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Accept ONLY the Immortal Being of God's Revealing — Set the World Free!
Metaphysical Application Ideas the Weekly Bible Lesson for May 10-16, 2010 –
“Mortals and Immortals”
prepared by Kathy Fitzer, C.S., of St. Louis, MO

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Although the subject of the lesson is Mortals and Immortals, we need to understand — and operate from the basis — that all creation is immortal — made in the image of God. What appears as mortal (limited, subject to destruction, exhaustion and death) is but a temporary, false view of things — a drama — that is overturned, as we maintain a steady, focused view of God, good. There is only one creation! We must see ourselves, the world and our fellow man as the expression of God's immortal nature — ever good and complete!
Golden Text:   We are reminded to praise God with our whole being as we remember that God redeems (saves) our lives from “the pit” and crowns us with love and mercy (English Standard Version).  God encircles (Hebrew for crowns) us with His steadfast love and tender mercies, to guide us and deliver us from destruction — from whatever would throw us off track.
Responsive Reading:   When we're in the pit, all we see are the steep walls and scary darkness. It can feel hopeless. But, here we have the promise that God is our Savior (coming from the Hebrew, yasha – meaning be open, wide or free). He causes us to be safe and succors us (supports us in times of distress).  Where the beliefs of mortality would close in on us, God reveals our immortal nature — open, wide, and free. God is our Redeemer (coming from the Hebrew, gaal — meaning to be the next of kin).  God is our closest relative after the tradition of a family always being there — to do whatever is necessary — restoring lost property, marrying a widow, providing a home. Look at the new city God has placed us in, “Violence will disappear from your land; the desolation and destruction of war will end. Salvation will surround you like city walls, and praise will be on the lips of all who enter there” (New Living Translation-NLT).   The promise continues that neither babies nor adults will die before they've lived a full life. The recent Monitor featuring the increasing number living to be over 100 prompts us to realize how limiting we sometimes are in our expectations! Look at all the promises of these verses and then pay attention to the last line to see what is required: “Come to me with your ears wide open. Listen, and you will find life” (NLT).  These chapters of Isaiah were written as a promise of the restoration of the exiled — in the depths of a pit experience — to the safety of Jerusalem.  The same everlasting covenant that was made with David continues.  Love God, draw near to God, and find all the blessings God is constantly bestowing on His people. When you feel lost … turn to God! He sets things right — answering even before we call!
Section 1: Put on the new man!  See yourself as God sees you — immortal and free!
It's tempting to believe there are two realities — the mortal and the immortal. In reality, however, there is just the real — immortal man. Consider the caterpillar and the butterfly. There aren't really two. The caterpillar doesn't die for the butterfly to be born.   As it grows, the caterpillar is transformed, its appearance changes, and it realizes the freedom of flight.  God made us immortal — made in His image, obedient to Mind — even though our presently limited view would indicate we are trapped in a mortal body.  What we call our mortal selfhood is but a limited view of reality — a view that will change “in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trump,” according to Paul.  Flesh and blood doesn't enter God's kingdom.  Change is necessary.  It is a divine action, and when it occurs “what is mortal will have been cloaked with immortality” (B-1 – New Interpreter's Bible).  Just as the munching, creeping caterpillar ultimately yields its identity for the freedom of a butterfly, so mortal consciousness will ultimately yield to the “scientific fact” of being immortal — perfect (complete, whole) and forever intact, and leave behind all mortal limitations (S-1).  Just as the caterpillar doesn't sit around waiting to become a butterfly, but diligently eats and grows, we must take advantage of every opportunity for spiritual growth that comes our way. According to Paul, we must be settled — unmovable — in holding to God's image, and eagerly respond to Christ's demands. This discipline brings results.  What we're munching on is the perfect model of man made in the image of God. This is the “Science of man.” As we lay aside the counterfeit “caterpillar” thoughts and put on the limitless, immortal “butterfly” thoughts, we will put on the “new man” that Paul spoke of (S-5 & B-2).  A caterpillar in a pit sees only a discouragingly long crawl out. A butterfly knows it is but a short flight to freedom. Which do you choose? Don't be fooled into thinking that both matter and Spirit are true. Just one Life — one history — the spiritual. Put on God's man!
Section 2:  Like David, run to meet Goliath! (see I Sam. 17:48)
We are constantly being asked to battle the beliefs of mortality. And, we are constantly bombarded with the suggestions that we don't have what it takes to win the fight. Look at the arguments that were thrown at David when he volunteered to fight Goliath (age, experience, size, insufficient armor) and consider his courage as he overcame each obstacle (B-5).  He didn't depend on the armor another had proven, but on the God that he had relied on before. Go directly to God. Another's demonstration may encourage us, but each battle is unique.   Trying to mimic the demonstration of another or “using a quote” that brought healing to another is like trying to wear someone else's armor. Each demonstration results from fresh reliance on God.  David didn't back down in the face of the bully — he watched divine justice defeat the injustice of evil.  He proved that “It is evil that dies; good dies not” (S-7).  We must do the same — go forward with courage, trusting that Truth does destroy error!  Gradually, we will discover that what appears so menacing in our world is only the vapid fury of mortal mind — lacking spirit, life, or force — and its lack of Principle will cause it to destroy itself (S-9).
