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10 Commandment Pledges for YOU to Be Your Best YOU as God’s Royal Heir!
Before entering your “Promised Land” of a best-you-yet, consider taking the Ark of (“temptation overcome”) & pledge a covenant to keep each of the Commandments. Divine “safety” & “exultation” will follow (S&H 581)  

Overcome the Hula-hoop temptations “going around” that break the 10 Commandment:

#1 When it’s hard to stop worrying (being ungrateful in advance) retake a pledge to keep God’s 1st Com. below

#2 When obsessed with body worship & thinking most of things retake a pledge to keep God’s 2nd C. below

#3 When saying “OMG!” (“Oh, My God!”) out of habit retake a pledge to keep God’s 3rd C. below

#4 When I forget that everything’s already perfect now! retake a pledge to keep God’s 4th C. below

#5 When tempted to disrespect authorities retake a pledge to keep God’s 5th C. below

#6 When tempted to be angry, to put other down or to bully retake a pledge to keep God’s 6th C. below

#7 When tempted to be dissatisfied and break promises retake a pledge to keep God’s 7th C. below

#8 When tempted to take what doesn’t belong to you retake a pledge to keep God’s 8th C. below

#9 When tempted to say (think) what’s not REALLY true of another or you retake a pledge to keep 9th C.

#10 When feeling jealous of anyone’s possessions/accomplishments, retake a pledge to keep God’s 10th C.


Pledge to: Keep these 10 Commandment &, like Jesus, heal with “the finger of God” that wrote them!
(Pictures below of a soccer ball to help you kick dust-man habits and “score” healings for your team)

Jesus says the greatest of the two great Commandments is to “love God with all your heart… soul & … mind” (Matt. 22:37). It’s lived by whole-heartedly putting into practice the 1st 4 Commandments, summed up below:
#1 I pledge to: Love God, good alone & celebrate examples of Love’s unfailing, freeing power whenever tempted to be worried!** (Worry is really just ingratitude in advance. The Christian method to heal that and all issues is gratitude in advance.)
#2. I pledge to: Quit thinking most about material things and bodies that will never be “up to the job” of being God.
#3. I pledge to: NOT say O.M.G. (“Oh, My God!”) unless I am praying God’s name and expecting a quick answer!
#4. I pledge to: Remember—give loving attention to—God’s Genesis 1 Sabbath & work out from perfection, not up to it!

Jesus says the second great Commandments is to “love your neighbor as yourself” (Matt. 22:39).
It’s lived by whole-heartedly putting into practice the rest of the Commandments, summed up below:

#5. I pledge to: Respect and obey all RIGHT authority figures and boundaries in my life.
#6. I pledge to: Refuse (re-fuse) to get angry, make fun of or put anyone down!
(Such unchecked ,”supposed superiority” leads to killing as Jesus tells us in Matt.5:21+)
#7. I pledge to: Seek deep satisfaction in all God’s given and keep my promises
(Unchecked looking with lust is adultery and leads to it… as Jesus tells us in Matt.5:27+)
#8. I pledge to: Stop trying to GET happiness & instead try to GIVE it!
(“to impart truth, health and happiness… is… my reason for existing… …” Miscellany 165)
#9. I pledge to: Stop saying what’s not REALLY true of others or myself (To bear true versus false witness: “I swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help me God!”)
#10. I pledge to: Feel & say of others’ good “Thank You God! That’s Mine Too!
(T.Y.G.! T.M.T.! Is more powerful than T.N.T.! (And, that’s dynamite)

Promise of a Worry-free, best-you-yet from “The Revelation of Jesus Christ, which God gave to him:” (Rev. 1:1)
Be among those who get the victory over the animal –“the victory over the beast, … (they) stand on the sea of glass, having the harps of God. And … sing the song of Moses … (the 10 Commandments) and the song (the Beatitudes and Sermon on the Mount) of the Lamb (Jesus)” (Revelation 15:2-3)

BONUS below of 10 Commandment PICS on HULA HOOP & Soccer ball: Hopefully, you and your class will enjoy using my homemade teaching tools of a customized soccer ball and hula hoop. You could review (as written on a hula hoop) some thoughts and habits that are “going around” these days and see how each one is actually a tempting way to think or act that breaks a Commandment and so gets you to settle for a lesser potential version of yourself and of mankind. Right above each temptation going around on the hula hoop is a pledge to counteract that temptation written on part of a soccer ball so as to help you score your highest goals. Your students and you can take turns saying each pledge aloud (or as a silent prayer) as a sincere commitment to better keep each Commandment and fulfill your highest potential as God’s divinely royal heir..



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