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Possible Sunday School Topics (PSSTs) for The Christian Science Quarterly Bible Lesson:

“Is the Universe, Including Man, Evolved by Atomic Force?”
for December 11-17, 2023

prepared by Merrill Boudreaux, C.S., for CedarS Camps   •   314-308-1059

P.S.S.T.  Golden Text (GT)/I Corinthians 3:18,19: “Let no man deceive himself…. For the wisdom of this world is foolishness with God.”

Does God intend that the mysteries of the universe are hidden from man and kept a secret by God? What do your students know of discoveries over time made by man that shine a spotlight on how the universe is developing, and what is revealed about man during this discovery process? Think in terms of Galileo, Newton, Einstein, Hubble, among so many others. What questions do your students have about the subject of this week’s Bible Lesson?

Responsive Reading (RR)/Romans 11:33,36; 1Cor.1:19-21,25; 1Cor.2:12,13—Good News Translation in Today’s English Version-Second edition

Reinforce for students the wisdom of using the scientific method when probing for answers to their questions:

  •  What is the question to be raised
  •  What is a hypothetical answer
  •  Test the answer for truth
  •  Apply the answer to other similar observations

Even when using the scientific method, do not discount inspiration when observing or questioning the results.

Read together the last passage in the Responsive Reading: “So then, we do not speak in words taught by human wisdom, but in words taught by the Spirit, as we explain spiritual truths to those who have the Spirit” (1 Cor.2:13).

P.S.S.T.  Section 1 – God reveals God-nature to man by shining light in the dark places, the long-held beliefs about the nature of man and the universe. But where and how do we begin? Mary Baker Eddy states in citation S1/Science & Health 275:6-12: “The starting-point of divine Science is that God, Spirit, is All-in-all,..” and in citation S2/330:11-12: “God is infinite, the only Life, substance, Spirit, or Soul, the only intelligence of the universe, including man.” That sounds like a complete description to me, and is inclusive, not exclusive.

P.S.S.T.  Section 2 – Read together the story of Daniel and Belshazzar in this section. This may be unfamiliar to some students. So, what do they make of how the story unfolded? How could Daniel provide the interpretation to the King when so many other learned scholars did not? See a hint of his scientific approach to problem-solving as stated in citation S8/195:19:
“Observation, invention, study, and original thought are expansive and should promote the growth of mortal mind out of itself, out of all that is mortal.”

The scientific method may be considered right reasoning, and it is available to you today. There is no mystery in the universe which is hidden, but rather is revealed, as it was to Daniel.

P.S.S.T.  Section 3 – In the scripture story of Peter and the fishes in this 3rd section, what is the difference between Peter’s approach and Jesus’ approach? What was the result for each? Which one was scientific?

Mary Baker Eddy drives home the point in citation S13/313:23-26, “Jesus of Nazareth was the most scientific man that ever trod the globe. He plunged beneath the material surface of things, and found the spiritual cause.”

Are you willing to be a Daniel or Peter when seeking and applying the truths of the universe, that which showcases the scientific statement of being?

P.S.S.T.  Section 4 – Again, think in terms of the questions this Lesson causes you to consider. The answers that came to Daniel, to Peter, and to the nobleman in this 4th section, are examples that encourage us to take our questions to the divine Mind. What is the result?

Citation S21/162:9 states, “The effect of this Science is to stir the human mind to a change of base, on which it may yield to the harmony of the divine Mind.”

When considering questions, it is wise to acknowledge that there always comes a decision time as to whether to follow “mortal mind or immortal mind” (see citation S22/195:11-12).

See the clarity from Joshua when considering questions in Joshua 24:15. Now read these two home-run statements in citations S23/423:8-12 & S24/295:5-8

“The Christian Scientist, understanding scientifically that all is Mind, commences with mental causation, the truth of being, to destroy the error. This corrective is an alterative, reaching to every part of the human system” (cit. S23)

“God creates and governs the universe, including man. The universe is filled with spiritual ideas, which He evolves, and they are obedient to the Mind that makes them” (cit. S24)

P.S.S.T.  Section 5 – Here is another biggie to be added to the list: Paul. How was Paul practicing the scientific method to heal the father of Publius? There is an outline of an approach to take in the entire Science & Health portion of this section. It is worth reading it in its entirety.
What do you consider the key points?

P.S.S.T.  Section 6 – A summation:

  •  The Lord by wisdom hath founded the earth (cit. B17/Prov. 3:19)
  •  By understanding hath he established the heavens (cit. B17/Prov. 3:19)
  •  The Son of God is come (cit. B18/1 John 9:20)
  •  Hath given us an understanding (cit. B18/1 John 9:20)
  •  God forms and peoples the universe (cit. S32/509:16)
  •  The divine nature appears “in man and the universe never to disappear” (cit. S32/509:20)

This is a promise given to you throughout all time and eternity. Amen.

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