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Bless the Lord!  See the blessings of God’s spiritual universe here and now!

Metaphysical Application Ideas for The Christian Science Quarterly Bible Lesson on

“Is the Universe, including Man, evolved by Atomic Force?”
for June 14 through June 20, 2021


by Kathy Fitzer of Lake Saint Louis, MO




I invite you to right now consciously bless God for His constant care and for the abundant blessings He is bestowing on all mankind — regardless of what seems to be going on in your life or in the world at the moment.  Praise Him for his goodness and acknowledge the presence of His spiritual universe — the only universe that truly is!

This Lesson brings out that it is God’s nature to bless mankind. But, let’s face it … sometimes that seems a little hard to believe. There are times when just the opposite seems to be going on … life can feel more like a curse than a blessing.  The key is to keep thought aligned with God so that His blessings become apparent. Regardless of circumstances, we can be confident that we will feel and experience this blessing and blessedness as we bless (praise and acknowledge) God, and are obedient to God’s commands.   When thought wanders from God it can feel like we’ve been excluded from God’s goodness and been dealt a hand of misfortune. But, turning back to God, becoming aligned with divine Mind, the blessings will again become visible.  More about that in the second section.


According to my count, some form of the word bless is used 30 times in this week’s Lesson.  Depending on the context, the meaning of the Greek or Hebrew differs.  Where the instruction is to bless the Lord, the word means to kneel before God in thanks and praise to HIm.  At other times, the word blessing is used to indicate a benediction bestowed on man by God … wishes for prosperity and a gift (or treaty) of peace.  And, in a third use, the word “blessed” or “blessedness” can be translated “happy” or “how happy”, indicating a happiness and peace that isn’t dependent on outside circumstances.  According to Webster’s 1828 Dictionary, to bless is to pronounce a wish of happiness on someone, to set apart or consecrate to a holy purpose, to make successful, or to magnify.  Have fun looking for the different meanings.




Here’s the backstory … the city wall around Jerusalem had been destroyed prior to the Babylonian captivity. The Children of Israel had turned away from God and failed to honor His commandments.  Nehemiah, in response to God’s urging, arrived on the scene and helped the people rebuild the wall — putting down every distraction that tried to stop the work. Once the work was done, the people gathered to hear the Levites read the law to them.  They were listening intently and were being told to “stand up”!  In other words, stop bemoaning the past, stop feeling guilty, stop sitting around.  Get on with the business of praising and blessing God and living in accord with him. The priestly leaders offered a prayer, praising God, asking for compassion, and acknowledging that God’s blessing on the people would continue, regardless of their former rebellion.

We need to take note of that message! Who hasn’t made mistakes?  Who hasn’t been discouraged?  But, what’s important is how we respond and move forward.  We must “stand up” — stop looking back, drop the guilt, refuse to give up, and praise the almighty God, perfect Love, who forever blesses us — His beloved children!



The first verse of the Responsive Reading is a continuation of the prayer of praise started in the Golden Text. Affirming and praising God’s onliness — the maker and preserver of all things — is always a good place to begin prayers.  The message continues with the Psalmist detailing all that God is and does, confirming how happy (blessed) the people are who know God and walk (live) in His light.  It is this God that we humbly and expectantly kneel before, acknowledging His supremacy!  There is no other power or strength.


Once again, we’re reminded of the need to bless God (bow or kneel before Him as we delight in the power and might and onliness of Spirit.)  You might have noticed that the idea of praising God is often connected to singing, or playing the harp, etc. I was interested to find this definition of praise (as a verb) in the New Oxford American Dictionary: to “express one’s respect and gratitude toward (a deity), especially in song:”   No wonder turning to hymns is a great way to gain inspiration — especially when we seem to have hit a mental wall.  All we have to do is yield to the benediction (blessings) and gifts of peace that God is pouring forth on us. In regard to this blessing, we’re told “it maketh rich, and he addeth no sorrow with it” (cit. B4/Prov. 10: 22).  We’re also told that nothing exists except this good God (cit. B5/Isa. 44: 3, 6).  In spiritual reality — the only reality — there are only blessings!

