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8-13-21 Prac Talk by Beth Eggers, C.S., reminding us  whenever the daily dirt of material views would fill in the wells of God-centered inspiration felt at CedarS to re-dig them year-round.

Beth shared what precious and powerful traditions tonight’s Talent Show and Awards Night are! When families go home tomorrow they can remember to follow Isaac’s example of always re-digging the wellsprings of God-centered inspiration that they felt at CedarS whenever the daily dirt of material views would fill them in.

[Note: Below is the actual text from Beth for her Prac Talk!

CedarS Camps Friday Morning Practitioner Talk at Family Camp

August 13, 2021, by Beth Eggers, C.S.

It’s Talent Show night! We saw our first CedarS Camps talent show when we brought the family to pick up their brother after his first year at camp. We watched Bible-based skits which made us laugh, touched our spirits, and gave us music that put a spring in our steps and a song in our hearts. Our kindergartener turned to me with shining eyes and said, “Mom! I love what they do with Christian Science here!! Can I come next year?”

What did his childlike purity perceive about what happens here at CedarS Camps? – The fact that we are encouraged to look at everything we do here with a God-centered view untainted by human will. This view refreshes us and makes us all WANT TO COME BACK NEXT YEAR!

Reading Genesis one day, I noticed a story about Isaac that I hadn’t focused on before. Isaac had brought his nomadic people back to the land his father, Abraham, had established. He discovered the wells that his father had dug were covered over. The people needed wells as they moved from camp to camp, so Isaac received permission from resident tribes to uncover the wells. Later, he found that some tribesmen prevented them from using the wells.

I was impressed with Isaac’s grace. He didn’t become impatient or discouraged. He just kept digging new wells with an “only one God”-centered view, as Abraham had done before him, and the people always had fresh water.

At camp we dig mental wells filled with spiritual inspiration and qualities such as playfulness, joy, brotherly love, forgiveness and more, drawing from a divine Love-centered view. When we return home, sometimes it seems that the matter-based view of human-will starts to cover our well over. Like Isaac we can quickly remember to share our joy, and to live by the Golden Rule, seeing others as we’d like to be seen, and treating each other kindly. Soon, our natural God-centered view comes into focus again, and our wells fill with fresh inspiration from Truth and Love.

Have a grace-filled year everyone!!


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