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Celebrate!  The law of God saves us from the so-called laws of sin, disease, and death!
Metaphysical Application Ideas for the Christian Science Bible Lesson

October 6-12, 2014

“Are Sin, Disease, and Death Real?

Prepared by Kathy Fitzer of Lake St. Louis, MO                                 314-323-4083

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The last couple of Bible Lessons have taught us to distinguish between the real (that which is of God) and the unreal (that which is not of God and from which God delivers us.)  This week we have the opportunity to specifically identify the suppositional triad of evil called sin, disease, and death as UNREAL… and understand why they could not possibly ever be real.  As you digest this message, look for the many references to law.  Don’t overlook words such as statute, judgment, precept, and commandment — which all refer to God’s law.  For something to be real it must exist as fact.  The New Oxford American Dictionary includes these definitions for law: “a statement of fact,” “the body of divine commandments.”  A fact doesn’t vary and is always consistent.  As the law of God, those facts must be always good.  The universe— including man—is governed by this law of good!

Golden Text:  Do we LONG for God’s salvation—for the health, welfare, and deliverance that come from Spirit—and so are permanent?  Do we delight—take great pleasure—in God’s law?  That’s different than longing for ease in matter, just wanting to feel good, and only turning to God’s law when we’re in trouble.  When you really delight in something, you love to devote time and attention to it—you want it to be part of you.  As we delight in supremely acknowledging the facts of God’s law (outlined in the blessings of the 10 Commandments) and summarized by Mary Baker Eddy as “I am All” (No and Yes, p. 30) we are free to refute all that is not in accord with that law of good, and find freedom.  That is true salvation!

Responsive Reading:  Look at how God’s law is described here—perfect, sure, right, pure.  Also, what it does—converts the soul (from the Hebrew sub meaning to “turn back, recover, build again”), makes wise (instructs), rejoices the heart (makes glad), enlightens the eyes. God is described as a refuge, turning back enemies and saving.  With all of that going on—could there possibly be any reality (or power or authority or law) in sin, sickness or death?  No way!

Section 1:  God’s law is one of comfort and salvation
As we understand what God has commanded for His creation (what constitutes His law,) it becomes clear that sin, disease, and death simply aren’t part of that law or God’s will for man. As we read in Science and Health, “God is the lawmaker, but He is not the author of barbarous codes.” (S-2)  The psalmist urges us to remember the God who: 1) forgives all our iniquities (countering sin), heals all our diseases (takes away sickness) and redeems our life from destruction (lifts us out of the valley of death.)  We’re told that HIS kingdom reigns over all. (B-2)  Naturally, God’s kingdom is governed by God’s law… described as truth. (B-3)  God’s assurances are as true for those in bondage to the impositions of sin, disease, and death today as they were for the Hebrews in bondage to the Babylonians over 2,500 years ago.  The promise is first of comfort, then salvation (complete deliverance) and finally gladness and joy in the place of “sorrow and mourning.” (B-1)  This promise is based on LAW.  This law of Truth, Life, and Love annihilates every supposed power that is unlike good because it declares that nothing truly exists except God, Good. (S-5)   Just as the law of mathematics, when understood and properly applied, annihilates the imposition of erroneous calculations, so the law of God, when understood and properly applied, annihilates the imposition of sin, disease, and death—always!

Section 2:  Sin Wiped Out
The story of Zacchaeus is a familiar one, but the lessons it teaches never get old.  Jesus’ interaction with Zacchaeus exemplifies the action of Christ—Truth—fulfilling Isaiah’s promise of comfort, salvation, and gladness.  We have no way of knowing what Zacchaeus’ motivation was when he climbed the tree that day to catch a glimpse of the famous Jesus.  I tend to think it was more out of curiosity than an expectation that his life would be changed.  But, when he was called by Christ, he responded and the law of Love annihilated the supposed laws of greed and dishonesty that had held him bondage up to that point. First, Jesus offered him comfort by paying special attention to him.  Next Zacchaeus found salvation as he turned from his old ways and gave back to the people what he had cheated them out of.  Finally he experienced the joy of entertaining Christ in his home for the day—and ongoing in his consciousness. (B-6)  The “new covenant” or new law that Paul tells the Hebrews (the Jews) is written in the heart assures us that this transforming Christ is ever available, and actively leavening the hearts and minds of all mankind. (B-5)  The pull of Truth is irresistible.  No matter what kind of sin (missing the mark) we’re dealing with—whether it would be considered major or minor or imperceptible—Truth and Love are active in consciousness destroying all that God has not created.  I think of sin as anything that would distract us from seeing God’s perfect creation.  Sin is a sort of mortal discord (whether it seems to bring pleasure or pain at the moment) and has only a “fabulous existence.”  In other words, it is a fable and is destroyed by the law of Truth and Love. (S-7)  The 8th citation (S&H p. 327) explains that moral courage is required to speak up in the face of whatever is contrary to God (sin.)  That is especially important in dealing with our own thought and our own challenges.  We usually know more clearly than we’d like to admit what needs correcting.  It takes courage to let ourselves be changed by Christ.  When dealing with the sins of others (which seem so much easier to see!), we really have to listen as we bear witness to the sinless and upright man.  As we acknowledge the ever-active Christ (“the true idea voicing good”) embracing all, and know that the law of good IS written in every heart, we can rest assured that “man’s dormant sense of moral obligation” will be awakened as it was in Zacchaeus.  “Reason is the most active human faculty.” (S-8)  But we need to remember that right reasoning means starting with God’s law of “I am all” and being led by that to be able to view our fellow man rightly and then be led to take the right human footsteps or say the right thing if that is what God is directing.  I love realizing that we reflect the divine law.  That is what gives us the authority to “be a law unto [ourselves.]”  The law of God—not human willpower—annihilates sin.  How glorious to align ourselves with this law and watch the Christ in action!

