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Let God Expressed Meekly/Mightily in you sparkle brightly with insights from Cobbey Crisler & others as found in The Christian Science Quarterly Bible Lesson on

for January 17 – 23, 2022

 (Cobbey’s insights are shared with the blessing of Janet Crisler
by Warren Huff, CedarS Executive Director Emeritus,

Make the psalmist’s prayers your own – Cobbey Crisler on Ps. 51:1, 6/Golden Text & cit. B2:

·          “according to your lovingkindness” (AMP, “the multitude of thy tender mercies, blot out my transgressions” (KJV) for Psalm 51:1, 6 Golden Text AND citation B2);

·         “Remember, O Lord, thy tender mercies…” (Psalm 25:6);

·         crown me “with lovingkindness and tender mercies… unto (my) children’s children” (Ps. 103:4, 15);

·         let “thy tender mercies…quicken me…” (Ps. 119:156);

·         “let thy tender mercies speedily prevent us… and purge away our sins” (Ps. 79:8,9); and,

·         acknowledge “his tender mercies are over all his works… throughout all generations.” (Ps. 145:9,13)

“The human history needs to be revised, and the material record expunged.”
“Retrospection and Introspection,” by Mary Baker Eddy, page 22:1

“I awake each morn to a brand new day… Tender mercies are holding me”
Words and Music by Susan Booth Mack Snipes, Hymn 500 in 2017 Hymnal (or 445 in spiral bound supplement) Click here for a Summer 2020 video of it, sung as a guitar duet by David and Craig, two Christian Science Practitioners on the back porch of CedarS beautiful, log Care House.

Cobbey Crisler on Psalms 46:10 (citation B5)


 “Psalm 46, Verse 10. One of the simplest prescriptions for the human mind to take and one of the most difficult. The human mind resists to the hilt taking this one. “Be still and know that I [am] God.”  The racket of thought quieted.  It’s a very strong word, “Be still.”  Jesus used those words to calm violence in nature [Mark 4:39], and also to cast out an unclean spirit [Mark 1:25].  It doesn’t belong in nature or human nature.  Certainly it’s not part of the divine nature.  So, “Be still” is [a] very emphatic verbal rebuke.”
Leaves of the Tree: Prescriptions from Psalms”, by B. Cobbey Crisler**

TIRED OF WAITING? Here’s a PSALM to HELP US get THROUGH any waiting period of SEEMING STAGNATION  “Unto You, O Lord, do I lift up my soul… Lead me in Your truth and teach me, For You are the God of my salvation; On You I WAIT all the day.” (Ps. 25:1, 5/cit. B6, NKJV; SH 593:20) “My soul, wait thou only on God, for my expectation is from him.

In God is my salvation (from false beliefs) and my glory.” (Ps. 62:5; SH 593:20)
“Divine Love leads me and you “THROUGH the valley of death,
(where) I will fear no evil; for [Love] is with me…” (Ps. 23; SH 578:10)

[Warren:] In the header of this GEM about waiting, I capitalized THROUGH, because Love means for us to keep moving and serving—never to wallow (and “stall-oh!”) in the “darkness” (and “vestibule”) parts of the definition of “Wilderness.  Loneliness; doubt; darkness.” Spontaneity of thought and idea; the vestibule in which a material sense of things disappears, and spiritual sense unfolds the great facts of existence.” (SH 597:16-19) These great correlative passages are perfect for our rite (& divine right) of passage to come out of this unprecedented pandemic when right activity seems to be somewhat on “pause — (for us to) wait on God…” (SH 323:10).  Check-out a variety of other very helpful insights about this in “Recent Daily Lifts” at:

The idea of being a patient waiter, as if on God’s wait staff, means being ready to graciously wait on and do whatever is needed to be an attentive host only to good—to “entertain angels…” by actively hosting ONLY good. (SH 299:15)  This also relates to when Jesus finished a 40-day period of sheltering in place in the wilderness, that he “returned in the power of the Spirit into Galilee… and… their synagogues (churches) and laid his hands on everyone (at least symbolically) and healed them.” (Luke 4:14) Let us, like Jesus, as we come out of our wilderness, waiting experiences, return to a higher sense of church and to stick with the only real power, the power of the Spirit!

