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A BONUS inspirational offering for you!  Happy Groundhog Day!
When healing/headway’s been delayed, here’s your resilient-love pep talk!

from Warren Huff, CedarS Executive Director Emeritus
(revised from my first post on February 1st, 2003)

Happy Groundhog Day resilience to YOU!
Beyond a
“shadow” of a doubt!

In a few hours on February 2nd, when our furry forecaster Phil emerges at 7:25am ET in Punxsutawney, PA, you may want to join me in thinking about some of the fun, healing lessons in the movie, “Groundhog Day.” (Click here to places to watch or stream the movie)

Those who seem to wake up day after day to the same nightmarish conditions, no matter how hard they pray, need despair no longer! When so-called involuntary, economic, viral or bodily conditions seem “socked in” beyond your control forever, it may help to remember the situation that Bill Murray faced in the movie, “Groundhog Day.” No matter what he did, he awoke each day, stuck in the same scenario of circumstances that looked beyond his control.

Here are divine laws that at first seem to be blatantly violated for Bill Murray, and may seem that way for you:
1) The 3rd commandment (Exodus 20:7) that could be read as this heavenly promise: “As God’s reflection, ‘Thou shalt not (be able to) take God’s name (or nature of love) in vain’;” (or to no avail) and
2) The divine law that “There is no involuntary action.” (Science & Health187:22 by Mary Baker Eddy)

In “Groundhog Day,” Bill Murray was so frustrated by what seemed like such a hopeless, repetitious situation that he attempted suicide — many times even, and in different ways, only to find that suicide was no solution either, since the same problems repeated themselves the following day. Finally, he rebelled against the feeling of frustration and involuntary helplessness by making a conscious, voluntary decision that he could be happy by spreading happiness and seeking constant self-improvement, even if his prospects and conditions never seemed to improve. The result of this voluntary, joyous, selfless action, in rebellion to his involuntary situation broke the dead-lock and produced daily, progressive joy and good deeds. He consciously decided, no matter what, to take on God’s name, or nature, and that was not in vain.

Similarly, Joseph refused to be discouraged whenever he was thrown into the pits! (See Genesis 37-39) First, came the pit of the slavery that Joseph was sold into because of the jealousy of his brothers. Do you ever seem to be an apparent slave to anything or anyone, due to circumstances beyond your control? To mope over this seeming condition as a reality is to affirm your enslavement and so argue against your own case for freedom and happiness. Instead, keep affirming your freedom and strive to glimpse in advance the pure joy of your God-ordained liberty. Such settled, inner joy allowed Joseph to give excellent service to his master and earned him a promotion. But again, he was unjustly torpedoed, this time sentenced to prison by the false accusation of an unrequited lover.

Again, Joseph refused to be discouraged, but found joy in servicing as he was able to and in “blooming where he was planted.” And, thanks to God’s plan of salvation and network of “grace that makes beauty out of everything,” (U2 song called “Grace.”) Joseph was able to interpret Pharaoh’s dream and to save his whole region as well as his own family from starvation with the grain he was led to stockpile and ration. [See Gen. 41:1-57]

And, speaking of grain, remember the lessons that lowly oysters teach us about what to do with irritating grains of sand or grit. Oysters apply layer upon layer of secretion (the secret ingredient of Love) on the irritant and so produce beautiful pearls. Our finest gems, the “pearl(s) of great price,” are due to properly treating long time irritations. As Forest Gump might say, “Grit happens. Make Pearls!”

Although most of the healings I’ve had or witnessed been quick, the Groundhog or pearl-type usually produce more character transformation and spiritual growth. As Mary Baker Eddy’s New Year’s Verse for the Big Children ends:
“In the way Thou hast, Be it slow or fast, Up to Thee.” (Poems, 69:12)

God’s will for you is always good, always health and wholeness, so be resilient and despair no longer! Let your smile return right away! Cultivate and rejoice not only your unique, divine (self) image and likeness, but also your selfless interest in others, in ice-carving, piano playing, dream-interpreting or whatever other wonderful ways you are led to uniquely share your one-of-a-kind, inner beauty, talents and love.

And always remember, God loves you, the real you, “to infinity and beyond”— and so do I!
Punxsutawney Phil
P.S.  Remember too that no matter whether I (Phil) see my own shadow or not at dawn, YOU will never see your own shadow or be fearful, as long as you are facing the sun— or the Son!


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