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Just know the “Real Deal” to not be fooled! (1) Give loving attention to not forget or neglect.
God is infinite, therefore ever present, and there is no other power nor presence.” (SH 32, 471:18-19)

“Ancient and Modern Necromancy, alias Mesmerism and Hypnotism, Denounced”
for – May 25th-31th 2020

by David L. Price, CS, Denver, Colorado • 720-308-9500


This week’s lesson is a great primer for the upcoming Annual Meeting of The First Church of Christ, Scientist. For those of you who don’t know, this meeting is meant as a “State of the Union” address for our Movement, an inspirational talk for the upcoming year, and is meant for members and nonmembers alike.

I say this is a great Bible lesson because the topic for this year’s meeting is entitled “Our duty to God, to our Leader and to Mankind.” This topic is from a Bylaw provision from the Manual of The Mother Church entitled Alertness to Duty. Here’s the bylaw provision: “It shall be the duty of every member of this Church to defend himself daily against aggressive mental suggestion, and not be made to forget nor to neglect his duty to God, to his Leader, and to mankind. By his works he shall be judged, — and justified or condemned.” (Manual of The Mother Church, Mary Baker Eddy, p. 42:4)

In one sense this week’s Bible Lesson is a “how to” for defending ourselves daily. As I was thinking about my daily practice of praying, which includes protective work, this phrase “made not to forget” really stood out to me. Isn’t the goal of hypnotic and mesmerizing suggestions in the world to actually make us forget – forget about our inseparable relationship with God, our spiritual perfection as expressions of Him? Recognizing this, each of us can stop thinking that it’s “us” that is forgetting and instead realize that it is the “adversary,” aggressive mental suggestion, trying to make us believe we are separate from God. In my experience, armed with this knowledge, it becomes easier to focus on daily defensive work asking myself – What is it that is trying to make me forget or neglect? [Warren Huff remembers: “Where there’s loving attention, memory is inevitable.” from a 1964 Grace Wasson testimony given in church.]

Also, before we jump into this week’s lesson, I find it heartening that the same protective work we can do to destroy mesmerism and hypnotism is effective for necromancy, which is in one sense just a different name for those other two claims. So, what is Necromancy? It is the so-called practice of magic centered around the belief that one can communicate with the dead, and in so doing one can get a picture of future events. Christian Science denounces both the practice and the legitimacy of such practices (Mary Baker Eddy dedicates a chapter of her seminal work Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures on the topic of “spiritualism” to make it clear that there is no place inside or out of religion for communing with the dead.) Even outside of Christian Science there is no empirical evidence to show any legitimacy in necromancy, except possibly in comic books. So, let’s be aware of this practice and avoid it ourselves.

You might ask, “David, I’m not a believer in spiritualism, nor do I practice voodoo, and I’m certainly no witch doctor! Why do I even need to think about it?” Recently, I was almost tricked into practicing necromancy. I awoke a month ago with familiar symptoms of allergies. At one point in my college years I needed to take a few days off from school to convalesce and pray at a Christian Science care facility because of the overwhelming symptoms and their effects. So, upon waking that morning, I started to think about what the future might hold for me based on my past experience with this ailment. And then I remembered that a number of years ago, between college and now, I already had a full and complete healing of allergies. I had grown spiritually because of that healing, and so there is no regression in spiritual progress, “…progress is the law of God…” SH31. In this week’s lesson Mary Baker Eddy puts it this way, “An improved belief cannot retrograde.”

For me this was an example of the pull of necromancy. The good news – I instantly denounced (out loud broadcasted this claim as false). It was then that I reached out and felt that immovable healing and saving presence of the Christ. The healing then came quickly and completely.

This doesn’t only apply to sickness. Those haunting and negative past experiences like breakups and friendships ending, things you said that you regret or still feel embarrassed by, experiences where you have felt hate or bullied, any time you just can’t stop rehearsing the past in your head; those ghosts neither can rule your experience today, nor can they predict your future. So right now, is as good a time as any to take the opportunity to “denounce the claims of necromancy.” And while you’re doing that, make sure you declare what you are to God, and what God is doing right now.

