – we will be so wrapped up in loving God that we can see His love for us! Mrs. Eddy really tackles the belief of aging, and all the consequences of aging. It's interesting that the Bible Lesson committee paired up a Bible section of praising God with the Science and Health correlative passages rebuking aging and a fascination with age. If we focus whole-heartedly on praising God and striving to understand more of His omnipresence, we can't also be focused on what time is supposedly taking from us. If we're not mixing matter and Life, and there certainly isn't any matter in Life to begin with, then how could matter affect Life and its manifestation (S19)? We're discovering that mortality, and mortals, are really just a BELIEF, not a real thing. Tying back in to the Responsive Reading, putting on the new man absolutely involves a refusal to be impressed any more with mortal measurements and standards (S17). Let's not judge our own, or anyone else's, capabilities by how many times we've all seen the earth go around the sun.
Section 5: Happy EVERY DAY to you, Happy EVERY DAY to you, Happy EVERY DAY dear reader, Happy TODAY to you!
One belief that mortality and age bring with them is the imposition of heredity. The healing recorded in citation B19 is an absolute demonstration that heredity is no part of God's heritage for His beloved idea, man. Citation B20 explains why: “NOW are we the sons of God!” That doesn't leave room for exceptions to the rule of Love. There's no room for excuses based on “priority” or “past mortal thoughts”. (S22) The past is no foundation to build upon OR to fear. Citation S21 explains how Jesus' proactive beholding and understanding of the immediate presence of God's love brought healing. Jesus didn't inquire as to what treatments the man had received prior to his coming; and he didn't ask if the man had sinned recently. He also didn't get upset with his disciples for wondering what was going on with this guy. He simply saw God's beloved idea. Mrs. Eddy assures us, in citation S22, that the past has no importance, except the importance we give it. Instead of giving importance to the past (or to fears of the future), let's follow the loving guidance given in citation S24. This citation closes Mrs. Eddy's answer to the question, “Will you explain sickness and show how it is to be healed?” in the Science and Health chapter called “Recapitulation” (493:9- 495:24). Her inspired answer is a bedrock promise for our prayers that “replace mortality with immortality, and silence discord with harmony”! (495:23)  This week, really enjoy praying with the conviction that your prayers ARE effective, and that they only need be informed by Truth.
Section 6: Let's live these ageless, deathless truths NOW!
Citation B21 starts the section right with a divine, supreme promise:  “we shall not die.” Citation B23 describes a healing that encompasses this promise on several different levels. It doesn't say how long ago this dear young man had been dead, but Jesus simply saw the funeral procession and healed him. He didn't ask how long, or what he died from. He simply saw the fact that Habakkuk was also rejoicing in. (B21) This healing was also a healing for this man's mother, because as a widow, she needed her son to care for her; and of course she loved having his close companionship. To have her boy alive was a huge healing for her as well. Her supply, well-being, and family security could not die. That's a beautiful thing about Life being infinite: nothing is left out. Death is no part of Life, ever. To see this, it's important to follow along with citation B24 (sort of another way of stating the example from the Responsive Reading); and we see “death swallowed up in victory.” We can always open, close, and everything-in-between our prayers with “thanks be to God!” (B24) Check out Jude 1:24,25 for another beautiful and inspirational example of how we can close (and open!) our prayers and our days. [As The Amplified Bible puts Verse 24 from Jude 1: “Now to Him Who is able to keep you without stumbling or slipping or falling, and to present [you] unblemished (blameless and faultless) before the presence of His glory in triumphant joy and exultation [with unspeakable, ecstatic delight]” It is awesome that God keeps our paths free from the many stumbling blocks of mortal existence!]  Mrs. Eddy knew that the lie of mortality seemed to have heavy impact on every day of life (S25); but she shared so clearly that Love is always all there really is. In citation B3, we were asked to “walk before [God] and be thou perfect.” Now, in citation S26, we can see what that perfection means – “In proportion to his purity is man perfect.” This isn't some lofty, essentially-selfish, human goal of perfection! This is simply and foundationally the active living of a life without trying to mix matter and Spirit – without reasoning from both a material and a spiritual basis. We can do this! Our daily striving for this will exemplify and demonstrate the call in citation S27 [“as material beliefs are given up and the immortal facts of being are admitted.”] We close the lesson this week (as usual) with a beautiful, loving promise. Citation S28 reveals the confidence we can have in our ability to be “God's spiritual, perfect man.” I'm so grateful to unite with you in striving to demonstrate these “calm, strong currents of true spirituality, the manifestations of which are health, purity, and self-immolation…” We can do this, see this, and demonstrate this for ourselves and others, because “NOW are we the sons (and daughters!!!) of God!”

