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[Choose to wake up from the Adam dream.]
Metaphysical Application Ideas for the Christian Science Bible Lesson on

Adam and Fallen Man”
for Sunday, November 8, 2015

by Rick Stewart, C.S. Dresden, Germany Tel. + 49 351 312 4736

Have you heard that “the Force” returns to movie screens around the world this December? That's right, the movie series that brought the phrase, “May the Force be with you”, into everyday conversation returns or actually reawakens with its latest installment, “Star Wars: The Force Awakens.” In just one day over 128 million people around the world viewed the official trailer that was promoting the film's opening set for December.

For anyone that is not familiar with “The Force”, it is the name of the “binding, metaphysical power” that George Lucas created for his fictional Star Wars universe. Lucas attributes the term to a 1963 film by Arthur Lipsett. In this film, 21-87, Cinematographer, Roman Kroitor, who developed IMAX, says, “Many people feel that in the contemplation of nature and in communication with other living things, they become aware of some kind of force, or something, behind this apparent mask which we see in front of us, and they call it, God.”

All Star Wars' fans know that the Force is what inspires and empowers Jedi Knights in their selfless, courageous acts. And they also know that it is an attempted twisting of this Force by evil opponents of the Jedi, like the Sith, and Darth Vader, who try to control and destroy through their evil acts.

It is good to remember that Star Wars drama and adventure, while great entertainment, is always a tale of fiction. A tale that is determined by what the writer and director have been inspired to create. The wonderful thing I have found in my experience, and also as I have watched my kids, especially my son, Johann, become Star Wars fans, is that these films resonate with inspiring, positive examples of the success of those who choose to follow the Force for good. There are also the examples of those who find themselves walking a path in service to something other than good. As evil emotions and desires for power are embraced you see the fruit of those who choose to serve evil. In the movies you can cheer for the Jedi and hope the evil Sith are exposed and destroyed. In real life you can learn to rely on the true Source, even better than the Force, the Source of your existence.

May 1977 was a key time for me as I learned to choose who and what to follow. May 1977 was not just the month when the original Star Wars movie appeared on the scene. That was also the month when I opened my first office for the public practice of Christian Science healing in my hometown of Ocala, Florida. It was the month when I officially committed myself, to the best of my ability, to follow the Golden Text in this week's Christian Science Bible Lesson, “…choose you this day whom ye will serve;” Joshua 24:15

This week's Bible Lesson clearly teaches us how to make the right choices. And the Responsive Reading continues the theme of the Golden Text with verses from Deuteronomy, Mathew, and Joshua:

“I call heaven and earth to record this day against you, that I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing: therefore choose life, that both thou and thy seed may live:” That thou mayest love the Lord thy God, and that thou mayest obey his voice, and that thou mayest cleave unto him: for he is thy life, and the length of thy days:
“No man can serve two masters:” [Matthew 6:24]
“. . . choose you this day whom ye will serve;” [Joshua 24:15]

Section 1—Break the Adam dream by choosing rightly [see Download]
Although the vast majority of the world's population automatically thinks of man's origins as material, and many automatically think of the story of Adam and Eve as a story of man's origins, what does the Bible say? And what do you say as you give deep thought to account of creation as written in Genesis?

Something I always find helpful is remembering the nature of God as I study the Bible. Most people have abandoned the idea of God as being a big man, with a long beard sitting in the heavens above. Students of the Bible have developed the understanding that God is Spirit, God is Love. Therefore citation B1 establishes clearly that “God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them.” The image of Spirit being material? Also in citation B1 we read, “And God saw every thing that he had made, and behold it was very good.” God made all and He made it good!

I love Mrs. Eddy's reasoning on page 521 of Science and Health, citation S6, “All that is made is the work of God, and all is good. We leave this brief, glorious history of spiritual creation (as stated in the first chapter of Genesis) in the hands of God, not of man, in the keeping of Spirit, not matter, — joyfully acknowledging now and forever God’s supremacy, omnipotence, and omnipresence.”