But, how do we experience God’s all-good spiritual universe, full of blessings? By looking through the lens of divine Science.  Part of God’s gift to us is an ability to see things from this perspective of Spirit.  Are we game?  We need to start from the premise that “in divine Science, the universe, including man, is spiritual, harmonious, and eternal.” (cit. S4/114:27-29).  And don’t deviate from that fact — no matter what is going on!  Harmony is real.  Everything else if a mistaken belief. We live, move, and breathe in God’s spiritual universe that is right here, right now.  During the last year, we’ve heard a lot about believing in “science”,  referring to material, medical science.  How much more reliable to trust the Science (knowledge) of God — of Spirit!



As the Children of Israel were about to cross the Jordan and head into the Promised Land, God again reminds them of the importance of being faithful, and obeying His law (the 10 Commandments).  In this new land, they will encounter cultures who worship multiple gods. And these Canaanite gods were believed to control the fertility of fields and flocks, productivity of the soil, and seasonal rain.  They will be tempted to accept these beliefs. However, God promises that as they are faithful and obedient to Him — the one and only true God —, they will be victorious over their enemies, rain will be plentiful, the land will be fruitful and theirs to occupy.

That all makes sense … but what about the part that talks about the curse that will come if the people do not obey the commandments? (cit. B7/Deut. 11: 26-28) Is an all-good God capable of sending a curse — inflicting harm and punishment — upon His people?  According to one Bible Commentary, there was a danger that the people would become complacent if they thought that their security and prosperity was guaranteed.  But, by warning people that if they turned away from God (or were distracted by other gods and beliefs) their lives would not go as smoothly, it kept them focused on doing the right thing.

I find it helpful to think about blessing and cursing in terms of what happens when we turn to and away from a light source (or open and close our eyes).  The light doesn’t curse us when we turn away from it, or shut our eyes, but we still find ourselves in the dark.   As long as we stay in the light, we are blessed by what the light reveals.  Similarly, God doesn’t send  a curse if we turn away from the truth that there is one supreme governing force in control and always sending good.  But … if we turn from God and look to other sources for our good, or believe that we are subject to a power called evil that can attack us, we are liable to lose sight of the good, and feel that we have been cursed.  As soon as we turn back or open our eyes, we again find the blessing.

What false gods are we facing today?  What are the “Canaanite gods” that we need to be alert to that would distract us from honoring the one true God?  What would turn us away from the light?  Isn’t it the whole belief that we live in a material universe, governed by material, mortal laws that result in either happiness or unhappiness? But, if we are to be obedient to the First Commandment, we will acknowledge as true only the universe of Spirit, governed by God, and peopled by spiritual, harmonious ideas.  We must practice resolving “things into thoughts,” as we replace “the objects of material sense with spiritual ideas.” (cit. S10/123:12). For instance, see money as supply, food as balanced sustenance, relationships as love expressed, washing as purifying, safety as God’s protection.  As we refuse to turn from the light of spiritual Truth — no matter what false evidence tempts us — we will feel God’s perpetual presence and His blessings.   And, if we’ve become complacent and unknowingly turned away — or made conscious decisions to trust matter more than Spirit — we can turn back and assuredly see evidence of God’s love that has never stopped blessing us!


The theme of blessing and cursing continues here, but with it the clear direction to choose life — not only so you may live, but also your descendants (cit. B10/Deut. 30:19). More than once, when concern has been expressed that a disease I was dealing with might result in death, I have consciously clung to that idea of choosing Life!  I have chosen to cling to the fact that I am the very expression of the divine Life, and that I can no more be separated from that Life than a ray of light can be separated from the sun. Although I’ve been aware of personally being blessed by making that decision, I hadn’t previously thought about how making that choice blesses our offspring, as well.  Every time we demonstrate a sense of Life, we put down the suggestions that evil has power, and man can be separated from God.  That blesses all!

