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PSST — Learn & practice revealed Truth! Be free from all lies!
Possible Sunday School Topics for the Christian Science Quarterly Bible Lesson on

for classes on January 22, 2023

Questions by former CedarS Program Director, Steve Henn, C.S.


What is God teaching? What is God’s way? What is God’s Truth?
How do we walk in Truth?
Why do we want to? How often do your students glorify God’s name?
Refer to the Responsive Reading for further ideas about these topics.


What is a covenant? How many different elements to the covenant between God and us are discussed in this RR? With your students, identify as many things as you can that God promises to Moses/David; and then identify what promises we are expected to uphold. Then, discuss how to uphold our promises better and better each day.



Do we value the teachings of the Lord? Do we value His way and truth? Why should we? What is the result of learning about, waiting on, and being taught by God?  What does the name of God refer to? What is God’s nature?

Activity: With your students, investigate what qualities are of God and what are not – in B4, the criteria for something being of God is that it is eternal in nature and too pure to see evil. Discuss what various thoughts come to our consciousness each day, and then use these two criteria to discern whether the ideas are from God.

POSSIBLE SUNDAY SCHOOL TOPICS (PSSTs) for SECTION 2: What does error promise? What does the serpent promise to Eve? What promises are your students faced with today that parallel this temptation from the serpent? How does Eve respond? How can your students learn from her experience and respond differently? What is the power in the simplicity of Christ? How does Christ’s simplicity help to resist the temptations of error?

POSSIBLE SUNDAY SCHOOL TOPICS (PSSTs) for SECTION 3: What is Jesus’ response to error of every kind? How can we learn from this response? How can we respond to error in a similar way? How confident is Jesus in his response to error? How can we develop that confidence in our own interactions with suggestions of any kind? How often does Truth win over error? How often does light destroy darkness? How consistently is the supremacy of God over everything that tries to separate itself from Her?

POSSIBLE SUNDAY SCHOOL TOPICS (PSSTs) for SECTION 4: What does it take to see/uncover a lie? What does it take to expose a lie as a lie to others? What makes it more difficult? How can we learn to consistently and persistently uncover and expose lies? Do lies have any power? How can we destroy the power of any lie? How does this work help us as healers? When we destroy a lie, what must we put into its place? How can we become better at replacing error with Truth?

POSSIBLE SUNDAY SCHOOL TOPICS (PSSTs) for SECTION 5: Do we have the power to work against Truth? Does anyone? How vulnerable is Truth? What is our relationship to Truth? If it doesn’t need our protection or defense, what is our obligation to Truth? What happens when we speak Truth, who benefits? What does Truth demand of us? Is it easy to follow Truth? Why is it worth the work and effort? What does Truth do?

POSSIBLE SUNDAY SCHOOL TOPICS (PSSTs) for SECTION 6: How does innocence relate to truth? Why is innocence brought into the picture in this final section? Are each of your students innocent? What would tempt us to believe otherwise? What is the power of innocence? How can we claim our innocence, no matter what our human history may suggest? How does living in our innocence help us to practice and obey Truth?

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