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Pledge to Bring the Beatitudes into your life as Bible Characters did when God Answered Prayers for them. [Live “A.P. Bible History” on CedarS “Time Travelers Trail” using Warren Huff’s pledges for the Beatitudes (Matt. 5:3-12) & Larry Groce’s Beatitude song, written for CedarS]

(1) “Blessed are they who are free from pride. Theirs is the kingdom of heaven.” [Larry Groce]

  • At the start of CedarS “Time Travelers Trail” at Abraham’s step, we review that Jesus said: “Before Abraham was I AM.” & “I of mine own self can do nothing.”
  • A helpful acronym is “Q-T.I.P.” It stands for Quit Taking It Personally!
  • Abram==>Abraham obediently left his comfort zone to find his growth zone.
  • He gave his nephew LOT the first choice of land and offered radical Hospitality to strangers and so “entertained angels unawares.”

Repeat: “Like Abraham, Sarah and Hagar, I pledge to be hospitable to angel thoughts that when they direct me to do so … to be free enough from pride … to instantly and confidently leave behind … my comfort zone and the merely material.”

(2) “Blessed are they who hurt inside and comfort to them be given.” [Larry Groce]

  • In hiking the Patriarchs and Matriarchs timeline of the Bible, we review how: Abram and Sarai’s hopes for a child were disappointed and deferred for decades;
  • How Jacob grieved over the lying message of the loss of his favorite son, Joseph;
  • How Joseph was hurt by being sold into slavery and unjustly imprisoned;
  • And how all the above characters were given the comfort: of a long-awaited child; of the reversal of the “blundering dispatch” about Joseph’s death; and, of freedom to serve and save humanity and to bloom wherever one is planted.

Repeat: “Like Jacob, when hurt inside…, I pledge to wrestle with angels… and refuse to let them go until they bless me… Like Joseph, when hurt inside… I will refuse to be discouraged… and will “live to give” and to bless those around me…and so I too will be blessed and comforted.”

(3, 4) “Blessed are the patient, the kind and the meek.
If you look for goodness* you’ll find what you seek.”
[Larry G] *hunger, thirst for righteousness

  • At the Exodus platform on CedarS 1/4-mile, Bible-timeline trail, pause to appreciate how Moses learned patience (40 years in Egypt, 40 in Exile, 40 in the wilderness)
  • In total meekness, Moses had to lean “on the sustaining infinite” to lead and feed the multitude as they journeyed for 40 years in the wilderness. (S&H vii:1)
  • Speaking of the Ten Commandments given to Moses (that are still guideposts today), Geith Plimmer, CS said: “The kindest word in the English language is NO.” [Warren Huff adds: “What could be a more kind, healing, mental climate than to love God and our fellow man so that we have: NO worries; NO thinking most things that aren’t up to being worship; NO obsessive graven images; NO habitually saying “OMG” (unless praying); NO forgetting about the present perfection of God’s creation (the Sabbath); NO disrespect for right authority; NO anger, put-downs or killing; NO lust or adultery; NO stealing; NO saying or thinking what’s not true; NO jealousy. (Exodus 20)
  • “Moses was very meek, above all…” (Number 12:3) And, Jesus said “I of mine own self do nothing.” (John 5:30) before healing and solving every problem known to mankind.

Repeat: “Like Moses, I pledge to be patient… even when my freedom or another’s seems a long time coming … I will “hunger and thirst” for right and for meekness … in all that I say­ and do … and so enter into the Promised Land I seek.”

(5) “Blessed are they who are quick to forgive. They too, will be forgiven.” [Larry Groce]

  • At the United Monarchy platform on CedarS 1/4-mile, Bible-timeline trail, pause to appreciate how Abigail changed the course of history by quickly persuading David to forgive her rude husband, Nabal.
  • Learn how a penitent David was forgiven, not only for his premeditated adultery with Bathsheba, but also for the murder of her Hittite soldier husband, Uriah.

Repeat: “Like David, when I’m offended… by another’s rudeness and disrespect… I too will quickly be forgiving­…and I too will be forgiven my shortcomings.

(6) “Blessed are they who are pure in heart, Children who walk in the light.” [Larry Groce]

  • Walk the Talk! Daniel 1-3 – Shadrach, Meshach & Abednego (and Daniel) refused to defile themselves with the king’s food & drink (Dan. 1:9) or to bow down to his graven image or music, so they (and the king) saw the Christ with them in the burning fiery furnace where only their bonds were burned and no smell of smoke was left on them. (Dan. 3)

Repeat: “Like Shadrach, Meshach & Abednego…when I’m surrounded by pressure to bow down to matter… and to worship its idols…I pledge to remain pure in heart… Like them when persecuted…I will be able to walk in the light of Christ…knowing that only my bonds will be burned … and that no ill effects, or even bad memories, will follow.

(7) “Blessed are the peacemakers in this world, they win without a fight.” [Larry Groce]

With respect, creativity, firmness in the right, and confidence in Love, peacemakers win without a fight!

  • “Understanding the control that Love holds over all, Daniel felt safe in the lions’ den and Paul proved the viper to be harmless.” (S&H 514)
  • See Daniel’s calm trust in the lion’s den as shown in Briton Riviere prints

Repeat: “Like Daniel, when I’m surrounded by strife and seeming enemies … I pledge to win without a fight… by “understanding the control that Love holds over all” … and by ‘think(ing) without strife.’” (a motto from the CedarS song)

(8) “If you follow Christ and try to live his way, you’ll be persecuted (or challenged) like the prophets in their day. But rejoice, be glad, wipe your tears away, for yours is the kingdom of heaven.” [Larry Groce]

  • A Mary Baker Eddy Motto: “Do right & Fear not!” …
  • “even if it’s not popular thing to do” – CedarS Torchbearer Pledge
  • It’s our turn in history to carry on the tradition of rejoicing “all the rugged way” because we know how it ends and that good always wins! (CS Hymnal 304)

Repeat: “Like Jesus in the Garden of “Gethsemane” … I pledge to do God’s will… to bravely forgive & love my foes like he did … “meeting no response…but still remaining love.” (SH 586)

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