God’s Christ — the divine message forever coming to man to illumine thought and reveal the truth of God’s presence is introduced in this section.  The prophet Isaiah spoke of the Christ as God’s servant — as a gentle presence that encourages, heals, and enlightens mankind (cit. B11/Isa. 42). This Christ appeared on earth in the form of Jesus.  Simeon is such a great example of expectancy rewarded.  Patiently watching and waiting, he recognized the Christ in the baby Jesus and thanked and praised (blessed) God for the revelation.

We are no longer looking for a human appearing of Christ .. but we should be conscious of the ever-presence of the Spirit of God (or Christ) that “blesses man, but man cannot ‘tell whence it cometh.’”  (cit. S16/78:28) This is the Holy Spirit that is always present and brings healing and comfort, and reformation.  What would hide it from us — keep us from realizing the blessings that are being poured out constantly?  The belief that we live in matter — a limited perspective of being.   Matter is like an egg’s shell (except that matter is truly only a false perspective).  What a hugely expanded view and experience comes as a chick emerges from the confines of that shell.  And what a hugely expanded view comes to us as we peck open the limited perspective of matter with Christian Science (the truth of Christ) and soar! (cit. S17/552:16-19). Choose spiritual Life as the basis of life — your only life — and see the blessings of Spirit here!



Whether confronted by a physical storm, an emotional storm, a financial storm, or a storm called a diseased body, Jesus proved the words of the Psalmist to be true … “He maketh the storm a calm, so that the waves thereof are still” (cit. B14/Ps.107:23, 24, 29, 31).  Jesus knew stillness, calm, and harmony to be ever-present in God’s spiritual universe — the universe in which we live, move, and have our being.   This knowing of the truth (or Science) of the situation changed the evidence.

Jesus and his disciples were in the same boat on the same body of water in the middle of the same storm.  But, although they faced the same physical conditions, their perspective and response were very different. Right where the disciples saw danger, and were engulfed in fear, Jesus saw God’s presence, allowing him to maintain his sense of peace.  Knowing with absolute conviction that God’s harmonious universe was the only reality, Jesus rebuked the storm with Scientific authority, silenced the imposition, broke the mesmerism, and demonstrated “Mind’s control over the universe, including man” (cit. B17/Matt. 8:23-27 & cit. S19/171:12-13).

It seems to me the key is to approach every suggestion from a Scientific perspective.  Regardless of the physical testimony, the laws of God are forever in operation.  I clearly remember, as a child, being quite concerned that the “lake” we were about to drive through would be too deep for our car.  Of course, every time we got close to “the lake” the illusion of water on the road disappeared.  My parents and older brother were never concerned.  They understood the “science” and could remain “undisturbed amid the jarring testimony of the material senses” (cit. S21/306:25).

As we understand more of the Science of Christ, we will be equally undisturbed regardless of the physical testimony.  One night, as I was preparing this Met, I woke up feeling dizzy and off-kilter. I responded to this bodily storm more like Jesus than like the disciples. I immediately felt a prayerful conviction that I was established on the rock of Truth, safe in Love, and could never be separated from harmonious Spirit. The effect was an immediate settling of thought, followed by a stabilizing of body.  I went back to sleep, confident of God’s eternal care, and awoke with no hint of the previous trouble — and grateful for Christian Science.

The sentence, “adhesion, cohesion, and attraction are properties of Mind” is one I have applied often — especially in situations involving slippery conditions (whether on the road or on a ski slope), in cases of cuts and gashes from apparent accidents, and in instances of disunity within a group.  Mind holds all ideas in place, and in control — making any kind of divisiveness or slipping out of control an impossibility! (cit. S20/124:20-31)


As the Children of Israel prepared to cross the Jordan and enter into the promised land, Moses reminded them that God had kept His promise to increase their numbers and to bless them (cit. B18/Deut. 1:10,11). That promise continues today— all of God’s children are blessed.

