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18-Whole Disc Golf as “the song of Moses & the song of the Lamb (Rev. 15:3, dominion = 10 C.+ 8B.)
Let your heart sing a song of the GRACE of LOVE LIVED as an impervious Mental defense of your unconditional joy & freedom!

Play & pray 10 Commandments Frisbee often with PLEDGES (text below & Downloadable)  and/or 8 Beatitudes Frisbee (with text pledges* ideally laminated & taped underneath!)
“Flip the script” on slavery to preoccupying fables to enjoy this fun game with its serious, life-altering and “altar-ing” blessings!

(p. 1 of 4) Object, Set-up, Scoring & Rules of Frisbee Golf
for Me to Be the Best I can Be!”

THE OBJECT OF THE GAME is for each player/prayer to “make their own” and so internalize the healing mindset of feeling their completeness or wholeness in an inspired, confident sense of oneness with God and to LIVE that LOVE. Before  each player throws a Commandments Frisbee or Beatitudes Frisbee they need to say aloud the first line of the Commandment or Beatitude they are aiming to demonstrate (once again) BEFORE they throw the disc at the target.

SET-UP OF TARGET(S): While an ideally Bible-Outdoors “game-board” might be the 18-hole Frisbee Golf Course with disc catching targets or “holes” that are being developed in CedarS Bible Lands Park (CBLP)*, it can be simple a back and forth, 2-hole course (with life-course curriculum) in a backyard or side-yard of your home or Sunday School. I’ve used trees and yard signs as targets and blankets as disc landing pads. *Each of 18-targets in CBLP Disc Golf in the course being developed in CBLP will be where a Commandment/Beatitude was proved and have a QR code there to explain it and its applications to today.

THROWING TECHNIQUE: Results are best when one lines up the target with your disc in hand out in front of you in flat position aimed directly at the target and with the mental defense goal in mind as well. Then state that goal while taking the disc back and launching it firmly directly at that target with a flat and firm release. A weak or tilted release will cause it to curve off-course and “miss the mark” (“sin” in Greek).

SCORING: If they throw before making the declaration/pledge they need to start over and that will count as a throw/shot against their desired low score. Of course, the ideal, as in golf, would be to get a hole in one for every target. So, a perfect lowest possible score to win would be 10 for the 10 Commandment holes and 8 for the 8 Beatitude holes.

After throwing a player needs to go stand by their disc and the one who is closest to the hole throws their second shot AFTER SAYING ALOUD the key 🔑second declaration which is an AFFIRMATION in “Commandants Frisbee” since the first statement was a Denial.
This alternation between denials and affirmations is the pattern used by Mary Baker Eddy in her “Scientific Statement of Being” (S& H 468). It trains us in how to be good attorneys to mentally defend ourselves and everything we love! The letter D.A. in a court of law stand for Defense Attorney. A good one will argue only on the side of defending their client which here is your thought so that it’s not in prison by fables of lack and other self-imposed, mental limitations.

The ultimate goal is for each player to practice INTERNALIZING the feeling of being “Whole in One!”— in the oneness of divine Love’s Allness. And on wholeness & the Commandments, here’s Mary Baker Eddy’s take on Eccl. “… Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter: love God and keep His commandments: for this is the whole of man in His image and likeness.” (Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, Mary Baker Eddy, p. 340: 9–12

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A Commandments/Beatitudes Frisbee Golf game & its Nos & Yeses.
Overcome the flood (of worldly obsessions & lusts with a strong, “No-and-Yes” Love of the Commandments and the Beatitudes! —
Cobbey Crisler insights connected to Revelation 12


[Cobbey Crisler:] “Our defense against the dragon and its FLOOD in Revelation 12 is the “No-and-Yes” Love found in the Commandments and Beatitudes…
“The red dragon has seven heads and ten horns [Revelation 12:3]. What would that perhaps relate to? Methodius, an early Christian, writing at the last of the Third Century, indicates to those to whom he is writing that the ten horns of the dragon are the opposites of the Decalogue. What could gore us, lay us absolutely open, completely open to the world’s weapons than to deny the Commandments, fail to use them, or openly live in opposition to them?’

“Take the Commandments [Exodus 20: 3-5, 7, 8, 12, 13-17]. Reverse each one. Look what’s happening to our world today. See if the dragon’s horns are not goring humanity freely and with license.

“Thou shalt commit adultery” [Exodus 20:14].  Beginning to look like the rule rather than the exception.  When that happens [as it did in Amnon’s rape of Tamar in II Samuel 13:1-19], that’s one of the dragon’s horns, if Methodius is correct.

“Thou shalt kill” [Exodus 20:13].  There’s hardly a television program in which we don’t come up with some fictionalized representation of murder.