The practical import of this understanding has been the foundation for many healings over the years. [Click Download in CedarS online Met to read about a testimony of the healing of a massive heart attack by making the simple decision “Which of these men do you think of as you, Genesis One or Genesis Two?”]

Section 2—“in Adam all die… in Christ shall all be made alive.” (B9)
You know over the years my kids have had times when they got really dirty. So dirty it almost seemed best to run them through a car wash rather than the bath tub. And it can be kind of upsetting as you scrub and scrub. But since so many people are ready to believe that man is formed from the dust of the ground. Or as the Common English Bible puts citation B7—“the Lord God formed the human from the topsoil of the fertile land and blew life’s breath into his nostrils. The human came to life.” Gee, do you think they were just seeking out their roots? Nope, the dirt, the dust, the humus, the topsoil, the mud does not have a right to stick to any of our kids.

The best example we can have is the way our Master, Christ Jesus, chose to awaken those he encountered, separating them from the dirty diseases that seek for personal attachment. Diseases that today's authorities might categorize as hereditary or arising from birth defects Jesus simply dismissed.

Like the man described in citation B11, John 9: 1-7, as blind from birth, who was quickly healed by Jesus.

In citation S9, Mrs. Eddy writes “In divine Science, man is the true image of God. The divine nature was best expressed in Christ Jesus, who threw upon mortals the truer reflection of God and lifted their lives higher than their poor thought-models would allow, — thoughts which presented man as fallen, sick, sinning, and dying.” And in citation S12, “In this Science, we discover man in the image and likeness of God. We see that man has never lost his spiritual estate and his eternal harmony. “

I like the way Mrs. Eddy identifies Jesus as working “in Science” in the above quotes. Here is an insightful, or “in Science full,” explanation of the Master's work from the writings of Christian Science Bible Scholar, Cobbey Crisler. Our Editor and Camp Director, Warren Huff prepared this for us:

B11 (John 9:1-7)
John 9:2. “who did sin? (A) This fellow over here? Or (B) his parents?”
John 9:3. Jesus had that paper before him as in the examination room on that point many times before. “He says, (C), none of the above… [Or per Warren proposes (D) DNA (DeoxyriboNucleic Acid (DNA) the molecule that supposedly carries encoded genetic instructions Does NotApply!)] Neither hath this man sinned or his parents.” What’s that saying about origin? Where is that man? His roots are not in parents of in some reincarnated experience…”
Notice what he does in John 9:6 and what it may remind you of. “He spat on the ground, made clay of the spittle.” That reminds you of man being made of the dust in the Second Chapter of Genesis Verse 6 and 7, doesn’t it? Would Jesus ever mock God if he considered that was the real way that creation occurred? Yet, it almost looks like a mockery of that. He’s taking on that concept of the man of dust. He’s spitting on that ground, into the dust, making clay of it, and slapping it on the eyes of the blind man.
John 9:7. The man goes to the pool of Siloam. He can’t see his way there. He’s got mud all over his face. He doesn’t go seeing. He comes seeing.” He comes only after he has washed off that symbolic making or formation of man out of the dust.
In a way, it might even give us a greater hint on what the true meaning of baptism is, the immersion in Spirit, nativity, and washing off every trace of the dust man.” The Book of John, A Walk with the Beloved Disciple, p. 52-53]

Section 3—Woman made from a spare rib? Sounds like Barbie Q to me!
Even though we have already read in Genesis Chapter 1, citation B1, “In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth. God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them.” We are now to accept that woman is created by the Lord God with Adam's rib, and the material creation continues with Adam and Eve producing their own offspring.

We rise above the false concept of man and woman as being materially created with this citation S13 from Science and Health, defining Eve. “EVE. A beginning; mortality; that which does not last forever; a finite belief concerning life, substance, and intelligence in matter; error; the belief that the human race originated materially instead of spiritually, — that man started first from dust, second from a rib, and third from an egg. “

The source for God's man and woman is not to be found in matter, either as dirt, spare rib, or egg. And the unfoldment of the ongoing creation that God maintains is always harmonious with no curses!