Mary Baker Eddy uses the term “denounce” once in Science and Health, and it is a command for each of us, so it seems apropos to quote it now: “Expose and denounce the claims of evil and disease in all their forms, but realize no reality in them.” (S&H 447:20–22)

Golden Text –

Let’s start from the outset and state that necromancy, mesmerism or hypnotism are not real, they have no value nor power. The Golden Text really starts with those people that think that they have a power apart from God. My two young children talk daily about their superpowers – my son’s power is his strength, my daughter’s is her voice. My wife and I laugh a lot knowing what their superpowers really are. But there are those that believe they have the power to influence others. Hypnotists are a great example today; Mesmerists are more from a past age but are similar to hypnotist, believing they can exert personal power over both the mind and body; and we’ve already discussed Necromancy.

But really these three beliefs start from the premise that something other than God could affect God’s children spiritual made. Mary Baker Eddy puts it this way when she discusses the difference between mortal experience and immortal Life, "So-called mortal mind — being non-existent and consequently not within the range of immortal existence — could not by simulating deific power invert the divine creation, and afterwards recreate persons or things upon its own plane, since nothing exists beyond the range of all-inclusive infinity, in which and of which God is the sole creator." (S&H 514) This idea of “beyond the range of all-inclusive infinity” impelled L. Ivimy Gwalter to write, “In the realization of this fact (our immortal existence outside the range of mortal mind) we are indeed a target out of range….” (October 15, 1955 Issue of the Christian Science Sentinel – Target Out of Range)

So back to the Golden Text – the Prophet Nahum wrote about those who actually imagined that they have or had power over God. They “imagine things against” or “plotted against” God. This belief that God is not supreme is what is included in the evil of Necromancy, Hypnotism, Mesmerism (“NHM”). Ultimately this belief means that Love is not the master of hate, that Truth, Life and Love cannot subdue and destroy sin, sickness and death.

I like the New International Translation of the first part of this passage: “Whatever they plot against the LORD he will bring to an end;” In a sense I feel that if you’re reading this lesson, you are probably not plotting and making schemes against what God is doing. So the impersonal nature of “They” instead of “ye” or “you” speaks more to me. Yet in the most subtle of ways don’t we plot against the Lord when we make our human plans, and even ask God for help to carry them out, assuming that the material way really is that best? God is omnipotent and omniscient; Love knows all and is ever-present for you right now. That means your very path is already set out before you. Trust that, and so trust God.

The second verse from the New Living Translation reads as follows: “for your wicked enemies will never invade your land again. They will be completely destroyed!” This is an assurance written for each of us, all mankind. Even in the toughest of times God will prevail.

Responsive Reading –

In a nutshell the Responsive Reading is about trusting God and recognizing what God is doing despite the enemy at the door.

I remember a time I was suffering from flu-like symptoms. I actually read at church for a Wednesday night service only to return home feeling even worse. Yet during that whole experience, I never lost sight of God. I felt cared for, so much so that that I felt a love for my community, including each driver that passed me by on my way home. So of course, I awoke the next morning feeling…even worse than the night before. But I did not give up that feeling of closeness to God. And while I couldn’t even leave bed to eat meals with my wife that day, I did not allow myself to feel discouraged. In fact, maybe for the first time during an intense sickness, I felt hopeful and even a little excited about God. Although I had another rough night, that next morning I felt much better and by lunch time it was as if there had never been an enemy laying siege at my gates. The whole time I stuck with God, and this focused prayer ultimately won the prize: not just healing, but closeness with God.

You are going to face many challenges in your experience, you probably already have. The question is whether or not you are sticking with God even in the midst of the challenge, even as the enemy (whether it’s in the form of sickness, sin or even an actual person) is ramping up the intensity of the attack.

