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Ken Cooper’s “POETIC POSTLUDE” shares Bible EXAMPLES of death outdone!
from the Christian Science Quarterly Bible Lesson on “Probation after Death”
for Sunday, April 24, 2022

[Ken writes:] “The bigger the lie the more immediate should be our rejection of it. The biggest lie is life in matter ending in death. The one infinite God is LIFE everlasting, the eternal deathless now. Our understanding of this is not conditional on death, for death is nothing in the unfolding infinite life of man. The Golden Text is clear:

“For those that lived in deep shadow and darkness have seen a radiant light bursting bright upon them. Those that lived in the shadow of death do so no more! A glorious light now shines everywhere, The dark has gone!”

“You are our ever-flowing source of life, a fountain bubbling up and full of joy, supplying all we ever need. In Your infinite understanding we also understand and our lives are lit with and reflect the full Truth of Infinite Being.” (Responsive Reading, last line, both from my combined translations).

Webster’s Dictionary defines Probation as “the act of proving, proof…any proceeding designed to ascertain truth”. I used to think Probation After Death was just part of an ongoing trial, that my life was one long testing period of whether or not I was complying with the “rules”, was I always obeying the ten commandments. I realised later that the Ten Commandments were all statements of fact, a promise come true, “thou shalt not”- the absolute truth about man’s relationship with God. This definition of probation fits in so well! We are now the living proof of what God is, – we are at one with Him. “Thou shalt not be in darkness” We all bear spiritual witness to what God is, and as we see this fact, we progress to demonstrate its truth in our daily lives. We reflect the light of God. The dark has gone!

My poem “Ye are The Light of the World” confirms that whoever and wherever we are the light of our candle removes the darkness from our lives. The light is the sweet confirmation of God’s Love, shining with us throughout eternity:

“Infinite Love illumines eternity.
In the light of countless candles
There is no room for darkness nor is there any darkness:”

There has never been death, and our living proof of God goes on indefinitely. The poem concludes, emphasising the message of atonement from last week:

What more proof do we need in confirmation of Citation 2, “Whatever is governed by God is never for an instant deprived of the light and might of intelligence and Life”. I remember sharing this quotation with my audit manager many years ago, when he told me he had an impossible decision to make. I was reading the lesson during lunch, and this was one of its verses. He came back to me later in the day, – incredulous that the challenge he faced had been solved. When we are governed by God, we fulfill our probation, for we are proving what God is and what we are.  

Our motivation governs the direction we take and what we can achieve. My new poem “The Mantle of Elijah” highlights what we can all grab hold of, – the prophecy of living in the NOW of perfect demonstration, perfect proof of what we are. Elijah, departing to heaven, leaves his holy mantle for Elisha to wear and use, a spiritual blessing that is available not just to Elisha, but for everyone [as were the five loaves and fishes to the multitude, whatever number had been there would have been fed]. What God provides is always infinitely available. The Mantle of Elijah has a spiritual reach and application for each of us. When we look away from life in matter the actuality of life in God is revealed, – it can only be what (S)He knows, – perfection now.

“I looked away from matter
Saw this truth of being:
All prophecy is NOW, –
‘Tis what God is seeing!”

When we too see as God sees, we are governed by “the law of divine Mind” and our probation becomes a demonstration of Life, Truth and Love. Death is not a stepping stone to life, – for eternal life is ever now.

“I kept it wrapped around me,
Understood this Truth:
God is pure perfection,
I AM the living proof!”

May the Love of God wrap round all those in need that they feel and know the presence of their Father-Mother.

Jesus was the living proof of divine Sonship. He walked with God and not material circumstance, and he saw the “living proof of God “ in everyone he beheld. In the poem  “The Widow of Nain”, read by Sue, we move from the despair felt by the widow to share her joy of Life. Jesus taught us to see and know the light of Love, and his love showed what light does: it shows us reality. All darkness disappears when infinite light is seen. We may weep when we are in darkness but will surely shout for joy when we are in light. When the widow felt the love that Jesus constantly expressed, and heard his words “Weep not”, she too felt the simultaneous presence of Life and Truth. The procession of mortal mind was stopped, and the progression of divine Life re-established.  It mirrors the words of Jesus to Mary after his resurrection “Why weepest thou?” There is no reason to weep, but rather to sing!

“Weep not again, just shout with joy!
You’ve seen the proof, here is my boy!
God’s Love and Life encompass sight
When we are open to His light!”

Our probation / freedom is guaranteed when out hearts are open to the Truth.

This is so true of Saul / Paul. In the monologue “The Mother of Eutychus”  the mother traces Paul’s past, but also shares in the wonderful works he achieved. In this vivid and moving account we become witness to what the mother experienced, and the strength of all that Paul had been preaching and teaching: She instantly turned to prayer when she knew her son needed her, – this was her probation, – proof of God’s care!: “A mother’s instinct and anguish forcibly brought back to everything Paul was talking about, – God being Life, Love, holding all His children in his arms. Did I really believe what he had been saying! I grasped my husband’s hands, seeking his assurance and support. God is Life! Believe it! Know it! Feel the active presence of the Christ! Hold fast to the Truth!”

And here is Paul, – the man who had so effectively gone against the early Christians now himself transformed by his true understanding of the Christ, calmly and with assurance proving everything he had said. His probation fulfilled, with that of the young man just beginning, untouched by death!  His mother comments “My son is alive, and the glory of God is shining through us all!”

“Upon us hath the light of God shined” As per the Golden Test (interesting misprint!)  “A glorious light now shines everywhere, The dark has gone!”

Happy shining! Happy proving!

Copies of my poems are available in pdf format in color and B&W as DOWNLOADS at the bottom of the online version of this Poetic Postlude to this week’s Bible Lesson. The full range of Ken’s videos on YouTube can be found on KenGCooperPoetry.  All Ken’s poetry and other writings can be found on Ken Cooper Poetry. (Links work on Metaphysical page).

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