[PSST- Be pure to see God & to walk like a supremely-happy immortal!]
Possible Sunday School Topics for “Mortals and Immortals”
the Christian Science Bible Lesson for November 8-14, 2010
by Amy (Robbins) Evans of St. Louis, MO [with bracketed italics by Warren Huff]
PSST for Golden Text and Responsive Reading
What does it mean to be pure in heart?  What is purity?  When you see God, what do you see?  What does “seeing God” look like?  Where do you see God?
How are we all “given grace”?  Give an example.  Where do you see this in your experience?  How do we “put on the new man”?  What does the new man look like?  How do you know it’s the new man?  What kind of challenges do you face when putting on the new man?  What is the result?
PSST- Section 1: [How to walk like Enoch as an “example of the believers in word”: (B6)]
Who was Enoch (B4, B5)?  What was so great about him?  What does it mean to walk with God?  Why did he ascend?  How can we do this as well?  How are we “an example of the believers” (B6)?  What does this look like “in word, in conversation, in charity, in spirit, in faith, and in purity”?  What was Paul directing us to do?  Give an example of how you do this at school.  How do we turn away from the mortal, the corporeal senses, etc?  How do we purify ourselves?  What are we purifying?  What does the “real man” look like?  What do you think about citation S5?  What does the “straight and narrow way” lead to?  Blessings, good things, or understanding?  What is your goal when studying and learning more about God?  Is it to have numerous blessings (like cash), or to gain understanding and bless others?  How can you be sure you aren’t just searching for a “prosperity gospel” (God is only a step to use to get material benefits)?  What’s missing in this situation?
PSST–Section 2: [How to walk & talk “from above” as an “example of the believers … in conversation”: (B6)]
In citation B9, what was Nicodemus asking/looking for?  What was Jesus trying to explain to him?  Did Nicodemus get it?  Why did he go see Jesus at night?  What was he hiding from?  He still came to see Jesus, so he was at least taking steps.  Don’t we do the same thing as Nicodemus when we avoid calling a practitioner for support, but still end up making the call?  How do we prepare ourselves and our thought for something new?  Think about the idea of conception.  What creates us?  What creates anything or anyone? 
[Select Cobbey Crisler insights on: “John 3:3, … ‘Anothen’ means ‘from above.’ Now look at that statement that Jesus is making, ‘Except a man be born from above, he cannot see the kingdom, or dominion, of God.’ This is a theological breakthrough that’s incalculable.  You can’t see the kingdom, which, by the way, he told us was not only within, but here, right here. It wasn’t a future far off thing.  … But to be God’s son [or child] means you’ve got to cut the animal connection, those links or roots in ‘blood, will of the flesh, and will of man’. [John 1:13] Sever those links.”  [Book of John, A Walk with the Beloved DiscipleClick here to download a pdf order form for CDs from The Daycroft School Foundation.]