It’s this last verse from Psalms that really brings it home for me. Instead of just an appeal to God because things seem too tough, this last verse states the truth of what’s going on: “For thou, Lord, hast made me glad through thy work: I will triumph in the works of thy hands.” [Psalm 92:4] I love Mary Baker Eddy’s similar statement “Undisturbed amid the jarring testimony of the material senses, Science, still enthroned, is unfolding to mortals the immutable, harmonious, divine Principle, — is unfolding Life and the universe, ever present and eternal. (S&H 306:25)

Section 1 – What’s the best way to start prayerful work to destroy necromancy/hypnotism/mesmerism? Start with God!

I saw a YouTube video recently where someone was thinking about buying a classic sports car, and how he ultimately determined that the car up for sale was a fake. Now this gentleman was not an expert nor was he even familiar with all of the ways a person could trick you into believing a counterfeit car was authentic, but he was still able to tell. Why? Because he was an expert on that one particular model; he even knew of a hidden serial number located in the door frame and on a certain part of the engine. Because he knew all of those little details, he was absolutely familiar with the “real deal”— it didn’t matter how good the fake was, he was able to spot it.

Well, the same goes for spotting necromancy or mesmerism or hypnotism. You don’t actually even have to know how they work, you just have to know God and what God is doing for you and all mankind, and then you know if something is trying to influence you, to turn you away from God. You just have to know the “Real Deal” God and God’s creation.

Well, this short section is simply a description of God and of what you are as God reflection. I really love the last sentence of the last passage of this section, “All that God imparts moves in accord with Him, reflecting goodness and power.” (SH2, 515:22) That means you actually reflect right now, not only goodness, but DIVINE POWER.

Let’s look at some of the passages a little more closely:

  • (B1) God is close and personal, God knows you, and God is even providing a path for you. (Jeremiah 29:11)
  • (B2) God Rules over all. If you really want to talk about power and might, start thinking about God because God or Spirit has it, supremely in fact. (II Chronicles 20:6)
  • (B3) The only real power that exists is God’s power! (Psalm 62:11)
  • (SH1) When you read this passage, ask yourself “What isn’t included?” Because whatever isn’t included is what needs to be addressed and healed. Hint – Sin, sickness and death as well as the plethora of ways that matter alias mortal mind tries to tell you what is and isn’t true – these things are not included in this passage. (330:11)
  • (SH2) Your being, your very movement is impelled and drawn by God. You are in fact His reflection (“reflex reflection” in fact). (515:22)

Section 2 – Let’s uncover, denounce and destroy hypnotism/mesmerism (animal magnetism)

Here’s a great starting point in our denouncing and destroying work – Citation SH8 gives us the road map on page 249:1:

  1. “Let us accept Science” – Accept the truth that you are God’s child, spiritually made.
  2. Let us “relinquish all theories based on sense testimony” – give up the idea if it’s based on what the five physical senses are telling you.
  3. Let us “give up imperfect models” – Christ Jesus is probably the best earthly example of a model worth following.
  4. Let us “give up illusive ideals” – What are some ideals that really stand the test of, not time, but eternity? If they begin with Love, you're on the right track.
  5. “Let us have one God” – In effect let’s start with the 1st Commandment “Thou shalt have no other gods beside Me.” (Exodus 20: 3)
  6. Let us have “one Mind and that one perfect” – I split these two up just to emphasize that God or divine Mind is perfect in Mind’s infinite wisdom and intelligence.
  7. “…producing His own models of excellence” – You do not have to tell God how to do things, God already knows, and is producing a way that includes excellence, the best!

