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Download Update on Daniel inspiration for church or Sunday School from CedarS 7-17-21 Prac Talk on Riviere prints of Daniel in the den…
Christie Hanzlik, CS, shared in our outdoor chapel how the way Daniel handled his lions’ den experience is a perfect model for us when facing any scary situation. She shared handouts (see  below the Listen link at the bottom of the webpage) with copies of Briton Rivière’s prints of Daniel in the lions’ den and notes about Mary Baker Eddy’s regard for these prints that she displayed in her home as inspiring reminders that allowed her to win without a fight in every situation.
The Listen link, besides leading you to the Downloads for Riviere’s artwork on Daniel and the MBE Library notes on it at the bottom of the page, will allow you to see a video at the top of the page of this “Prac Talk” shot on 7-17-21 in Mary’s outdoor Chapel.
Note that onsite camp protocols per agreements with our local health department specified that those at camp (all healthy and now here for at least a week of Session 3) all followed pre-arrival guidelines and have been grouped in cohorts that are identified by colorful bracelets with our “grace” theme. We have affectionately been calling them “gracelets.” Campers and staff are occasionally shown in this video and are seated by cohorts in Mary’s outdoor Chapel and distanced from other cohorts; as such, masks are optional during daily “Prac Talks” and Sunday Hymns Sings in this outdoor, hillside setting that overlooks our two lakes and Bible Lands Park. We love to spiritualize thought in such a heavenly place that will host a wonderful Sunday School and Hymn Sing today as well as always-hopping Wednesday evening testimony meetings. We are deeply grateful to be together for camp in person again and for all the spiritual growth and Christian character development that this brings!
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