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PSST Golden Text: What does it mean to call "you" the temple of God? (Jesus declares he will rebuild the "temple" in three days when referring to his days in the tomb prior to his resurrection.) How can we keep the temple of God, which is us, holy?


PSST Responsive Reading: To purify our temples (bodies/expressions), what can we forget that is behind?  What is new that we can reach forward to?


PSST Section 1: Examine the concept of "covenant" throughout this lesson.  What promises has God made to us, and what is our side of the covenant that we must keep up?  You can find the first grouping of these in the Bible, markers 2 and 3.


PSST Section 2: What does it mean to live, move and have our being in God (B9), and yet also recognize that man is not God (S10)? Explore the concepts of identity and reflection as you consider this concept.


PSST Section 3: Error cannot stand on its own – it must attach itself to Truth to seem real.  What errors of body and soul attempt to present themselves as real/truth?  How can we identify these errors and not fall prey to their temptation? How do we ensure that we are constantly "governed by Soul" (S14)?


PSST Section 4: What is prophecy but the promise of things to come, or the promise of things to be revealed?  What promises has God made that the Bible presents as fulfilled?  What promises are we given in the Science of being?


PSST Section 5: Have your students ever had occasion to be firm in the face of error?  What did it take for Jesus to so strongly and authoritatively dismiss the money-changers; and then what did it take for Jesus to turn around and heal the blind and lame (B21)?  What aspects of Christian character is Jesus demonstrating that we can work to emulate?


PSST Section 6: What is our role in the body of Christ? How can we support and promote Christ as the head?  What can we do to perpetuate Christ's church – and what is the real purpose of this work?

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