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Ken Cooper’s “POETIC PRELUDE” brings to life Bible EXAMPLES of provable Principles of perfect PRESERVATION for YOU!
from the Christian Science Quarterly Bible Lesson on “God the Preserver of Man” for 12-12-2021

  • The YouTube monologue/video, “Hagar Forgiven” tells her fascinating story. (cit. B7/Genesis 21:9-20);
  • The YouTube poem/video, “The Good Shepherd, thou art mine” illustrates how divine Love already embraces every sheep in the infinity of the One fold, no matter what.
  • The YouTube monologue/video, “The Withered Hand Restored” is a testimony of the healed man’s best friend, – the amazement at what he saw/experienced, – the power of Love that changed both their lives.

[Ken writes:]It is so important to know that God does not protect man, He preserves man. Following on from last week, where God is declared as the only Cause and Creator, it is apparent that there is nothing from which God needs to protect man, for in the infinity that God, (Life, Truth, Love, Mind, Soul, Spirit, Principle) is, there is nothing else. Man as the witness of God, is perfectly preserved in this role, for no other role, no deviation, is possible. THE INFINITY OF GOD IS THE PRESERVATION OF SPIRITUAL MAN, NOT THROUGH TIME, BUT IN GLORIFIED SUBSTANCE.

“The Golden Text sets out the divine logic: “You never have to worry or be afraid! I AM always for you and with you. There is no need to panic. I AM HERE. You have, through Me, all the strength you ever need, to be victorious over every claim of evil. I’m forever holding you firm in the tender grip of My Love” “See. I have made you a part of Me, I have carefully engraved you on the very palms of My hands. The walls of Jerusalem are constantly under my watch”. Isaiah 41:10; 49:16 (full verse combined translations). There is nowhere we can be apart from God, there is nothing that can take us away. THE PERFECTION OF GOD IS THE PERFECTION OF MAN. IN THIS PERFECTION LIFE, TRUTH, LOVE, MIND, SOUL, SPIRIT, PRINCIPLE ARE ALL FOREVER PRESERVED AS MAN. This is gloriously witnessed throughout the Holy Bible.

“The story of Hagar the Egyptian is such a compelling narrative of what seems to be happening all the time across the world. It is a story of changing attitudes, false commentary, final forgiveness. From humble beginnings her relationship with Abraham was suddenly elevated as she became, with Sarai’s consent, his concubine. The child Ishmael grew into an arrogant teenager, and when he attended the great feast held for the weaning of Isaac he was there mocking the son of Abraham and Sarah, no doubt in the presence and with the acquiescence of Hagar. In today’s terms, social media would have had a field day! Sarah was having none of this, and was given permission by Abraham to finally send her away and out of their lives. The monologue “Hagar Forgiven” (read by Sue), tells her fascinating story. It doesn’t matter who or where you are, the truly repentant heart reaches God, the source of Love, and God’s promises are understood as present fact. When Hagar cried out for her son rather than for his self-importance and standing, she demonstrated true motherhood, not “social seeking”, This allowed her receptivity of good. Her true nature was preserved when her false nature was revealed and abandoned, was no longer part of her. As with healing, when we absolve the past there is nothing to heal, when our thoughts are full of goodness, there is nothing more that needs repentance. The present perfection of man is always preserved, for present perfection is all there is. I AM THAT I AM is now. Nothing else matters. There is never a moment when Hagar or Ishmael, (or anyone) is not loved by God. What a contrast between variable social media and the angel media of Love!

“The poem “The Good Shepherd, thou art mine” becomes quite different when one imagines it written with Hagar and Ishmael in mind. We see the power and presence of divine Love as already embracing every sheep in the infinity of the One fold, no matter what. Both had gone their own way, lost contact with God, — but God could  never lose contact with them. They heard God calling, (the Word is ever calling), and they responded. Although they didn’t follow the Christian path, the universal fold of Love embraced their good motives, and their contribution to mankind was considerable. The poem states:

It does not matter where you are, what desperate things you’ve done:
My Love is unconditional – I love you as my Son

In other words, I preserve you as My glorified Son.

 “God’s love for every one of us is unconditional because we are all part of what God is. We do not have to strive to become part of God’s plan, we are God’s plan, forever preserved in His image and likeness. As Paul stated: “There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female: for ye are all one in Christ Jesus.” (Galatians 3:28). In God’s eyes (in His fold) we are all part of what He is, — human labels are irrelevant. We also help preserve man in our thinking when we drop human labels.

“We are all one in Christ Jesus. He recognised not just his One-ness with the Father, but that of all men /women. In the monologue “The Withered Hand Restored” we hear the testimony of the healed man’s best friend, – the amazement at what he saw and experienced, – the power of Love that changed both their lives. He beheld the Lamb of God, and felt the power of the Christ. He knew something good was going to happen, but still disbelieved it until his friend grasped his hand. When something is preserved, it never changes, – it keeps its original quality.

“I said I was a witness.
But how can you own up to seeing the impossible.
He obeyed Christ’s command.
Not “Stretch forth thine withered hand”, but “stretch for thine hand as God gave thee” ”

He witnessed the physical healing, yet the spiritual significance is far greater, – for man is spiritual and the hand of God is what we witness and what is preserved, for the hand of God never changes. We are “inscribed on the palms of (His) hands.” (Golden Text)  When we witness what we are, our lives reflect what and where we are, for we exist right now in the kingdom of heaven, where “I am with you”. (Golden Text).


No wonder we rejoice!”

Copies of the poems are available in pdf format in color and B&W as DOWNLOADS at the bottom of the online version of this Poetic Prelude to this week’s Bible Lesson as well as of CedarS online Met this week.  (Audio of the Met yet to be added with the email then following soon.) The full range of Ken’s videos can be found on KenGCooperPoetry.  Ken’s email is



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