“Thou shalt steal” [Exodus 20:15].  Time magazine has reported shoplifting as the key crime in our country.

“What are the rules?  Why are we ignoring the Commandments?  What would the seven head, perhaps, relate to in Revelation 12:3?  They have crowns (coronas) on them. They’re claims to sovereignty when the crowns are on those heads.

“In the Book of Revelation, we started right out with John saying [in Chapter 1, Verse 1] that the revelation was coming to him from Jesus and through Jesus from the seven Spirits of God [Verse 4]. Not eight, not six, but you find the seven Spirits of God mentioned throughout the Book of Revelation.  Like the seven branches of the menorah, like Zechariah’s [4:2] beautiful vision of the Godhead in that way, seven lamps and seven pipes.  These seven aspects of God, if denied, opposed, vilified, held up to ridicule, is that what those heads are claiming such sovereignty, is that what they’re doing within?

… “This dragon [Revelation 12:3], is again the nature of our enemy here.  What are the weapons? The dragon has heads, horns, crowns (corona… coronavirus) on the heads, a tail, flood.  All these are weapons…Is our attention toward the head of the dragon?
And is the sting in the tail?  That’s where Moses was told to pick up the serpent [Exodus 4:3, 4]. Then the defense system of our within must involve knowing what the tail of the dragon would do as well as the head.  Not just the obvious approach in this warfare, but the ambushments, the deceits, the smokescreens.  Being surrounded by the enemy, to watch against that.”

The flood. In Isaiah [59:19] we’re told when the enemy comes in like a flood, what happens? “The Spirit of the Lord will lift up a standard against him.”  The enemy does come in like a flood.  Overwhelmed, one problem after the other.  You get through treating one part of your body and it moves to another part.  Or, it combines in some kind of weird crescendo leading towards total disaster or death.”

“As this flood of media propaganda, as well in effect, reaches towards our house where we live, where did Jesus tell us to build?  On the rock [Matthew 7: 24, 25].  Then, if the flood comes— and the flood still comes—but when it subsides and is through, we discover that our home is still there.  Our foundation then is important in resisting this flood in our mental warfare.  It is a flood.  It’s not a trickle.  The intent of the flood is to drown everything before it.”

“What is the standard that God lifts up?  In Song of Solomon the bride, womanhood, symbolized in Song of Solomon [2:4], says, “his banner,” and an alternate word in Hebrew there, is “standard,” “over me [was] love.”  Then the eighth chapter of Song of Solomon, [Verse 7] adds, almost tying-in with our symbolism of Revelation 12 [Verses 15 and 16] —“Many waters cannot quench love, neither can the floods drown it.” (Song of Solomon 8:7)

Weapon, then? Love.  To the human sense of things, it appears the most helpless type of weapon to use in a battle of what would seem to be between forces of a mentally galactic struggle.  But instead, we discover Love to be the real and only weapon.  It’s what resists the virus.  It cannot come in and break up the host [as a virus attempts to do].  Love then must be the leaven that gradually changes the whole lump of human thought…”

…  “When God has told us this doesn’t fit in with the holistic approach we see some physicians reaching for “All things work together for good” [in Romans 8:28]?  But there’s a qualification, “to them who love God,” who are at the state of receiving His role, His prophesied role in such a wholeness.

“No wonder the dragon has ten horns [Revelation 12:3] because the Commandments are our defense.  We know what NOT to do.  That’s what the Commandments have told us [in Exodus 20: 2-5, 7, 8, 12-17].  We also know what TO do.  That’s what the Beatitudes have told us [in Matthew 5:3-12]. [Warren: The Commandments and the (Matthew 5:3-12) Beatitudes portion of the Sermon on the Mount, along with the Lord’s Prayer and its Spiritual Interpretation by Mary Baker Eddy, constitute “the first lessons of the children” in Christian Science Sunday Schools. (Church Manual, 62:24).  Pledging to put at least some of them into practice in inspiring, relevant ways is incorporated into every visit to CedarS Bible Lands Park and its developing 18-hole Frisbee Gold Course designed to internalize the 10 Commandments plus the 8 Beatitudes.]

That ability of being able to say “yes” and “no” is the simplest mental defense that we have. Jesus knew it.  He said, “Let your communication be yea, yea, and nay, nay.” [Matthew 5:37]. He said “Anything else cometh of evil.” No and yes, when to say either or both.

“Mental defense and Commandments and Beatitudes readymade, spiritually given to us so that we may never be in doubt what to say “no” to and what to say “yes” to.  But the beast would break our commitment to such a standard.  It’s the only standard that resists the flood of the enemy, even by the Spirit of the Lord.”
“’War in Heaven’: Conquest of Inner Space,” by B. Cobbey Crisler**


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