 On page 254 of Science & Health, Mary Baker Eddy reminds us that “When we WAIT patiently on God and seek Truth righteously, He directs our paths.” (cit. B14)

TREASURE A WOMAN’S RELIGIOUS HISTORY BREAKTHROUGH OF FERVENT, SILENT PRAYER.  Hannah’s silent prayer & unselfed motherhood –insights by Cobbey Crisler on I Sam. 1 (cit. B7) (+Bonus chapter 2)

[“In I Samuel the storyteller is trying to tell a much larger story in which the barren Hannah represents all of Israel.  Verse 7 describes how barren Israel felt like a “turning of things upside down (being) esteemed as the potter’s clay” (Isa. 29:16)—like the upside-down, Adam, dust-man which Jesus later turned right side up.” 

Verse 8. Elkanah, barren Hannah’s husband, asked: “Hannah, why weepest thou? And why eatest thou not?  And why is thy heart grieved?  Am not I better to you than ten sons?”  This is like reading the lesson ten times with no healing (child).]

“Verse 13. Here we… meet a woman who is responsible for a breakthrough in religion.  Impossible you say? But here it is.  Hannah, the soon to be mother of Samuel goes to Shiloh.  At that point this was the religion capital of Israel where the tabernacle was and the Ark of the Covenant.  Guess what Hannah does in verse 13?  Uncharacteristic as it may sound she prays silently. You know what people have said about women.   Here is contrary evidence.  Notice that the High Priest of Israel whose name is Eli, the maximum really, the peak of theological attainment, doesn’t recognize silent prayer when he sees it.  Which leads perhaps, to this conclusion. I haven’t really heard this idea or concept presented anywhere in writing or orally: Namely, that from the evidence here it looks like a woman introduced and discovered the concept of silent prayer in religion.  Praying from the heart not audibly so one could be seen and heard of men.  The inaudible prayer, humility.  [Jesus later said that the rule for healing was to “pray in secret.”  It came first] through womanhood because in verse 13 “Hannah, spake in her heart; only her lips moved, but her voice was not heard: and the High Priest of Israel thought she was drunk.”

“There’s one other similar theological miscalculation in the Book of Acts [2:13].  Just after the day of Pentecost when the language barrier was broken and all men united in their mother tongue, the Spirit, the Holy Ghost.  At that point those who observed thought the disciples were drunk.  Almost a pathetic statement about the human mind’s ability to accept something beyond itself.  Almost as if the human mind were admitting that the only thing like inspiration it’s ever been used to, but remotely resembles inspiration, is intoxication, which is the very perversion of it.  Even today many turn to drugs for/or intoxication devices for what they hope will be inspiration. 

“What comes of all this?  Hannah does again break a biological barrier.  A woman who is barren does get a child [I Samuel 1:19, 20].  Her concept of motherhood is so advanced she, after her child is weaned, virtually never sees him again, giving him to the service of God.  This womanhood’s thought is vitally important and one to study deeply.

[It was really Hannah then, not Samuel, who introduced the age of prophesy — because if it were not for her fervent, silent prayer to God, we would not have had Samuel and his saying (after God called him three times) “Speak Lord, for thy servant heareth.” If our sense of religion is not inspired today, we are killing the prophets!]

“When in Chapter 2, [Verse 1] we’re told that Hannah prays, it should be instructive to see how she prays.  Also we find here that there’s [no intermediary and] no barrier at least in Hannah’s thought which would keep womanhood from praying to God directly without having to go through man.  Hannah prays, and in Verse 3, we have another breakthrough as the result of her purity and altitude of thought.  Because in the last part of Verse 3 she has revealed to her something about God, “the Lord [is] a God of knowledge.”  An [all-knowing,] omniscient God is something that breaks through to Hannah’s thought.  That isn’t all.  [Man discovers God’s omnipresence because of the purity and altitude of Hannah’s thought.]  The result of that is, and the environment in which we’re dealing, is the environment of action, [omni-action] “by him actions are weighed.” (3)

“This God of knowledge, then, it is that very knowledge that is identified with God.  Does it include the knowledge of disease?  Does it include the knowledge by which man, if he could comprehend it sufficiently, could overcome disease?  How do you think Hannah viewed it, having received the answer to her prayer, and having found a biological impossibility overcome?  [i.e. the birth of not only her child, Samuel, but also of an additional “three sons and two daughters.”  I Samuel 2: 21] 

[recently transcribed mostly from “Heal the Sick: A Scriptural Record,” by Cobbey Crisler** plus from my marginal notes of Cobbey’s quotes in my Bible from I Samuel, chapters 1 & 2]