About a month ago I received an email from a grandmother who was prayerfully supporting her daughter in child birth. There appeared a momentary question concerning right position of the little one. Several ideas came right to thought, including, page 463 in Science and Health, “To attend properly the birth of the new child, or divine idea, you should so detach mortal thought from its material conceptions, that the birth will be natural and safe.” In just a little bit an email came sailing across the Atlantic announcing a harmonious birth with all the details a grandma would love to announce.

All mortal, material thought can just leave us alone. After all mortality has nothing to do with immortality and we are indeed the immortal ideas of God's creating.

Section 4—Whispering suggestions of serpents silenced!
As I read this section I thought of our Star Wars film series. Johann has been watching several spin-offs of the original film. There was the animated, “Clone Wars,” and more recently, “Star Wars Rebels.” One of things I was beginning to see in these various series is how sometimes later developments of a character turning the wrong way, sometime started with a very small thing. A character flaw that sometimes would be used by the evil Chancellor/Emperor to try to influence of control one of the good guys. I guess I am still kind of praying for Anakin Skywalker! Maybe if I keep up my prayers the series will last long enough for there to be a complete redemption. But in the meantime it has taught me to remind myself that I do have God-given dominion over the “creeping things”—the little creeps that try to come in to our thought and claim residency. Sneaky serpents or even roaring dragons have no place in the lives of “Jedi Knights” who are identified with the initials C.S.!!!!

I have always loved this short, sweet and powerful poem from our friend, Lona Ingwerson, C.S. [She reads and discuss it and other “Poetry” in her CD by this name available from The Daycroft School Foundation. Another great CD from here is a talk by B. Cobbey Crisler entitled “War in Heaven: Conquest of Inner Space – A conflict begins in Genesis with the serpent and closes in the Apocalypse with the dragon. Is this “Star Wars” battleground as close as consciousness – what is it that fills our inner space?” It relates perfectly to citation B-22 in this lesson, to this Met’s “Star Wars” theme and to the following poem.]

By Lona Ingwerson

From the April 30, 1977 issue of the Christian Science Sentinel6

That serpent was so little,
so subtle, I hardly noticed it,
but now it's a virtual dragon!

Dragons aren't real,
only easier to see than serpents,
easier to see through,
ready for destruction!
(Not my destruction—

Lona Ingwerson

Section 5—Where do you get your fruit, try “Fair Trade.”
As a child I used to think that it was totally unfair for God to put a fruit tree right where His kids could see it, and then say, “No, no, no. Don't you eat that fruit.” It just did not add up. It did not make sense to me.

I like the fairness that comes through the words of Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures. Do you know what I mean? The consistency of the God that is Love as being loving to His creation. The fairness that establishes that God would not allow His creation to suffer in sickness or sin, but instead would reveal that in reality they are spiritual and perfect. Here is one of those examples of Mrs. Eddy shining a light of spiritual insight on the fairness and consistency of our Father-Mother, our Creator. In last week's Bible Lesson, she wielded this Light Saber of Truth about that: "It would be contrary to our highest ideas of God to suppose Him capable of first arranging law and causation so as to bring about certain evil results, and then punishing the helpless victims of His volition for doing what they could not avoid doing.” (SH 230:11-15)

And the citations in this section give us that same sense of hope, consistency and fairness. As we courageously hold up the standard of God's true nature and raise our Light saber focusing the rays of infinite Truth in the destruction of all false beliefs about God and man, we awake to discover that we are indeed Children of the Light side. And the Voice we hear speaking to us should not be a surprise, “Rick, I am you Father,”…….saith the Lord.”

We discover and prove through our decisions that we have indeed chosen Life and Light.

