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Man’s safety revealed through step-by-step spiritual growth and demonstration
Metaphysical application ideas on the Christian Science Quarterly Bible Lesson on:

“God the Preserver of Man”
for the week ending Sunday, June 11, 2023 

by Kerry Jenkins C.S. of House Springs, MO • 314 -406-0041


This lesson bursts at the seams with Biblical examples of how divine Love preserves man. And each example is an illustration of the challenges that arise in our human experience, and how they can be healed through our own spiritual growth. This is demonstrated through taking up the mantle of spiritual prophecy as Elisha did, faithfully worshipping in the midst of captivity in a foreign land as Daniel did, admitting the authority of the Christ as the nobleman did when Jesus healed his son, and ceaselessly praying and listening as the apostles did when they prayed to see Peter free from prison. Not a single example in this lesson illustrates man’s preservation from the appearance of evil, but from remaining a prisoner to that appearance.

When we are faced with human vicissitudes of any kind we have a few choices.

1) We can just deny the evil and hold onto a positive view that may have served us well in the past, but needs deepening.

2) We can get angry at the injustice of the situation and become full of skepticism, and doubt.

3) We can heed the divine call to rise to a higher perspective, and a deeper understanding of the true nature of man’s being, and the true nature of God.

Spiritual progress requires us to follow the third calling to rise, to progress, and to grow spiritually. While we may be tempted to resist it, this path always yields greater joy, healing, and discovery.

In just the last two weeks, in three separate circumstances, two of my boys broke their left foot, and a beloved, youthful, and joyous family dog passed away suddenly and unexpectedly. This is the perfect example of how things can humanly seem to “deny” what the title of this Bible lesson proclaims. Yet, just like our Biblical examples above, our human lives are like a movie portraying our separation from God, while our true, and only, spiritual existence is always moving in eternal harmony, united with eternal, divine Life. While we may weep at a sad moment in a movie, or be deeply moved, angered, joyful,even inspired–we are nonetheless not in the movie. We don’t mistake our current circumstance for that of the movie, however tempting that might be! Each of these unlooked for challenges in our family are opportunities to rise to a higher perspective and rejoice in the reality of God’s eternal reign. The boys can understand more deeply their undivided connection to God. The wisdom of Mind that governs at all times, the comfort of Love to restore movement, freedom, and strength. While they are currently wearing a special boot to protect their feet, they are both experiencing significant freedom. One of them was given the all clear to race his motorcycle if the foot wasn’t bothering him too much, this weekend, only a week after breaking it — and he is on his way to Pennsylvania to do just that.

We are still working through the grief that sometimes visits over our dog’s passing. But we all agree that her true self is certainly not experiencing any limitation. As a spiritual idea, she embodies this statement in citation S16/514:28-30 “All of God’s creatures, moving in the harmony of Science, are harmless, useful, indestructible.” Some of that indestructible nature is present in our regular review of pictures and videos of all the ways she has played a part in our daily lives as the boys have grown up. This can elicit happy tears, but not really any tears of mourning. We find ourselves deeply grateful for the role she played in our family, the love and fun that she shared. Her grace and enthusiasm cannot die, nor can the affection and sweetness that she expressed. And we can celebrate these eternal gifts freely. It’s just an opportunity to grow!

Golden Text: This passage from 2nd Samuel 22:3 (to 2nd!) illustrates exactly the experiences above. “My God is my rock–I take refuge in him!–he’s my shield and my salvation’s strength, my place of safety and my shelter. My savior!” Common English Bible. Why would we need this “shelter” or “shield” if we weren’t facing any challenges? Clearly, the Bible gives us powerful healing messages to confront the supposed power of accidents, grief, disaster, and so on.