From Section 5 (citation B13, Matthew 5:6 Beatitude #4 (length 4:32):

Enjoy in this podcast application insights on bringing out the spiritual importance of Christ Jesus’ promise, “Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness.” It is part 5 of 9 in a Beatitudes audio series.
This audio podcast by Bible scholar Barry Huff and former Christian Science lecturer Susie (Rynerson) Jostyn of TMCYouth, highlights the spiritual basis of the Beatitudes. You can hear the other eight podcasts at

Cobbey Crisler on Matthew 14:14 (cit. B14)
and beyond for “the rest of the story”:

Matthew 14: “(Verse 13, before the verse in the lesson). Jesus hearing that John the Baptist had been beheaded, decides to make himself scarce, leaves into a desert place apart.
(Verse 14). “But the multitudes followed him.” Instead of saying, “Look, will you let a man be alone for once,” he turned around with compassion and healed their sick.”
(Verse 15-20). And out comes the famous loaves-and-fishes incident in which everyone is fed, with a balance left over despite the fact that we’re dealing with thousands of people. …
And, right after this (Verses 24-33) we have the walking-on-the-sea incident.”
“Book of Matthew, Auditing the Master, A Tax-Collector’s Report,” by B. Cobbey Crisler**

[Warren:] A concomitant idea: Find in divine economics that our Shepherd’s supply is inexhaustible, because “LOVE IS, LIKE 5 LOAVES AND 2 FISHES—ALWAYS TOO LITTLE, UNTIL YOU START GIVING IT AWAY!”

Cobbey Crisler on Mark 6:35-44 (similar to Matthew 14:14-21/cit. B15)
[Cobbey:] “The only so-called miracle in all four gospels is the feeding of the “five thousand,” Mark, Verses 35-44. I put it in quotes because they were only counting the men. Out of the little boy’s lunch box comes five loaves and two fishes. We hear that from the gospel of John Chapter 6, Verse 13. They feed a multitude. Now we have a lesson on economics given to us by the Master. He didn’t regard that as a problem either. No Malthusian limitation on man that we’re going to outgrow our supply, and, therefore, we should kill off sectors of the human race in order to meet the supply. That’s Malthus and his philosophy of necessity. But we find Jesus saying instead in Matthew 14:16, “They need not depart.” Malthus says they need to be killed, but Jesus is saying, “They need not depart.”

“Mark 6.37. The disciples say it would be impossible to feed the multitude, that it would take about “two hundred pennyworth.” The group was considerably more than five thousand if you count the women and the children.

Jesus said to all the disciples made them become part of the remedy. Twelve baskets were taken around. There were twelve disciples. Each one was made to participate in the abundant result and learn from it. They started out with only five loaves and two fishes. They ended up with more fragments left over than they had when they started out. More available. That’s divine economics. It doesn’t exhaust.”
“What Mark Recorded,” by B. Cobbey Crisler**

“USE” D.I.A.L. (“Christ, … the Divine Image And Likeness…” cit. S17/332:11-13) to set you free!

“The admission to one’s self that man is God’s own likeness sets man free to master the infinite idea.”  (Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, Mary Baker Eddy, p. 90:24–25)

[Warren:] Unique application ideas for a citation in this week’s Bible Lesson on “Truth,” first came to me many years ago. I had fun putting them in again to share on a CedarS metaphysical theme t-shirt. (with continued, daily thought-cleaning power as claimed in each shower & hand wash, as pictured online in a Download below) The graphic riddle below from a ‘90s CedarS metaphysical-theme T-shirt

🍊 U 🙂       = (Orange or) “AREN’T YOU GLAD

U     uuu       =        YOU USE

D.I. A. L. ?   =        D.I.A.L.? 

(The tag line for this commercial was: “DON’T YOU WISH EVERYONE DID?”

(A “blast from the past” spinoff of an often-repeated Dial soap commercial in the 1990s graphic riddle from a ‘90s CedarS metaphysical-theme T-shirt)

[In a 2007 Met, a regular Met contributor of past decades, Corde Hanzlik, C.S. (mother of Christie Hanzlik, C.S., regular recent Met contributor) commented in reference to CedarS D.I.A.L. t-shirt:] “We’re not advocating the use of Dial soap, but the use our spiritual status – walking in the Spirit – in all we do! (See Science and Health citation S17/332:9 in this week’s Bible lesson that was also in a March 2007 Bible Lesson, along with other D.I.A.L.-related citations from Gal. 5:25 and SH p. 94:1.)

