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Join us in a Global, round-the-clock Prayer Watch! extending a CedarS tradition—Now for World Health 2020 (WH-20)!
Grow your "treasures of Truth and Love" with a spiritual sense of “sanitizing”, “social distancing”, and “quarantining”. CedarS Board of Trustees and staff have been exchanging inspiration in response to our prayers about the world's current events. I’m sharing this uplift for further dissemination and you are invited to forward it to anyone you think would be blessed by joining us.

[Anonymous CedarS Camps Board Member:]
Earlier this week, I took some time to pray and listen for a right idea about some of the claims and so-called precautions that seem to be the focus of conversation among friends and co-workers, including concepts of “sanitizing”, “social distancing”, and “quarantining”. The answer to my prayer came in the form of questions:

With regard to the concept of “sanitizing”: Am I cleansing my thought, scrubbing away the fearful and false beliefs of disease, and wiping away any acceptance of material and medical so-called laws? Am I admitting into consciousness only pure and healthy thoughts that come to me as the Christ-idea voicing good and only good?

“Social distancing”: Am I “distancing” myself from the carnal mind’s hypnotic reports (suggestions) of confusion, dread, fear, and chaos? Am I claiming my true identity as the perfect child of God, wrapped safely in the arms of Love, constantly protected from any false sense of separation and harm?

“Quarantining”: Am I quarantining myself in Christ Jesus’ closet (Matt. 6:6) where I can shut the door (on fearful, anxious suggestions) and pray to my Father in secret knowing that He will reward me openly? Quarantining in “the secret place of the most High” (Ps. 91) “under the shadow of the Almighty” where there is “no evil” and where no “plague [can] come nigh [my or anyone else’s] dwelling”?

It became clear to me that I (and we all) have the Divine right and Divine authority to answer all of these questions in the affirmative. I will endeavor to exercise that Divine authority. Please join me!”

“CedarS Prayer Watch” tradition has been effective and enthusiastically supported each session for over twenty summers: While it has been engaged in primarily by all parents who can participate while their children are at camp, we lovingly request that you continue CedarS 24-hour-a-day Parent Prayer Watch tradition. One way to take part would be to find the first letter of your last name beside an hour of the day in the list below. Then watch with us one hour — the hour assigned to you (whenever you begin). Each successive day, please move down three hours, as we seek to more evenly rotate the watch. So, if your last name begins with H like ours, please pray with us the first day of the session between 9 and 10 p.m.; the second day from midnight to 1 a.m.; the third day from 3 to 4 a.m.; etc.

(With the worldwide reach of time zones there’s no need to synchronize our "watches" on “CedarS Time" or abide by the schedule below—Just do it on God’s time and we’ll all be blessed and well covered!)

A=2-3 pm G=8-9 pm M=2-3 am T=8-9 am

B=3-4 pm H=9-10 pm N=3-4 am U=9-10 am

C=4-5 pm I=10-11 pm O=4-5 am V=10-11 am

D=5-6 pm J=11pm-12am P=5-6 am W=11 am -12 pm

E=6-7 pm K=12-1 am Q-R=6-7 am X-Y=12-1 pm

F=7-8 pm L=1-2 am S=7-8 am Z=1-2pm

Many of you may have schedules that won't allow you to conform to the chart. Some may have to set an alarm to wake up, watch and pray in the middle of the night. More important than following the chart’s set hours is setting aside quality time in the spirit of daily affirming God's care of our children. But thanks for being receptive to watching with us an hour each day. Those willing to sacrifice an hour of sleep can affirm: "The highest and sweetest rest, even from a human standpoint, is in holy work." And, that not the bed, but “The consciousness of Truth (c.o.T.) rests us more than hours of repose in unconsciousness.” (S&H 519: 28; 218:7).

To help you affirm that "All is well" during your hourly "mets" and daily watches, there are audio “Prac Talks” on our website, as well as the following ideas and citations that you may wish to explore and cherish with us:

1. Reinforce your prayers by affirming the truths that Mary Baker Eddy states in her article on “Contagion.” It’s full of relevant inspiration, as well as the promise that “A calm, Christian state of mind is a better preventative of contagion than a drug, or than any other possible sanative method; and the ‘perfect Love’ that ‘casteth out fear’ is a sure defense” (Misc. Writings 229).

2. Rejoice in the Passover, whereby, through full obedience to God's commands, the Hebrews were (and we are) marked, or set apart, and completely protected from all plagues that would attempt to "come nigh thy dwelling" (Ps. 91, all of it). Deny any suggestions of contagion, irritation, or disease. Also, Heb 11:28, John 13:1-17, Misc. 228:30, and S&H 176:31.

3. Discover Timeless Priorities for this Prayer Watch, by studying: Matthew 6:33; Hymn 455; Science and Health 55: 22; 4:3; 497:3.

4. Review God's guidance in the founding, naming and work of CedarS (Ps 92: 12-13 & Ps 104:16-17) and in the explanation of its purpose (Isa 35:2-10). To hear an excellent articulation of CedarS 5 Fundamentals by alumni staff Merrill Boudreaux, C.S. go to

5. Give retroactive treatments, as needed, to yourself (and for your children). Even bad memories are amenable to Christian Science healing. A blessing cannot leave a scar. Phil 3:13, 14; Eccl 3:15.

6. Affirm with us that a Christian Science approach to healing is "faster, higher and stronger" than any other method. Like a Defense Attorney, we treat each individual as innocent. The Scientific Statement of Being declares that "All is infinite Mind and its infinite manifestation, for God is All-in-all" (S&H 468:9-15). Let’s experience and prove the allness of our spiritual being as God's perfect, whole, and beautiful children. We have many resources with which to overcome challenges and claim our true identity — just look at Christ Jesus' example (Mark 9:35-37). Remember these Biblical promises: that God's creation is done, completely perfect and good, ever unfolding to our perception; that His Word accomplishes that for which it is sent; that His Word is made flesh and provable now; that His Christ is here, speaking to each one; that His “will be done in earth, as in heaven.” (Lord’s Prayer, Matthew 6:10)

7. Continue prayerfully "on the same page" with us by visiting to hear any of CedarS ongoing, daily "Prac(titioner) Talks" (for the last 14 summers even).

**Check out a new resource of 50+ online videos at and Blogs being added each week now of outreach suitable for children (of all ages) and families at home. Included here are past Freedom Talks, Practitioner Talks & a series of reenactments of skits written for stories in the Christian Science Bible Lessons….

Ever divinely embraced with you since “His habitation high is here and nigh, His arm encircles me and mine and all!”
(Mary Baker Eddy, Poem/Hymn 212 and others)

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