Responsive Reading: These verses from Ps (9:1,2,7 the (to:), 9,10,14 I will; 94: 14,17-19) to me emphasize the way that God’s nearness and protection appear to us when we are praising and being grateful “with [our] whole heart”. Again it encourages us when we are “oppressed”, “in times of trouble”, or even when “…my soul had almost dwelt in silence.”–referring to those moments that most of us have experienced of deep darkness, feeling very much separated from Good. It poetically (and, in my boys’ case literally) sings “When I said, My foot slippeth; thy mercy, O Lord, held me up.” There is something for everyone in this Responsive Reading, one of the beauties of David’s songs that range from songs of rejoicing to ones of wrenching pain and introspective questioning. The Psalms are an amazing source of inspiration when we are wrestling with the suggestion that we are mortals, separated from the love of God.


If we want to feel joy, connection, and fearlessness, then understanding something of our unity with God is a powerful way to do this. There is tenderness in this relationship. Even though God is not a “being” that is separate from us, God is Being itself, Consciousness. And Consciousness is never separate from what it knows–man/us. So what we are striving for, is a deeper, more constant consciousness that is divinely connected. This connection reveals greater joy “Thou wilt shew me the path of life: in thy presence is fulness of joy;” (citation B1/Ps. 16: 1,11 (to;) Recognizing our connection with Love as the source of our joy, our safety, and our authority over the aggressive suggestions of human existence inspires us to look for this tender relationship everywhere we can.

Isaiah tells us “As one whom his mother comforteth, so will I comfort you;” (Isa 43:11/cit. B2) This powerful verse brought our family much healing comfort when one of our daughters was about two years old and struggled for breath one night. We held to this verse and many others in the Bible throughout the night until her struggle ceased and she breathed freely. This freedom expanded to running down our road the next day in full snow suit, completely healed.

Below is a link to this testimony as Doug shared it in the February 2001 issue of The Christian Science Journal as A dad relies on God to heal his daughter”


“Be still, and know that I am God:” (Ps 46:10 (to:)/cit. B6) is another powerful healing verse. This stillness is the silence that comes in the very middle of turmoil. Our CedarS theme this year of “Peace, storm or shine” is from a favorite poem, “Satisfied”,  by Mary Baker Eddy that is set to many beautiful tunes in our hymnal. It gives us a hint of the power behind finding mental stillness in the midst of human trouble. Here, Elisha is with his prophets in Gilgal. (cit. B7/2Kings 4:38-41 Elisha). There is a drought. Food is scarce. Elisha sends his prophets out to gather food from the land to make a stew. Someone, by mistake, throws some unidentified plants in the stew that are poisonous. Once this is pointed out, in great fear for their lives, the prophets call on Elisha to help. Elisha throws some “meal”, or flour in the pot and then has them eat. Everyone reading this can agree that there is no property in meal or flour that suddenly made that stew safe to eat. But here we might pause and think about what the symbolism might be of this act. Meal is a main ingredient in bread. It makes me wonder if this might be a symbol of the bread or Word of God that is the Christ that heals. Maybe this is stretching things, but I like that idea!

The practical Christ is what helps us all to be “seers”, to see, as the prophets did, the hand of God in our safety and wholeness. To do this kind of seeing, we have to be “still” with God. We must ponder God’s power and goodness in our daily lives as Elisha must have. His provision in this drought for his fellow prophets could symbolize their inspired thought in a land where the most commonly worshiped god was Baal–a different kind of “drought”. Even in that surrounding, there was no power but God to feed and protect and guide these early prophets of the Word.


The answer may seem obvious, God, of course! However, we have the background story that Daniel is in captivity, working in a foreign land for a foreign king. (Dan. 6:1,2(to:), 4 (to 2nd ;),  5-7, 9,11,13,15 know, 16,19-23) It is important to remember that while he is admired by the king and well treated, he is essentially a slave. Yet, we don’t see Daniel griping, or doing bad work. What we do see is Daniel praying three times a day to God. Daniel was worshipping his God fervently and faithfully. It would be easy to mistake his safety in the den as a “reward” by God for his good work. However, as mentioned earlier, God is Consciousness. Where would Consciousness that embraces its perfect creation have room to evaluate and decide, like a mighty Santa Claus, who has been good and who has been bad? All of God’s true creation is worthy and safe. What Daniel’s devotion and prayer brought to him was a deep understanding of his oneness with this divine Consciousness, and of the fact of his safety. He was aware that nothing could come between him and Life. Notice that Daniel also tells the king, next day, that his innocence saved him. Powerful thing that innocence!