The story of Babel in citation B4, like the story of Mesmerism (alias animal magnetism) in citation SH5, are helpful ways to describe the belief that a human can have power separate from and equal to God’s power. That belief incidentally is enticing and hypnotic in its pull. Both stories ultimately have no foundations and no staying power. They utterly fall because they are based on a belief that matter has intelligence and power. Citation SH4 states: “It is the false belief that mind is in matter and is both evil and good; that evil is as real as good and more powerful.” Mary Baker Eddy is crystal clear in her next sentence. “This belief has not one quality of Truth.” (103:18-23)

For myself, I think back to a time when I had moved to Denver fresh out of law school. I was making money, dating, living it up. I had this idea that I was going to build something great. And then one by one, those things fell. I was laid off, I lost my source of income, I broke up with the girl I had been dating. The foundation that I had built upon, although enticing and hypnotic in the allure of its components, had no staying power. One of the reasons Christian Science probably had staying power for me was because, when I finally decided to give it another try, I recognized pretty clearly that the many voices of “this is what success is” sounded just like Mary Baker Eddy’s definition of Babel in citation SH3 (581:17-22). So, it was with humility and sincerity that I walked back into a Christian Science church and found healing and a solid foundation to build from.

While all the voices are going on about pandemic, politics, or natural disaster crying out to be obeyed, Mary Baker Eddy’s pronouncement is pretty uplifting. “Spirit will ultimately claim its own, – all that really is and the voices of physical sense will be forever hushed.” (SH7, 64:30)

Section 3 – Let’s uncover, denounce and destroy Necromancy

As I wrote in the introduction, necromancy has to do with speaking to the dead.

In citation B9 I appreciated substituting the words “material perspectives” for “heathen.” One translation has it this way – “Why do the nations (or “material perspectives”) conspire, and the peoples plot in vain?” (Psalm 2:1, New International Version)

In citation B10 “try (or test) the spirits whether they are of God; because many false prophets are gone out into the world.” (I John 4:1) I think sometimes it’s difficult to tell whether you’re hearing an angel thought or your hearing something different. Go back to Sections 1 and 2 and test those ideas to really see if they are from God.

Citation B11 gives you the assurance that by beginning with God and seeing yourself and the world around you from a spiritual perspective you will find yourself already safe.

Section 4 – The Healing Christ provides the reason why we can denounce necromancy/mesmerism/hypnotism

What is real and what is the illusion is really the question in this section. So, let’s each of us state clearly the premise we are starting from; that we are children of God, made and maintained perfectly, by an ever-present, all-knowing and all-loving parent (divine Love). Now from this premise we can determine whether the voices we are hearing, whether they are from the news, your friends or neighbors, or even from your own inner dialogue. Now ask yourself, have you have been given the accurate picture? Upon reflection you will find whether or not the statement is counter to what is true about you as a child of God.

Citation B14 (I Chron. 28:9) states that what is not true is simply an imagination, having no real power. That imagination or illusion is a theme repeated in the Science & Health passages from this section.

Citation B14’s final statement is so assuring. I think we can all relate to a time when God seems awfully far away. But the passage from Chronicles reminds us that to really find God all you have to do is seek Him.

Citations B15 (Matt. 4:23-24) and B16 (Matt. 8:14-15) record instances of the power of the healing Christ proving God’s power – How? Every person overcome by sickness who was brought to him Jesus heals. Would COVID19 have been an exception for him then? Then, it is not an exception for the power of the Christ still present right now.

The New International translation of citation B15 puts it: “News about him spread all over Syria, and people brought to him all who were ill with various diseases, those suffering severe pain, the demon-possessed, those having seizures, and the paralyzed; and he healed them.” (Matthew 4:24) Isn’t it amazing that once the healing work was witnessed and broadcast abroad, people believed in Christ Jesus – so they came from all over to get help? I am so inspired that this need is being met today as well, and when witnessed it will inspire people to come to Christian Science for help.