But, just as David didn't ignore Goliath, but marched right out to face him, we must face and destroy every error that crosses our thought. It could be argued that this was not David's battle — he wasn't a soldier! That same argument could tempt us to think that dealing with the threats of our day — earthquakes and storms, an oil spill, a failing economy (our own or another's), poverty and famine, war and terrorism, disease, etc — is someone else's  problem to solve.  David understood that no evil can be tolerated. He understood what Isaiah later articulated… that deliverance from evil comes only as God is proven to be supreme (B-4).  Every time we face down evil of any kind (for ourselves or for the world) we are blessing the whole human family (S-12).  That is our responsibility! There is no “big” or “little” error or evil — none should be ignored.  Arm yourself with Truth and attack each suggestion as David did. Watch Goliath fall!
Section 3: You're God's likeness — you can't help being immmortal!
The first chapter of Genesis describes the Science of man — that which is true regardless of the physical evidence to the contrary. Man (all) was made in the image of God and acknowledged as good (B-6). There is no denying the immortal (perpetual, indestructible, immutable) nature of God. The only way to honor God is to also acknowledge the immortal nature of His creation — His image. When faced with crisis, the early church was reminded by the author of I John to stick with what they'd known from the beginning (B-9).  When we are faced with a crisis, we need to go back to the “beginning” — man's immortal nature as the image of God. Mrs. Eddy tells us to “think less of the enactments of mortal mind” in order to “sooner grasp man's God-given dominion (S-15).   The word “enactment” can mean “a law that is passed,” but it can also mean “a process of acting something out.” Since God is the only law-maker, whatever mortal mind presents is an act — an attempt of lawless mythology to present itself as absolute reality. Mortal man is not reality — but a misperception starting from a wrong basis of a creation bearing no resemblance to the only Creator — God, Mind. Christian Science explains that as God's image, God and man are inseparable, existing together forever at the same time and in the same place.   Man reflects Mind — flows forth from Life, Truth, and Love (S-17).  Immortal man — and there is no other real man, but only a temporary misperception of reality — has always been spiritual and eternal. Man coexists with God, and serves the unique role of expressing the fullness of God's being — as the rays of the sun express the fullness of solar light. Cherish being this immortal man — and reject all mortal suggestions as “wannabes.” A knock-off lacks the staying-power of the original.  Identifying yourself (and the universe) as God's original, immortal creation uncovers and destroys mortal mind's most impressive “act.” Don't even bother asking about its origin — just recognize it as a fraud, and take it down!
Section 4:  Master matter through Christ!
Jesus clearly demonstrated that disease is just one more of mortal mind's acts — ripe for destruction! Christ is the eternal expression of God's purpose and grace freeing mankind to experience their God-given immortal nature (B-11).  It was Christ that led the Children of Israel out of bondage and has opened the prison doors of those bound to mortal limitations and persecution throughout time (B-10).  Jesus fully demonstrated the power of Christ, exercising his God-given authority, as when he commanded the man with the withered hand to stretch out his hand. And the man did! (B-12)  Mrs. Eddy elaborates on Jesus' theology (the science of God and divine things — Webster) that was demonstrated in his healing work — and is being demonstrated today.   Jesus “understood man, whose Life is God, to be immortal, and knew that man has not two lives, one to be destroyed and the other to be made indestructible” (S-20).  Jesus refused to sit by and watch mortal mind's show. He wouldn't have sat around and helplessly watched the news of suffering. We must, as Jesus taught us to do, reverse the pictures and “correct material belief by spiritual understanding.” “The less we acknowledge matter or its laws” the more we will see these so-called laws overturned, and the appearance of the evidence of the immortality of man and the universe (S-22).  Only those called upon to speak get to take the stage at a meeting. So, watch what thoughts you acknowledge or call upon to take the stage in your experience. It's not enough to just refuse to acknowledge erroneous suggestions; be sure to also put Christ on center-stage! We have to stop munching on matter [like caterpillars], and [like butterflies] fly up to see a fresh view of reality!
Section 5:  Be perfect — God made you that way!
Does the command to be perfect (B-13) seem unreasonable? Maybe if we think in commonly accepted terms of working up TO a condition of being free of faults. If we start from a mortal basis, it's a long, hard (perhaps impossible) task. But, it is within our reach if we take the higher view that starts from the position that God's immortal creation is already perfect. The English word, perfect, comes from the Latin, perfectus, meaning “completed.”   God made immortal man in His likeness — entire, without blemish, without spot, full, sound, upright, whole (Strong's translation of complete – Hebrew, tamim). God demanded that Abraham walk before him and be perfect (frequently translated blameless), and promised to give him a multitude of descendants.   WE are the descendants of Abraham as we acknowledge God as the Father of a perfect universe.  Starting with God's perfection, and acknowledging God as the only Creator, we naturally arrive at the conclusion that God's creation must be perfect. As we do that, our thought shifts from fear and worry over all the evil that appears part of our world (and our individual lives) to consider immortal reality — to acknowledge that the universe — including man — is governed by a divine Principle (S-26).  We can't get caught up in the false, distorted view presented by the physical senses that portrays life as a mixture of matter and mind. A material body (or a material universe) can never be perfect — complete and spotless (S-24).  So, let's stop trying to make matter perfect and shift thought to SEE the “perfect model of God's creation” (S-23).  Man IS perfect (S-27 & B-17).  The trick is to be an independent thinker. Refuse to conform to the pattern of the world! Just as you often refresh your computer to get the most accurate data, refresh (renew) your thought to see God's will of good — of perfection — here and now!! (B-16)  God made his creation perfect — and we CAN see and demonstrate that perfection. Start with perfect, immortal God and man — stay there — reject the static, and the view will become clear. You'll leave the caterpillar mentality forever, go up higher, and see reality! Why mess with mortality when a perfect, immortal creation is here — now — ready to be seen and experienced! The world needs your prayers and your insights to make apparent that which is real! Be perfect! —Be the immortal you! Blessings abound!