PSST–Section 3: [How to walk like a child as an “example of the believers  … in charity”: (B6)]
How should children be taught?  What lessons are the most important?  What lessons meant the most to you when you were children growing up?  Why did Jesus give so much attention to children (B15)?  How do we “receive the kingdom of God as a little child”?  How can we all be more childlike?  What is good about being a child?  What is the most important thing children should know and learn?  What is the most important thing children already know that they should hold on to?  Look at citation S15.  How does this shed light on citation S5 from Section 1?  What is gained spiritually when our focus is on holiness, harmony, immortality?
PSST–Section 4: [How to walk like a “senior” as an “example of the believers … in spirit”: (B6)]
How do we address the concept of aging?  How about when it is so prevalent in thought?  How do we address the idea of decay?  How do we take a stand against any form of aging and limited thought?  Notice how in citation S9 in Section 2 (463:16), Mrs. Eddy takes an immediate stand against decay.  She speaks about it in the same sentence as she talks about birth, handling the lie the there is any decay.  How do we identify and recognize our life as eternal and age and time as having no hold on us?  What can we learn from the insane woman Mrs. Eddy describes in citation S18?
PSST–Section 5:[How to walk expecting healing like an “example of the believers … in faith”: (B6)]
How was Jesus able to heal so immediately (B19)?  How do we get past the prevalent claims that heredity governs so much of our lives?  What stand do we take to declare that our heritage comes only from God?  Mrs. Eddy addresses heredity in citation S22.  What stands out to you in this passage?  When something is not a law, but just a belief, how does that loosen its so-called hold on us?  What do you think about the belief in heredity as a belief of mind in matter?  How do we get rid of that belief?  How does purifying our thought free us of false beliefs?  How are you purifying yourself from lies about your true selfhood?
[Cobbey Crisler gives us a great link to last week’s lesson to shake off all the dust of Adam’s heritage: “”John 9:7 ‘The man goes to the pool of Siloam. He can’t see his way there. He’s got mud all over his face. He doesn’t go seeing. He comes seeing.’ He comes only after he has washed off that symbolic making or formation of man out of the dust. In a way, it might even give us a greater hint on what the true meaning of baptism is, the immersion on Spirit, nativity, and washing off every trace of the dust man.” [Book of John, A Walk with the Beloved DiscipleClick here to download a pdf order form for CDs from The Daycroft School Foundation.]
PSST–Section 6: [How to walk resurrected as an “example of the believers … in purity”: (B6, S26, S28)]
How do we recognize death as unreal, with no hold on us?  Hymn 8 contains the line, “where is death’s sting?”  [also from 1 Corinthians 15:55]  Where is the sting of death?  How do we recognize the destruction of death, witnessing when “death is swallowed up in victory” (B24)?  What does it mean to be immortal?  The lesson is about mortals and immortals.  What have you learned about immortality through this week’s lesson?  How are you expressing and demonstrating immortality?  Look at citation S27.  What does it mean to hold to the fact that “man is, not shall be, perfect and immortal”?  What does that look like in your daily experience?  What lessons and ideas about immortality are you taking with you this week?
[Jesus violated Jewish purity laws by touching the coffin (Verse 14) and violated common sense in addressing a man presumed to be dead: “Young man, I say unto thee, Arise.”  (B23, Luke 7:11-16) By this resurrection and his own, Jesus proved death to be an illusion that violates the purity and perfection “of celestial being which demonstrates Life in Christ, Life’s spiritual ideal.” (S26, S&H 337:16)]
[Help your students see that it should be fun to be pure, to walk our talk–as we “put off, concerning your former conduct, the old man which grows corrupt according to the deceitful lusts, and be renewed in the spirit of your mind, and … put on the new man which was created according to God, in true righteousness and holiness.” (RR, Eph. 4:22-24, New King James) We all want the ingredients in our brownies to be pure–no dirt allowed! Not even if “just a little bit”-as in ‘This movie has ‘just a little bit’ of profanity, sensualism, …’  We can choose to regard our high standards not as a sacrifice and missing out on good, but as “an offering pure of Love whereto God leadeth me.” Mary Baker Eddy, Hymn 253:7]

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