I read the story in citation B16 (Matt. 8:14-15) when I was younger and really appreciated the fact that Peter’s mother-in-law, healed of a fever, actually “ministered” to Jesus and some of the disciples. I was a little disheartened to read The New Living Translation version that she “prepared a meal for them.” Then, it became clear that this did not take anything away from what she was doing, but instead it was an example of how the healing was so complete that regardless of the task she was needed for, there was no after-effect, no loss of strength, motivation, care or devotion.

In citation B17 (II Cor. 4:4-5) Paul takes this idea of the power of healing and expands on it – it is not just healing of the body, but even the pulling down “strongholds.” I looked up strongholds and found “false arguments.” Isn’t it interesting that strongholds are difficult to breach, sometimes a siege of a stronghold might have taken months or longer to break through, but a “false argument” even if it’s a doozy of an argument, if it’s false, it still falls in the light of Truth because it’s just an illusion.

The passages from Science and Health in citations SH14 and SH15 begin by furthering this idea of illusion, or imaginations calling them “Evil spirits”, “false beliefs”, “illusions of the senses,” all of which are evil, and are destroyed through the power of the Christ, casting out sin, disease and death.

Citation SH16 (xi:1) makes it clear that healing has NOTHING to do with the power of the human mind. In fact, that “imagination game” yields to Science where power is from divine Mind alone as staed in citation SH17 below.

“A Christian Scientist’s medicine is Mind (God).” Because this is true there must be a strong denial of any physical or material remedy or even contact. In the very early period of Christian Science when Mary Baker Eddy who was still known as Mrs. Patterson and she was healing and teaching early students, it was relayed to her that some of her students would lay hands on their patients, even manipulate them. At first her hope was that they would grow out of such practices. They did not, and most defected. The clear statement in citation SH17 puts to rest any thought that Christian Science includes such work – “A Christian Scientist’s medicine is Mind, the divine Truth that makes man free. A Christian Scientist never recommends material hygiene, never manipulates. He does not trespass on the rights of mind nor can he practice animal magnetism or hypnotism.” (453:29-1)

Here are two powerful statements to use as tools in your toolbelt:

  • “…truth divests material drugs of their imaginary power, and clothes Spirit with supremacy.” (SH18, 146:18)
  • “…error is deprived of its imaginary powers by the power of Truth, which sweeps away the gossamer web of mortal illusion.” (SH19, 403:18-20)

Section 5 Defending against The Hypnotic power of sin

Plot evil or promote peace? “Deceit is in the hearts of those who plot evil, but those who promote peace have joy.” (B18, Proverbs 12:20, The New International Translation)
Ask yourself, which am I doing plotting evil or promoting peace? If you are plotting evil you are doing the opposite of what’s required of you in Zechariah 7:9-10 (B19) as you fall in the trap of being unjust, unmerciful, hard of heart, turning your back on those who need a community or a home, or taking advantage of the poor.

How do you “master the propensities”— those inclinations towards sin? (SH21, 405:5-11)

Kindness conquerors hate

Chastity (pure in heart) overcomes lust

Honesty wins the day against deceit

Section 6 – Defending against Malpractice

Mary Baker Eddy writes revealingly in a piece entitled Love Your Enemies, “We have no enemies. Whatever envy, hatred, revenge — the most remorseless motives that govern mortal mind — whatever these try to do, shall “work together for good to them that love God.”(Mis. 10:4)

Verses of lament psalms like Ps. 62:3 (B20), Ps. 89:50-51 (B21) and Ps. 35:11, 12, 17 (B22) sure don’t sound or feel like “we have no enemies.”

I don’t think there is a person reading this Bible Lesson Met that hasn’t at one time or another reached out to God in agony over someone else’s stinging dislike of them. “Rescue my soul from their destructions…” (B22, Ps. 35:17) That glare can feel pretty hard to overcome. But unlike the passages before, there is hope – “I will give thanks in the great congregation: I will praise thee among much people.” (B22, Ps. 35:18)

As I was thinking about what it means to feel like you are hated, I was reminded by my 5-year-old on our walk today that we are not allowed to us the word “hate” in our house. I’m sure many you have that same rule. Now what really happened was he was riding his two-wheel bike holding a pointed stick on his belly as he was wobbling up a hill. I said that I needed to hold the stick for him to be on the safe side. He replied, “No Dad, I’ll be fine.” At which point, I said, “Please give me the stick, I hate it when you argue with me when I’m trying to protect you.” Yes, I did use the word “hate,” but my goodness 5 five-year-olds have a poor sense of context!