Using D.I.A.L. as an acrostic for Divine Image And Likeness sheds new light on this old advertising message, that was adapted as a CedarS metaphysical theme message with a T-shirt version in the 1990s.  Since this week’s lesson defines us as “the image and likeness of God,” we have divine authority to feel the stress-free worth of being the very image and likeness – the reflection – of God!  We must be very worthy with God as our constant source who is always taking knowledge of us!  Do we always remember this point?  It is always the spiritual man – the “D.I.A.L.” — that we must know.  We have dominion, as cornerstones, and are happy!  We “shew forth all” and are God’s marvelous works – moment by moment – by reflection!  Thank you, God!”

To WIN “MAINTAIN the FACTS of Christian Science…with…unshaken understanding…”(cit. S20/417)
Kerry’s Case History: a dog sled accident healed fast —an INNOCENT verdict in the Court of Spirit!

In Science & Health, Mary Baker Eddy shares this law that was demonstrated in her many cases of healing: “Maintain the facts of Christian Science, that Spirit is God, and therefore cannot be sick; that what is termed matter cannot be sick; that all causation is Mind, acting through spiritual law. Then hold your ground with the unshaken understanding of Truth and Love, and you will win.” (cit. S20/417:10-16)

CedarS Met contributor, Kerry Jenkins, CS, gives a case study precedent of applying this spiritual law:
“I had a really wonderful example of how this spiritual law is the only true law, when I was involved in a dog sledding accident.
I was tucked into the sled and my husband, Doug, was driving. We were really flying down a narrow trail between spruce trees. Things got a bit sideways and the sled flipped and came to a stop with my face between the trunk of a tree and the steering bow of the sled. The injury seemed pretty severe. But I remember deciding that I was going to do just what it said in the above quote and “Maintain the facts of Christian Science…”. I decided not to even look in a mirror when I got home.

“I couldn’t see out of one eye, but continued to maintain my sense of peace that there could be no accidents in a universe governed by Mind—no collisions in a universe of Spirit. By the second day I could see clearly once again. I didn’t look at my face until three days later, just kept it clean and covered. When I got a glimpse, I had to laugh at the very vibrant colors mixed with a few remaining abrasions. By the next evening, when I was to sing in a concert, there was no sign whatsoever that anything had happened only four days before. I felt so embraced by this spiritual law of Love! There was no question that this healing was the result of an awareness of the supremacy of spiritual law.”

ENJOY God’s “freaky-fast” healings that come with guarantees of No convalescence, No relapse, No side-effects and No after-effects! (Cobbey Crisler below on Ps. 33:9, 11, cit. B16)

[Cobbey on Psalms 33:9:]
“Chapter 33, Verse 9, we’ve already alluded to. The swiftness of God’s treatment. It’s not a process, according to the Bible.  It’s not recuperation.  It’s not convalescence, or gradual recovery. “He spake, and it was [done],” In case we have had room in our thinking for a possibility of relapse, it is stated, “He commanded, and it stood fast.” No side effects, no after effects.

Psalms 33:11, cit. B16
“In Verse 11, “The advice or counsel of the LORD stands” for how long? “For ever.” What good I that, if we aren’t there forever to receive such advice? “The thoughts of his heart to all generations.” What good are God’s thoughts unless those are the potions we are supposed to be taking, imbibing, ingesting. God’s thoughts, His potions. Take them, eat them up, drink them in. That makes the Bible a pharmacopoeia which is a word the dictionary says describes “preparations issued by official authority and recognized as a standard.” (SH 593:4)] Pharmacopoeia, which is a word that in its ordinary meaning without uplifting it to what the Bible would require of the term anew would just simply be an authority to which one would turn to know where the remedies all are.”
[Warren: The infinite ALL is the totally reliable “BIG Pharma” that is the  “Pandemic Panacea” for which we pray. It’s worthy of daily investing in with a “PROPHET” motive. (a “spiritual seer” inspirational motive of “the disappearance of material sense before the conscious facts of spiritual Truth.”]