In citation S13/243:4-8, 13 Mary Baker Eddy states after listing a few of the great demonstrations of protection in the Bible: “That those wonders are not more commonly repeated today, arises not so much from lack of desire as from lack of spiritual growth.” Daniel could not help but to grow spiritually as this was cultivated by him daily. We too can cultivate innocence and persistent, faithful devotion to God, no matter our circumstance. These qualities combined are an unbeatable pair because they bring into view our oneness with Love. It is this revelation that then helps us perceive and experience our safety and protection.


Jesus’ connection to the Christ, and to his divine Father, gave him the ability to show us consistently and clearly how the divine connects with the human. In each of our examples of safety and protection this week we see how man is saved and cared for. But Jesus, throughout his life, gave us the clearest understanding of how the spiritual man’s safety can be glimpsed right where we are in our present understanding. Jesus shared this proof of God’s care with us so that we too would continue in his path, healing and demonstrating this in our own experiences.

Our family has certainly witnessed many examples of protection. Like these Bible stories, they were not always experienced through a preservation of a trial itself, but through a healing of all evidence that something could separate us from God’s care. Some years ago my husband was struck by a falling tree. His life was fully preserved despite a broken back, shoulder, leg, ribs and sprained ankles. Within four days, and without any medical treatment, he walked out of the hospital (where he received very loving care) under his own power. There were still challenges to overcome in the following weeks. But all unfolded with deep gratitude, joy, peace, and grace. It was only a week or so later that he flew to Canada to pick up a heavy truck to drive back to use for his logging business. He was quickly back to using a chainsaw. Work was slow at first, but mostly due to the protective gear that he was asked to wear for a period of months. He even paid off the back surgeon’s bill by doing some tree work for him in his yard! (The surgeon never needed to operate as expected when things looked so much better after a 24 hour waiting period that Doug asked him for). This is one of many healing examples that have proved to my family that while we are not always kept from the challenge, we can always experience the power and inspiration of healing that comes with realizing God’s presence and power.

Below is a link to this testimony as Doug shared it in a recent  Christian Science Sentinel Watch interview by CedarS alumni Jenny Sawyer called: Crushed by a tree on Thursday—back to work next Wednesday”



In Acts (cit. B20/Acts 12:1 Herod, 5,7,8 (to2nd.), 10,11) we get to rejoice in the story of Peter being led out of prison–even unchained–by an angel of God. These spiritual messengers can come to each of us at any time as we devote ourselves to prayer and spiritual growth. Peter certainly did this, as did the other apostles who were fervently praying for him at this point in time.

Mary Baker Eddy says “These angels deliver us from the depths. Truth and Love come nearer in the hour of woe, when strong faith or spiritual strength wrestles and prevails through the understanding of God.” (cit. S26/567:3-6) This is the wrestling that we are encouraged to do, not with or against matter per se, but with childlike joy, looking to God alone for fresh inspiration and ideas until we feel that renewed state that walks us out of the prison of material limitations.

Remember the three ways we can face a challenge? Glibly, without growth, angrily reacting to the injustice of the situation we find ourselves in, or taking up the cross that we face and rising to that higher perspective that heals. Through our practiced love for God, we find safety.


The human experience may tempt us with the appearance of separation from Good. But as we follow the examples of those in this week’s Bible lesson we can find ourselves experiencing the inspiring promise of these words from Science and Health: “Step by step will those who trust Him find that “God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.” (cit. S28/444:10) Our own spiritual practice brings this divine preservation and power into view. It is always there for us, we live in God, are coexistent with divine Consciousness. We don’t have to make this protection happen, rather, it is part of our very being in divine Life.

We find that even when apparent tragedies appear to us, our spiritual growth will clarify and inspire us to see the truth of man’s being, never born into matter in the first place–never a victim of matter in the second. Our coexistence with Love and Life means uninterrupted, eternally unfolding Life.

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