The real message for each of us Mary Baker Eddy brings home succinctly in the article I referenced above. She writes, “Hate no one; for hatred is a plague-spot that spreads its virus and kills at last. If indulged, it masters us; brings suffering upon suffering to its possessor, throughout time and beyond the grave. If you have been badly wronged, forgive and forget: God will recompense this wrong, and punish, more severely than you could, him who has striven to injure you. (Mis. 12:2–8 Hate)

Paul cuts through all of the heart ache and complains with the perfect antidote: “Nothing can separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.” (B23, Romans 8:39) If this is true, then can you really have enemies?

Here is how I break down the passage in Science and Health from this section

  1. Here’s some fire power to “defend against aggressive mental suggestion”
    1. “Clad in the panoply of Love, human hatred cannot reach you.” (SH25, 571:18)
    2. “Divine Love always has met and always will meet every human need…”
    3. “…to all mankind and in every hour, divine Love supplies all good.” (SH27, 494:10)
  2. Remember this is what malpractice looks like – it is at times intentional and with evil motives, but it also can be just ignorant (not knowing any better or mistakenly)
  3. Before you complain about the injustices, you’re going through just remember – Christ Jesus went through far worse than you will ever have to endure, and he literally arose victorious even from the dead. Jesus’ work is for us all, to feel and experience divine healing and salvation right here and right now, “to all mankind and every hour.” (SH27)
  4. Based on her trials and tribulations, Mary Baker Eddy encourages us all: “My weary hope tries to realize that happy day, when man shall recognize the Science of Christ and love his neighbor as himself, — when he shall realize God's omnipotence and the healing power of the divine Love in what it has done and is doing for mankind.” (SH30, 55:16)

Mary Baker Eddy ends her article Love Your Enemies in this way:

“The falsehood, ingratitude, misjudgment, and sharp return of evil for good — yea, the real wrongs (if wrong can be real) which I have long endured at the hands of others — have most happily wrought out for me the law of loving mine enemies. This law I now urge upon the solemn consideration of all Christian Scientists. Jesus said, ‘If ye love them which love you, what thank have ye? for sinners also love those that love them.’” (Mis. 13:5)

Ultimately, it seems to me this section is really the section of Love, Love, Love, Love.

Section 7 Through God you are victorious over NHM

Trust God, for it is to Him you can continually turn in times of trouble. Remember the Golden Text from Nahum 1:9: “Whatever they plot against the LORD he will bring to an end”? Well, here it is again— but this time “the wicked” (in verse 15) isn’t even mentioned. Not only is he “utterly cut off,” literally he has been cut from this lesson.

A greatest hits passage from Science and Health is quoted in this section. And it reminds me of a time when the ice on my driveway was so thick there was nothing to do but wait for the sunlight from warmer days to melt it. While the ice seemed so stuck to the cement it had almost become a part of the driveway, that was only an illusion; there can be no blending of the properties of ice and cement. There can be no blending of matter with Spirit. Understanding this melts illusionary beliefs as citation SH31 explains: “When Christ changes a belief of sin or of sickness into a better belief, then belief melts into spiritual understanding, and sin, disease, and death disappear.” (442:19)

One of the best tools in your toolbelt in your daily defensive work is the final passage of the lesson, citation SH32 below. Memorize it. Take it to heart. With this work you will be the victor!

“God is infinite, therefore ever present, and there is no other power nor presence.”
(SH32, 471:18-19)

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