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PSST: How does “open(ing our) eyes to behold…” God’s law produce the JOY & REALITY  of “…wondrous things”? (Ps. 119:18, SH 21:9)
Possible Sunday School Topics for the Christian Science Quarterly Bible Lesson on

for classes on March 27, 2022

Questions by former CedarS Program Director, Steve Henn, C.S.


Why does a lesson on Reality begin with praise for God?
What do we see when we look through the lens of God’s law?
How does “open(ing our) eyes to behold…” God’s law produce “…wondrous things”? (Psalms 119:18)


What does it feel like for God’s glory to be “risen upon thee”? (Isaiah 60:1)
Does our light draw God’s glory, or does God’s glory cause our light to shine brilliantly?
What is the law, commandment, statute, and judgment of the Lord? (Ps. 19:11-14)
How do following these lead to “great reward”?
How do we ensure that our words, thoughts and actions are acceptable to God? (Ps. 19:14)

SECTION 1 PSSTs: How do the attributes of God contribute to a clearer understanding of reality?

What are they? Deuteronomy 32:3 ascribe, 4

How does spirituality relate to reality?
What are the attributes of reality? (citation S4/335: 27-29
How can we experience these fully on a more consistent basis?
How do we respond when it appears that the true attributes of reality are not showing up in our lives?

SECTION 2 PSSTs: What causes us to feel proud or vain? See Eccl. cit. B7)

How do we counter those temptations in our thought and experience? II Corinthians 4:18 we

Why is it important it is to remove all forms of material pride and human satisfaction?
How does reality appear when we are surrounded by material temptations (like “wealth, fame…”) and mortal things?
How “important, then, to…” discern and “… choose” between what is trustworthy and what is false?

SECTION 3 PSSTs: How does Jesus prove his place as the Messiah? Luke 7:19–23

What question does John ask his followers to pose to Jesus?
Why is John’s question so important to ask? How often do your students ask this question of the ideas and experiences they are faced with daily?
What are we supposed to do with Jesus’ example and teachings today? (276)

SECTION 4 PSSTs: What is the importance of Jesus spitting on the ground? (cit. B12/John 9:1–7)

What do Jesus’ disciples ask him in this section? John 9:1

How would this question be posed today – how would your students translate this situation to a modern setting?
And what is Jesus’ response? (John 9:3)

How much reality is there in sin, evil, or mortality?
What is the importance of Jesus spitting on the ground?
How can we develop more faith in truth than error? (cit. S368:14)

SECTION 5 PSSTs: Ask Christ for something far greater than refreshment!

Who is the woman at the well? (cit. BJohn 4:7–10, 13–21, 24–26, 28–30)
Why is her identity important?
When Jesus asks her for water, how does she respond?
What does this teach us as Jesus’ followers?
And then how does Jesus respond to the woman?
What are your students asking of Christ? Do we simply ask for refreshment?
Or can we ask for something far greater?
(John 4:14 )

SECTION 6 PSSTs: Why is light so important in this lesson?

What is the significance of light?
What does it represent?
How does light relate to reality?
What sort of light allows us to look beyond the mortal, temporal forms to arrive at reality?
How do we practice this discernment and vision?  300:9 and 21:9)What are the powers that we are subject to? (cit. S25/ 249:8)
How do we find joy? (cit. S28/ 21:9)








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