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Enjoy new insights inspired by the Christian Science Bible Lesson on Love. Catch a higher vision of God's view of the role of womanhood and the Comforter from Cobbey Crisler, and from a poem from Ken Cooper on "Love" that although sent earlier floated in cyberspace until today. To download it go to the online version and click on the PDF file in upper right.]

Warren’s PS#9—(transcribed with love this morning for you from "Jesus and the Equality of Woman" by) Cobbey Crisler on God‘s view of the role of womanhood, motherhood and daughterhood (Golden Text, B1, S2, S3, S4, S5, B7, B8, S7, S8, S9, S10, B9, B10, B11, S14, B13, B14, S18, B18, S22, B21, B22, S27) and on the Comforter (Golden Text, B22, B24, S25):

“We find in investigating the Old Testament as well as the New, that the woman in travail is an image, a metaphor, used in prophecyalmost as often as Messiah. For the epitome of that, look at the 12 chapter of Revelation where we find not a novel figure at all, simply a repetition of a symbol that has been seen throughout the Scriptures. Remember womanhood and Comforter, and comfort and love and motherhood her all closely linked as well as Scriptural ideas. So the concept of womanhood and comfort and the Comforter perhaps having relation to womanhood’s fulfillment of prophecy and the Genesis 1 role of God-given dominion may all be linked up. At least it’s worthwhile investigating to see what the Bible says.

As a matter of fact, here is what the Anchor Bible says about the figure in Revelation 12. See if you have ever looked at it from this angle.

“In Revelation 12 there is a mysterious symbolic figure of a woman who has a key figure in the drama of salvation. There can be no doubt that Revelation is giving the Christian enactment of the drama foreshadowed in Revelation 3:15 where enmity is places between the serpent and the woman, between the serpent’s seed and her seed—and the seed of the woman enters into conflict with the serpent. However, often in the Bible collective figures are based on historical ones. This, the fact that woman represents the people of God [generic man] would not at all preclude a reference to an individual woman who is the basis of the symbolism.”

So, you see that Bible scholars are wrestling with the concept that what we have in Revelation 12 is the remedy for Eve. All the stereotypical womanhood elements, all the failures, all the mistakes, all the errors associated with the Eve-subordinated woman have now been swallowed up in the Transfiguration of womanhood clothed with the sun and the moon under her feet. Remember that part of the curse on womanhood humanly is the periodic monthly complaints, monthly-and-moon-related.

We find that this ideal view of spiritual womanhood in Verse 1 of Chapter 12 restores the dignity of women’s dominion. Her feet are on the moon. That is the Scriptural symbol long-recognized in the Bible for dominion, “the moon under her feet.” Thus the Book of Revelation, a book that is attributed in its first verse to Jesus, which authorizes our including it in a course relating “Jesus and the Equality of Women”: this comparison between Eve and the dominion woman, the contest again between Genesis 2 and Genesis 1, and womanhood having that right on earth to embody the dominion of Genesis 1.

Should a man be entitled to overcome the problems or stereotypes on womanhood?
If so, woman would not have dominion. Is it womanhood’s right to respond to her God-given role prophetically? Are we ourselves perhaps, living in one of the most thrilling times of history? What would make these times thrilling despite their inherent dangers? It would be the spirit of prophecy. Is that happening? Can we see the signs of the times? Is manhood waiting to be fulfilled and completed as in the seven days when God himself rested after the completion of “male and female created he them”? (Genesis 1:27)

Until womanhood receives her appropriate Scriptural place, her God-given place, how can man rest in completion? How can man be generic? How can we, hand-in-hand symbolizing a higher spiritual unity than ever before, find ourselves co-residents of the Holy City, a city that has nothing but what is holy in it, a city that establishes our original relationship? No wonder when the Bible closes, we are asked to respond to one of the most heavenly invitations in its pages, “the Spirit and the Bride say, Come” (Revelation 22:17)

But, Ladies and Gentlemen, we cannot respond to that invitation to the wedding feast, God‘s view of creation, without our having on a wedding garment. That, hopefully, is what our search the Scriptures will give us. And we bring to that wedding feast our own thoughts uplifted to the sense of manhood and womanhood united forever by God with full dominion, no subordination or domination—no thought of sex— but a full, complete, joyous image of the Father-Mother divine parent. That’s what the Scriptures are holding out for us to prove in our lives. Then, let us go forward and be part of the fulfillment of that prophecy.”
Jesus and the Equality Of Woman, by B. Cobbey Crisler

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