“Leaves of the Tree: Prescriptions from Psalms,” by B. Cobbey Crisler**

KNOW the TRUTH to FREE the BEST YOU from being FOOLED & KILLED (slow or fast) by LIES!
Cobbey Crisler on John 8:32 (citation B17)

“John 8:32. Here is the recipe for freedom, “It’s the truth itself that makes you free.”
It is the fact that makes you free. In John 8:44, the devil is defined as a liar and also a murderer from the beginning. If you analyze that again, the devil has one of two purposes when it enters into the thoughts and lives of man. It is either to deceive or to murder or kill us or others. That’s the motive prompting the thought, critical or otherwise. Remember, judging righteous judgment eliminates most criticisms, and not judging according to appearance. It [the lying “fake news” that proclaims the reality and power of matter] either murders or kills our neighbor or ourselves, OR its purpose is to deceive—one or the other.”
“Book of John, A Walk with the Beloved Disciple,” by B. Cobbey Crisler**

 [Warren’s P.S.]  Greek word meanings that elevate what Jesus means by “Know the truth:
“Then Jesus said to those Jews which believed on him, If ye continue in my word, Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free.” John 8:31, 32 (citation B17)

Know in Greek is ginosko and means:

  • to distinguish what is real from what is not
  • to perceive, understand, discern, distinguish
  • to perceive with the mind
  • to have a clear perception of truth

truth in Greek is aletheia and means:

  • what is real and factual and actual, not counterfeit
  • no error, no lie, no falsity, no variance

So, to “KNOW THE TRUTH” means knowing, or being conscious of, what is already true! 

Ruth E. Huff, my mother and the Founder of CedarS Camps, loved her eight years of conducting CedarS tours of Mary Baker Eddy’s homes with the supported of Longyear Foundation. One of her favorite take-aways from what she learned on these tours was a recollection recorded in Elizabeth Earl Jones Reminiscences: “Mary Baker Eddy was once asked by a reporter, what is a Christian Science treatment? After a few moments of deep thought she answered:
“Treatment is the absolute acknowledgment of the ever presence of infinite perfection!

My mom, Ruth E. Huff, the Founder of CedarS Camps, so loved working with this mindset that she shared it with CedarS staff and families in the form of cards printed with the highlighted definition above.

1st connected BONUS: Everyone will be blessed who takes the time to listen to a Sentinel Watch (made especially for Martin Luther King, Jr. Day). This edition is an interview with Sallie Letterlough, an African-American who, as a civil rights activist, took part in the 1963 “March on Washington” later became a Christian Scientist. Awesome insights are shared by her as well as by Tony Lobl on Dr. King’s “I have a dream” speech.  

Sallie gives magnificent examples of effectively applying in her life the non-violent principles of this week’s Bible Lesson: “…you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” (John 8:32/cit. B17)  Sallie also gives some great Sunday School teaching and Reading Room attending ideas and examples of the priceless value of being present with an understanding of divine Love and holding onto that no matter what.  To hear for yourself and share with others, click on this link:

Another connected, audio link BONUS: Ken Cooper poem “God is our Freedom” on YouTube is also based on this “recipe for freedom” citation B17 in this week’s Bible Lesson.

Cobbey Crisler on Revelation 21:1-4/citation B21) + cit. S28/575 and cit. S29/577

[Cobbey:] “Revelation 21 (and 22) … We’ve seen it in previous Scripture but we find that it is the chosen Scriptural summary, the peak, the ultimate, and Jesus is associated with it. How much purer could Scripture be, coming from God through Jesus to John to us? And John saw that “new heaven and new earth” [Revelation 21:1/cit. B21 & cit. S28/ 575 and S29/577]. …
“John saw the Holy City, New Jerusalem.
(S27 592:18) We know its origin, coming from God prepared as a bride. Finally, the bride prepared, adorned for her husband. [Verse 2] The tabernacle of God with men, [Revelation 21] Verse 3.
“Verse 4, there is a check-off list in this Holy City. There
are no more tears, no more salty reminders of the sea in our bodies chemically.  We’ve been told there’s “no more sea” in Verse 1.  No more sea, no more tears, no more death, no sorrow, crying or pain, not in this consciousness.  It’s the Holy City.  That also means that it’s whole.  There’s nothing that can fragment it.  The tribes embrace it at the gates.  The restored and regenerated tribes.  The collective idea of you and me working together as chords under the divine principle of a grand music that fills the universe and all eternity….”
“The Holy City: Its Biblical Basis and Development,”
by B. Cobbey Crisler**

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