King Solomon’s proverb is very reassuring that we don’t have to be afraid of some kind of curse (or evil) just drifting in for no reason — like a bird flying by.  That means we have a right to rebuke the suggestion of any kind of contagion, or that microbes called germs or a virus can float around and cause harm.  God’s blessings are perpetual.  Claiming God’s law as the only reality results in blessings — as Jesus demonstrated by healing the sick and sinning and raising the dead (See cit. B20/Acts 10:38 & cit. B21/Matt. 9:32-33). Although many think of Jesus’ works as miracles, they are the natural outcome of aligning one’s thought with God’s law.  As Mary Baker Eddy writes, “the miracle introduces no disorder, but unfolds the primal order, establishing the Science of God’s unchangeable law” (cit. S26/135:6-17). We need to expect miracles — expect to see the Science (or knowledge) of God’s law bring all conditions and situations into line with the harmony of God.

I challenge you, as I try to challenge myself, to examine every thought to see whether it is aligned with material evidence or Scientific facts.  This is a powerful statement .. “mortals gain the sense of health only as they lose the sense of sin and disease”  (cit. S24/69:2-5). So, as we insist on looking at things from a spiritual perspective (where harmony and blessings reign) — as we “hold thought steadfastly to the enduring, the good, and the true,” we “will bring these into [our] experience proportionably to their occupancy of [our] thoughts” (cit. S28/261:4). And that which doesn’t correspond to God’s goodness is lost sight of.



We read in Revelation that John saw a new heaven and a new earth — an absolutely harmonious and totally spiritual kingdom of God within reach here and now. In this kingdom, there is “no more curse.” (cit. B22/Rev. 22:3) The belief presented in the 3rd chapter of Genesis that man fell into a state of sin is now reversed.  Without matter, there is no curse — nothing to inflict harm or punishment on mankind. Spirit blesses!

Jesus often spoke about the Kingdom of God, not as some place far away, but as a state of consciousness present here and now … within us.  Here, Jesus extends an invitation for God’s blessed children to enter into this kingdom that has always been! (cit. B23/Matt. 25:34) To me, the most important point to remember is that all mankind truly is blessed of God — prosperous and having been given the gift of peace (cit. S32/517:30-31). This blessing is experienced as we recognize that God’s kingdom truly is totally spiritual, the realm of Mind, governed by Love, and present here, now, and forever.  As Mary Baker Eddy realized … “no supposition of error enters”  “the universe of Truth” where “matter is unknown” (cit. S29/503:9).

So, what do we do with the reports of violence and division and all kinds of evil that daily confront us?  We don’t ignore them.  But we do correct the false view.  Every time we see something that isn’t right, we have to consciously and conscientiously rebuke the lie and correct it with the fact that right here, right now God’s spiritual kingdom — taught about and demonstrated by Jesus, and seen by St. John — is within reach as we shift our perspective.  This change in perspective changes the evidence, and as we unite in this kind of prayer we can expect to change our world, and see the blessings multiply!

This is a small example, but the principle holds true.  Several years ago, I was driving to Cedars and was suddenly hit with a torrential downpour and hail.  I was grateful to be by an exit and got off the road to a gas station.  Checking weather, it appeared that this storm was expected to continue.  I distinctly remember being still and thinking about the fact that we live in a spiritual universe constituted of perfect balance … without extremes.  Rain is good, but destructive storms are not.  So, such storms (a form of cursing) are not part of the kingdom of heaven in which we dwell.  Although I should have been expecting my prayers to be effective, I have to admit I was a bit surprised — but very grateful — when the storm stopped.  A gentle rain continued, but nothing that interfered with driving. We can behold — as St. John did — the new heaven and new earth here and now full of God’s blessings!  For that, we bless the Lord!

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