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[PSST- “No matter the threat . . . Love meets all need and bids want be still” Hymn 445 v.2]
Possible Sunday School Topics for the Christian Science Bible Lesson:
“Mortals and Immortals” for May 9-16, 2010, by Merrill Boudreaux, of St. Louis, MO [with bracketed italics by Warren Huff, CedarS' Executive Director]

P.S.S.T. — Golden Text (GT) — Have an attitude of gratitude for the blessings, the benefits that are yours. Begin the class with students sharing gratitude.
[You might want to review these blessings as part of God's “tender mercies” mentioned in the GT, B-15, B-16, & Hymn 445 (new Hymnal Supplement) that Camp hymn-singers eagerly choose to sing about.]

P.S.S.T. — Responsive Reading — Make a list of all the results shared in the Responsive Reading because God is in charge. Are these truths or wishful thinking? Can you rely on God to do what God said She would do? Do you feel blessed?

P.S.S.T. — Section 1 — Here is a reality check: Do you see yourself as God sees you? Do you see others as God sees them? What is the result? Identify the passages in the S&H portion of this section that state that you are as created by God. See also S&H 476:28.

P.S.S.T. — Section 2 — This is a great role play story in the Bible portion. What aids were offered to David? What aids did David take with him? What do you think the five smooth stones represented? Spiritual qualities. What qualities do you think David took with him? Note that he needed only one smooth stone or quality. That is enough! How much of the truth is needed for healing? See S&H 449:2.

P.S.S.T. — Section 3 — What did God say about how you were made? B-6  What did God promise about you? B-9  (“…even eternal life.”)  With you credited as an immortal being where is mortality? S-14  Can you ever be separated from God? S-17  What is the “…rule of perfection…”? S-17 & S-18.

P.S.S.T. — Section 4 — What is the result because you are immortal? S-12  Can you heal? Do you heal? This is a good opportunity for students to write out a CS treatment about an issue in the world, the oil in the Gulf, terrorism in NYC, the European economy — especially the Greek economy, or something else which may be currently an issue for the student. You can do this as the master. S-20
[You may want to go back to comforting reassurances from Hymn 445 v.3 & v.2, “So no matter the need and no matter the threat… Love meets all need and bids want be still.” You can help students set their Christian Science treatments and reassurances in context of meeting their immediate needs – like that of having confidence to take year-end tests and make quick progress even when it seems humanly impossible to avoid failure. See “TEST time” by Sarah Benjamin on page 8 of this week's MyBibleLesson as adapted from her June 9, 2009, article in the Christian Science Sentinel.]

P.S.S.T. — Section 5 — Are you perfect? Why is this so? Who has said so? B-13, B-14. Is God a liar? Of course not! See S-27. You are, not shall be. Look at the Scientific Statement of Being in S&H 468:9. Write a declaration from that statement and answer the questions: Who am I, a mortal or an immortal? Is this my current state or my future state? (Trick question). What can I do because of this current and future state?
[You might want to ask: “Can there be a sweeter comfort, a grace more divine, than the thought that Your love is here and is mine?” (Hymn 445 v.3) Think about and share how having our hearts “fixed on this one guarantee” ( Hymn 445 v.1) of being God's immortal, perfect child–NOW and forever–can make all the difference.]

God made you; God chose you; God chooses you every moment. In fact, God is like a Hallmark card — He cares enough to send His very best.
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