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Because you listen to angelic invitations to blessings and are a subscriber to Ken’s meaningful Bible-based poems, we think that you’ll enjoy the short program video above. It’s all about CedarS annual Bible Study with Madelon Maupin from October 6-10, 2022! A few open spaces still remain- two single rooms, two double rooms, one triple room, and two new, all-weather cabins. Or, you could join us by Zoom… (See more info after the Poetic Postlude you requested below.)

Ken Cooper’s “POETIC POSTLUDE” shares Bible EXAMPLES of unconditional love that never leaves us.
inspired by The Christian Science Quarterly Bible Lesson on

for September 4, 2022

  • Ken’s YouTube poem “I will arise and Go to My Father” sets out simply the thoughts of the prodigal as he sets off with his material sense of existence, – a slave to his material inheritance.
  • Ken’s YouTube monologue “The Prodigal Son”  again takes the view of the prodigal… “Life is so pleasantly exhausting! I can buy anything 1 want, do anything I wantWhy didn’t I do this sooner?”
  • Ken’s first published poem in the Christian Science Journal, Son, Thou Art Ever With Me, share the older son’s thoughts: “I have worked unstintingly… Where is my reward?”

 [Ken writes:] “All the problems of this world stem from the mistaken belief that man has a mortal father / mother, and is formed from matter. There are no problems in the kingdom of heaven, where the true identity of man is known, man as the child of God, the very thought of God, who is infinite Love. As the Golden Text makes clear ”Ye are the children of the Lord your God”. Deuteronomy 14:1 (to:). And as is made clear every Sunday service “Behold, what manner of love the Father hath bestowed upon us, that we should be called the sons of God:…..Beloved, now are we the sons of God,”(see Bible Citation B11, John 1 3:1-2,).


The Responsive Reading develops this fact, highlighting the implications of what this means: “When the right time came, as God had planned, He sent His Son into this world, born of a woman, born under the conditions of human law, that we might be set free from that law and experience our rightful heritage.

And because you truly are His sons He has sent the free-flowing Spirit of His Son into each of your hearts that you also may cry out with joy “Papa, Dad, dear Father!” and feel the actuality of that Sonship, living and true within yourselves.

So you are no longer a slave to your material inheritance, that is no more. You are now God’s very child, and because you are His child, God is giving you right now all the blessings of your spiritual inheritance, yes, everything God ever promised is yours now.”   Responsive Reading, Galatians 4:4-7 Combined translations.

This links so well with one of the key verses in the Bible: “MY SON, YOU ARE ALWAYS WITH ME, EVERY MOMENT, AND THEREFORE EVERYTHING I HAVE IS ALWAYS YOURS AND ALWAYS AT HAND.” (citation B10, Luke 15:31, combined translations). This is the fundamental truth about man, the child of God.

The parable of Prodigal Son illustrates the need to break away from the material sense of sonship to the realisation of our true sonship, that, as the very thought of God, we reflect and express all that God is, right now, and as such we have as our inheritance all that God is. This week I share three poems about the prodigal son, that all link with the theme of last week, – we have the choice of whether to follow the Christ in sonship or stay stuck in our material ways, that lead nowhere. It is summarised by “Cease ye from man , whose breath is in his nostrils for wherein us he to be accounted of?” (citation B6, Isaiah 2:22) and “Mark the perfect man, and behold the upright, for the end of that man is peace” (citation B15, Psalm 37:37). God does not need to choose, He is ALL, and in reality we necessarily reflect the perfection of that allness.

 The first poem “I will arise and Go to My Father” sets out simply the thoughts of the prodigal as he sets off with his material sense of existence, – a slave to his material inheritance.

“I sought my share of wealth,
To spend it now,
On me.

 I took my share of wealth, –
Half my Father’s possessions;
Rich me!”

The moment he accepted “half” he was trapped in the limitation of mortal life. No matter how much half may represent, it is always finite. Our human sense of richness is automatically flawed, and when focused on self it is never enough! He was as the Responsive Reading states, “a slave to your (his) material inheritance”. How to escape? This question is one that we all face.

His answer:
“I will arise and go to my father.”
He is here already!
I see!

 Very much like when Peter walked on the water and began to sink, the outreach of Love needs no time, for Love is infinite.  God is infinite, as are all His / Her qualities. It is with this understanding that the words that the father spoke to his other son rang true, as they do for all of us:

“Son, thou art ever with me,
and all that I have is thine.”  (Luke 15:31 Son)

Our inheritance of infinity is now!