Section 3:  Banish sickness as an outlaw!
“Let us banish sickness as an outlaw.” (S-13)  As I read this directive I was struck by the idea of sickness being an outlaw, meaning that it operates outside the law, and thus is not protected by the law, and so is ripe for destruction.  This definition is in line with one given in Webster’s dictionary of 1828.  The English word comes from the Norse útlagr, meaning  ‘outlawed or banished.’  In this citation, God’s law is defined as “the rule of perpetual harmony.” (S-13, p. 381)   It is this law that governs us and gives us the reflected authority to “dispute the testimony of the material senses” no matter what lie those senses are trying to make us believe!  The logic in Science and Health is so sound—if sickness were real, it would be part of Truth.  As part of Truth, it would be absurd to try to destroy it (regardless of whether that effort was being made in conjunction with drugs or without drugs.) (S-12)  I’ve really enjoyed an article Milton Simon wrote for the February, 1949 Christian Science Journal titled “With Drugs or Without.”  It offers deeper insights into this subject.  The last citation of this section again gives strong instruction as to how to think when the symptoms of disease appear.  “Agree with thine adversary quickly…”  In other words, deal with the suggestion as soon as it presents itself by following the directions given in these paragraphs. (S-14)  Don’t let the weeds put down roots that make them harder to pull out.  But, as Jesus illustrated when he healed the man at the pool of Bethesda, understanding that sickness is not real, has never been real, is in opposition to God’s law and can be banished as such, leaves sickness helpless to hold on! (B-9)  We don’t need someone to “put [us] into the pool.”  Christ reveals God’s law of annihilation to everything unlike Truth—without fact in reality!

Section 4:  Life is in man
We have several citations from Ps. 119 in this lesson.  The one in this section speaks of remembering God in the night and delighting in keeping God’s law. (B-13)  Isn’t that what Paul did when he was faced with Eutychus falling to his death while Paul was preaching?  He embraced him (comforted him and those around him) and declared aloud the law of Life … annihilating the supposed law of accident and death. (B-12)  And, isn’t that what we need to do whenever the suggestion of any kind of darkness would creep into thought—whether in the form of loss, accident, destruction, death or warring of any kind?  This is a really strong statement: “Do not believe in any supposed necessity for sin, disease, or death, knowing (as you ought to know) that God never requires obedience to a so-called material law, for no such law exists.” (S-15, p. 253)  That’s really the bottom line—and theme running throughout this week’s Lesson.  There is ONLY God’s law.  And this law annihilates the belief in any other so-called law.  Man abides in the kingdom of heaven, under the rule of the government (law) of God.  We never left that kingdom to be born into matter.  So, we can’t die out of matter.  We can’t fall from the high estate of being God’s spiritual idea! (S-17)  The material senses certainly don’t agree with this assessment.  But, which view do you choose to identify with—the true or the false—the spiritual or the material?  That choice determines experience.  Siding with the law of God—refusing to be taken in by the testimony of the senses—leavens not only individual thought, but thought in general.  As the law of God is seen to be in operation, the claims of sin, disease, and death are annihilated—not only in our own experience, but throughout the world.  Because man is Soul’s representative (“one that exhibits the likeness of another” – Webster), man can’t die or “disappear in unconsciousness” any more than God, Soul, (governed by the law of Life) can. (S-19)  That’s the absolute truth of being.  Right now we see strong evidence to the contrary all around us.  But the question remains—are we going to stay stuck in that limited view, or determine to demonstrate the reality of being by working out God’s law of Life and Truth, step by step?  Just like with math—as we practice whatever little we think we understand, we start to understand more.  And we find that we are fully supported by the law of Life as we start to realize that “the truth of being is deathless.” (S-19)  We can’t be satisfied to overcome sin and disease, but accept death as inevitable.  The whole 3-fold belief of limitation is bogus!  Refuse to believe that life in matter is the reality.  We live, move, and breathe in God!

Section 5:  Hooray!  Salvation is now!
As we realize that sin, disease, and death have no foundation in fact (in Truth) and no law to support them, we need to celebrate and claim our present freedom! (S-22)  Rather than be discouraged by all the challenges we may be dealing with (no matter what form they take), we can take a stand and express joy and gratitude right in the face of discord and despair.  Why?  Because we have a right to claim and celebrate our indestructible relationship with God in Science (in fact, in law, and in truth.)  Salvation is now—not in some distant time or place … because the Science of being doesn’t change.  In the Bible Lesson on Reality we learned about seeing God—not being fooled by the false view of material sense.  Let’s practice that as we rejoice in what is —what is true in Science—despite the false view.  God’s law is supreme and serves to correct this false view as we continue to look through the lens of Science (the knowledge of God’s law) “in which God and all that He creates are perfect and eternal, to have remained unchanged in its eternal history.” (S-24)  The principles of addition and subtraction remain unchanged.  You know that.  So do you ever need to truly despair when an error in calculation causes your checkbook balance to be off?  TRUSTING the unchanging law, you work until your error is revealed and corrected.  If you can’t find your mistake, you either keep on working, or call on the help of another.  Either way, you can rejoice that the laws of mathematics are in place and you know the problem must be solved and harmony restored.   Let’s apply that same logic and determination to any claim of sin, disease, or death that presents itself.  The law of God is forever in operation.  NOW is the time for God’s saving principle (salvation) to be seen and felt—and bring adjustment to the human situation.  Now is all there really is!  Let’s refuse to leave it for either the past or the future.  The allness and ever-presence of God’s law—the only law—leaves no room for the supposed “laws” of sin, disease, and death.  These presumptuous lies simply are not real regardless of whatever disguises they show up in.  That is cause for rejoicing!!!

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