Hymn 258:
Oft to every man and nation Comes the moment to decide
In the strife of Truth with falsehood, For the good or evil side.
A great cause, God’s new Messiah, Shows to each the bloom or blight,
So can choice be made by all men Twixt the darkness and the light.
New occasions teach new duties, Time makes ancient creeds uncouth;
They must upward still and onward Who would keep abreast of Truth,
And serenely down the future See the thought of men incline
To the side of perfect justice And to God’s supreme design.
Though the cause of evil prosper, Yet ’tis Truth alone is strong;
Though her portion be the scaffold, And upon the throne be wrong,
Yet that scaffold sways the future, And behind the dim unknown
Standeth God within the shadow Keeping watch above His own.

I loved this powerful summation from Kerry Jenkins Bible Lesson ideas last week. And I find it a wonderful summation for this week also.

“When we are sick and tired of the suggestions of man as material, sick, or sinful we can rethink our sense of self, and of God. We can find God a "refuge", a safe place, and when we "fall" short of this through sin or whatever tempts us, his "everlasting arms" are "underneath" to catch us. I know that is corny, but I'd never seen that statement quite that way. We are never that "fallen", sinful man, because God is underneath us to lift our consciousness into the pure light of Truth. The truth of our nature is always there to replace that false picture, to purify that false sense, to re-form that false image we might have entertained. This truth is powerful because it is true, from God. And while sin leads to death, it is not a "punishment" meted out by a vengeful God, it is only the result of believing so vividly that we live in matter whose ultimate destruction is assured only because of its falsehood. God's gift to us is life eternal, not life in matter, and certainly not death or punishment, in or out of matter!”

May The Source be with you. [And may you, with The Source, enter “the gates of Paradise” (B30) where there’s no chance of accident, loss, or imperfection! (See P.S. below.)]

[Warren’s corny “gates of Paradise” P.S. (B-26, S-30 and S-31, 171:4 and 285:3):
To enter “the gates of Paradise”—or of the kingdom of heaven (or of God) should not be thought of as too difficult since Jesus said “the kingdom of God is within you” (Luke 17:21). This universal salvation of entering the peaceful Paradise of God’s reign within you is the Christ-pronounced identity and destiny of all of you and doesn’t depend on time or on chance. It’s what we are to pray for daily in the “Daily Prayer” given to us by Mary Baker Eddy. (“Thy kingdom come;” let the reign of divine Truth, Life, and Love be established in me, and rule out of me all sin; and may Thy Word enrich the affections of all mankind, and govern them!”, Church Manual, p. 41:19). To find yourself in God’s kingdom (Paradise), “unfallen, upright, pure, and free…” (S-31), it helps to remind yourself often that
“There’s no chance in this Paradise (or this ‘Pair-a-dice…)’!” To help remind me of this I keep on my desk a pair of Monopoly dice that I have altered (and altar-ed with spiritual sense) the common acceptance of randomness and of luck—be it good luck or bad luck. I added just enough dots on each of the six surfaces to make a total of 7 dots per side; no matter how often or oddly these dice are rolled, double 7s, or double completeness, is all that ever comes up. An easy, universal pattern is to add dots with a Sharpie permanent clothes marker with one dot in the middle of each surface and a row of three dots on each side of it. You can modify any pair of dice according to this “pattern shewed to thee on the mount” (Ex. 25:40, Heb. 8:5). This could including dice designed to be hung from a rear-view mirror, but I chose Monopoly dice to link to another large lesson that “One with God is a monopoly” – not just a majority. This concept reminds me (and new Sunday School student drivers who I share it with) of this biblically-based assurance: “The Lord shall preserve thy going out and thy coming in from this time forth, and even for evermore.” (Ps. 121:8) Changing the common notion of chance elevates and brings a calm, all-is-well assurance to all our travels, to our relationships, to employment entry and exit timing for ourselves and others, to elections, to real estate transactions… For this to take place, here’s what Mary Baker Eddy says “must” happen: “we must leave the mortal basis of belief and unite with the one Mind, in order to change the notion of chance to the proper sense of God’s unerring direction and thus bring out harmony.” (SH 424:8) Like “the ancient worthies” who understand “the control that Love held over all,” we can “emulate the example of Jesus.”(S&H, 514: 26…] And, in this Paradise (as with my ‘Pair-a-dice’), there is no chance!”]

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