ALL children of God! ONE FAMILY!


 This too is the message to the woman of Canaan. When we understand what we are, ALL children of God, this fact is all-embracing, all-inclusive.  “Love is impartial and universal in its adaptation and bestowals” (citation S19, SH 13:2).

The second poem The Prodigal Son is a monologue, again taking the view of the prodigal, but this time in more depth. The son takes his share of the wealth, and spends it freely:

“Life is so pleasantly exhausting! I’ve got that many friends! I can buy anything 1 want, do anything I want. There’s nothing I haven’t done or tried. I’m more popular than the king. Why didn’t I do this sooner?”

Here is the smiling serpent, suggesting and offering more than can God! And how readily was he taken in! When the so-called attractions of matter beckon, how quick are we to dismiss them, and replace them with our knowledge of divine abundance, (which includes health)?

How could 1 have been such a fool!
Dear Dad. I have lost the right to call you Father.
Mv sense of wealth imprisoned me and I knew it not.
I would be content just to be with you as a servant.
Can you ever forgive me?

 I have just been listening to the Mother Church Testimony Meeting, and the story of Jacob, threatened he thought by Esau and his 400 men.  In his prayers, Jacob wrestled with a false concept of man, but won through, changing his nature to become and represent Israel! When he then approached Esau, it was Esau that ran to him and embraced him, for the understanding of family was complete, the love of the Father proved. Just as the father ran to the prodigal son. 

I can now wear the family robe and ring,
But their wealth is small compared to this awesome lesson:
Love is unconditional.
My Father had never left me, – I had left him.

The infinity of God is the togetherness of God and man.

 The monologue ends:
I now know true freedom, –
and rejoice!
This is our true heritage, being at one with the Father of All.

BUT was it all that straightforward? What of the other son? How did he feel?  In my first published poem in the Christian Science Journal, Son, Thou Art Ever With Me, we share his thoughts:

I have worked unstintingly.
I have worked harder than my brother.
Where is my reward?

 The catch when we make comparisons is that we are using material, mortal values, and forget that when we have everything that God gives, there is nothing more to ask…

Here he comes now.
Robed with our best clothes, the family ring on his hand;
A feast is set for him such as I’ve never had.

 The elder son was caught in the trap of material values and views, not realising that God, Love, cannot give more to one than to another. And it was Love that embraced him with all that Love is:

The arm of Love encircles my shoulders.
Holds me.
Strengthens me.
I feel its ever-presence.
It has never left me, nor will ever leave me.

When we feel the presence of Love we feel the assurance of all the qualities of God:

“Son, thou art ever with me, and all that I have is thine.”

This can be re-stated using each of the synonyms for God, each statement true and co-existent with the others:

“Son, thou art ever with Love, and all that Love is, is thine.”

“Son, thou art ever with Life, and all that Life is, is thine.”

“Son, thou art ever with Truth, and all that Truth is, is thine.”

“Son, thou art ever with Spirit, and all that Spirit, is thine.”

“Son, thou art ever with Mind, and all that Mind is, is thine.”

“Son, thou art ever with Soul, and all that Soul is, is thine.”

“Son, thou art ever with Principle, and all that Principle is, is thine.”

 The response of the brother is inevitable:
I weep for joy,
grasp tight my Father’s hand,
and go to greet my brother ….

 When we understand that man is the child of God, there are no exceptions. We are all brothers and sisters in Christ, enjoying the freedom of life in the kingdom of heaven, – an inheritance beyond comparison, right now.

Copies of my poems are available in pdf format in color and B&W as DOWNLOADS AT THE BOTTOM OF THE ONLINE VERSION OF THIS POETIC POSTLUDE to this week’s Bible Lesson.  The full range of Ken’s videos on YouTube can be found on KenGCooperPoetry.  All Ken’s poetry and other writings can be found on Ken Cooper Poetry.

A FREE copy of my combined translations is available on an excel spreadsheet for those who may be interested. They have been collated over several years from BibleGateway translations, taking the best from the many translations provided, and taking further inspiration from Christian Science in their compilation. They cover over a thousand key Bible verses, taken from both the BibleGateway verses for the day, and from the Weekly lessons. Reading all verses from any one book is insightful and motivating.  The spreadsheet also includes a genealogy from Adam to Jesus as I have set out, with related notes. Shared with love.

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